Dies Irae

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Marcus’s POV

I felt tingles. Physical tingles.

I opened my eyes, some stray strands of hair in front of my eyes. Instantly, I reached out, softly smoothing down my dear’s hair, faintly so it wouldn’t wake her.

I slithered my hand back around her smooth body. I took advantage of her sleeping state, putting my hand up her shirt to rest on her warm skin.

She’s so pretty. She looked so calm as she slept, it made my heart thump faster against my chest. She was a blessing, the best form.

My mate.

My everything.

And, what got me the most was how fucking strong it was. How powerful our bond is. How secure it was already.

I’ve only ever read about mates. No amount of words was able to match themselves to this feeling.

My mouth made contact with her gorgeous skin, peppering her. I felt her stir against me, her bottom side rubbing up against me.

I closed my eyes, basking in the feeling only to have it disrupted by a pull on my pants as my dick grew hard.

“Fuck,” I murmured.

“Hmm?” My ears picked up her low tune, her voice making the matter in my pants worse. “Marcus?” Ines whispered.

“Yes, dear, everything’s okay, go back to bed,” I told her gently, hating that I woke her up. It was never my intention to deprive her of her sleep.

“Do you have a hard?” she mumbled, turning her head to me.

I cleared my throat, getting flustered at her acknowledgment of my boner, her adorable fucking voice, and choice of words.

“Um,” I paused, thinking about what I should tell her. At this point, I didn’t have to hide anything sexual from her. We were all over each other yesterday but, do not be misled, I- in no way- was complaining about it. I admired it. I could smell her heat, it was faint, but growing. I wanted to relish in it but I wanted to make sure she was comfortable.

“I mean a boner,” she brought a hand up to rub her eyes, turning her body, “I am sorry.”

Glad jackass? Do you like knowing you make your mate feel bad about her accent? The one person you’re supposed to support?

I felt my chest heat up.

Ines’s eyes widened.

“Marcus?” she whispered, “um,” I felt panic grow in her.

Do you like making your mate panic?

You’re fucking disgusting.

I growled out uncontrollably.

“Um, hey, Marc, you’re okay,” she spoke out softly but quickly. “Um, maybe take a deep breath?”

“I’m not mad at you,” I forced out, trying to be as natural as I could be.

“Please do not lie to me,” she gently tried as she sat up only for me to instantly do the same.

Do you feel good lying to her?

You’re nothing but a jackass. A pathetic excuse of a mate.

“I’m just,” I sighed, “I didn’t mean to make you apologize, I love your accent.”

“I know,” she stressed, “this is good, mon chéri, talk through your anger. You did not make me apologize, I just forgot the term for a moment, it was on me.”

I took a long look at her, my eyes analyzing her beautiful face. How endearing she looked with my eyebrows met and concern shining in her eyes.

A deep breath went through my body as I took her words into consideration. It was a lot better than I thought it would be.

“There you go, see, better?” she asked.

I shook my head, approving before I reached out to her arm.

“Come here?” I questioned.

“Of course,” she smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck so I could grab her waist. She ran her hands through my hair, shyly massaging my scalp.

It felt so fucking good. Comforting. Relaxing. And, on top of that, I felt what she was pushing through our bond. Comfort. And it was just so fucking strong.

I moved my face against her shirt until I rested against her boobs, relishing in the plush feeling of her body.

The longer I stayed there, the more my pants tightened, my boner coming back. It poked her.

She giggled.

I loved that sound. I wanted to hear it again and again. On repeat.

Her voice was just so amazing. So precious. It turned me on.

“This early in the morning?” She asked as she pulled back enough so she could peer down at me.

“Sorry,” I admitted, never intending to make her feel uncomfortable especially when it came to the terms of sex. If there was any time I needed to make her comfortable, it would be sex. It was special.

“Why apologize, is it not a compliment?” she purred, batting her luscious eyelashes.

My arousal grew and I felt the excitement in her flutter.

“You can take it any way you like, dear,” I strengthened my grip on her, pulling her tighter against me to feel her wondrous body.

“I do,” she teased, her voice light, “do you?”

“If it accommodates my lady, then yes,” I leaned back, laying on the mattress so she was straddling my hips.

“And I’m your lady?”

“You’re goddamn right.”

Her gorgeous smile grew.

“And am I your man?”

“Oui,” she cupped my face, “le mien pour toujours et à jamais.”

“Oh, dear, I hope that’s a good thing.”

“Yes, mine forever and ever,” she translated.

“I like that,” I ran my hands up her front until I grabbed onto her tits, filling my hands, “and I like this,” I squeezed her, gaining a giggle from her.

Her soft hands left my face, trailing down to my pelvis, grabbing my boner that I was trying to will away but her hands just made it come back.

“I like you, and I like this feeling,” she leaned down towards my lips hovering.

“You can make it better,” I offered. My heart was racing, my breathing becoming heavy.

“If it’s still here tonight, I will gladly,” she smiled, kissing me briefly. “Now, we should get ready for the day.”

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