Dies Irae

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We took a shower together the next morning before we made our way to the dining hall to have breakfast. It was so peaceful.

“I have to call-” Marcus got cut off as we were walking down the hallway by a man.

“Alpha! Alpha!” he urgently called.

“Yes?” Marcus moved his eyesight from me to the man.

“Derek and Montana called-”

“Montana? I don’t want to speak to a Statal Alpha over this,” he sighed, anger growing in him, “next time they call, tell them that. I don’t have time for bullshit.”

“Yes, Alpha,” he nodded, “I was on my way to tell the beta but saw you instead,” he explained.

“I don’t care, he would have told you the same thing. We’re done here,” he dismissed, grabbing my hand to continue on our way.

“And who are you?” The man grinned at me, “you free to-?”

Before I could even object and give my piece of mind to him, my body was hit with so much rage through the bond it made every function in me stop and looked at Marcus with wide eyes.

His gaze was murderous.

Woah, woah, woah.

The man didn’t even finish his sentence before Marcus cut him off.

“The fuck did you just say?” Marcus growled, his voice practically unrecognizable to my ears.

The man took a step back, protecting himself as he also recognized the tone of voice Marcus was using. It was fucking scary. I mean, it had such an effect on me and I knew he would never dare to lay a claw on me, and that it wasn’t even directed towards me.

“Marcus,” I whispered, shocked.

“No, no,” he shook his head, ignoring me, “do you seriously think you’re gonna make a pass at my mate in front of me?” he seethed, “I know damn well she smells like me, I didn’t spend last night fucking her for nothing-”

“Marcus!” I shouted in a hushed tone, utterly embarrassed by what he just said, my ears on fire.

‘I love him,’ my wolf purred.

Internally, I rolled my eyes. Now was not the time to get all hot and bothered over his possessive behavior!

“-Watch your fucking mouth,” Marcus finished, swiftly turning and practically dragging me with him.

I was so unbelievably offended about what he just said. Meanwhile, my wolf was thinking lewd thoughts and wanting nothing more than to turn back around, go to our bed, and fuck.


“Marcus, would you stop?” I huffed, yanking my hand from his.

He turned around, tilting his head at my actions.

“What?” he questioned, confused as to why I was pissed off.

Like sincerely, he didn’t understand why I was upset. I felt every emotion in him, our bond was solidified last night, our connection was so much stronger. But, the point was, he was baffled.

“What do you mean ‘what’? Why did you say that?” I demanded, “What goes on between us is for us, not for everyone else to know!”

“You’re mad at me?” He blinked, questioning me.

This man.

“Yes!” I nodded, “Of course I am! You had no right to say that!”

His anger came back.

“I did, Ines, the fuck?” he blinked, “Do you like being hit on by men other than me?”

The audacity! Completely missing my point!

“No! What goes on between us, stays between us. It is not for you to just go on and tell whoever just because you have anger issues!” I yelled at him.

“I don’t have anger issues!” he argued although we both knew that he did, “It’s not that big of a deal if people know we fuck-”

“Yes!” I objected, “It’s none of their business!”

He sighed, rubbing his chin, “look, I don’t want to fight with you about this. Let’s just go, okay?”

I crossed my arms, turning to continue.

“What- Ines,” he immediately followed me, “let me hold your hand, don’t be mad at me,” he pleaded.

“Non,” I denied, opening the door for myself.

I quietly sat down, the beta’s wife greeted me.

Marcus stayed for a moment, taking a sip of wine before he leaned over to his beta, whispering something that I couldn’t hear. His hand went to my back as he brought his attention over to me.

“I’ll be back,” he mumbled to me.

“Okay,” I simply put, still very much irate at him.

“Nes,” he started but then shook his head, “I’ll see you soon, dear,” he pressed a soft kiss to my cheek.

I didn’t respond and he left. He didn’t come back and when it ended, I was walking back to our room when that woman from a few days ago saw me again. Except this time, she looked like she was on a mission and the look in her eyes told me I was her target.

“You bitch!” she spat walking up to me.

Not this shit again...

“Pardon?” I raised my eyebrows, glancing behind me because I could not believe that this woman was talking to me with such a tone when I didn’t even know her.

“Is your pussy made out of fucking gold?” she demanded.

“Pardon me?” I blinked.

“It’s obvious he’s fucking you but what makes you different from any other whore, huh? You lined with fucking magic? Is it some foreign thing?” She demanded.

I hated that. I already felt insecure about being from France after what Marcus told me about his father, even though I shouldn’t be ashamed of my origins and I didn’t appreciate this bitch throwing it back in my face.

“What gives you the right to talk to me like this?” I asked, my brows met in offense.

“Are you his mate? Is that the fucking reason he’s fucking killing anyone for you?”

No, stop, I swear to every God out there, he better have not.


“God, can you say any other fucking thing? Do I have to say it in another language, fucking moron?” She snarled.

I wanted to smack her. Oh, so badly.

But, unlike some bitches, I had class.

“You’re not the first fucking piece of ass to be asked to fuck, it gives you no right to order for Ren to be fucking killed! I don’t care whose dick you’re sucking, you have no right to demand for him to be killed!” she yelled.

Goddess, someone take this bitch off my hands. I refuse to stand here and be ridiculed by some cunt.

“Look, I do not know who you are, but I did not order for anyone to be killed and you are in no position to talk about what I do with the Alpha. Learn your place,” I patiently said, walking away before she could continue to belittle me.

I tried not to dwell too much about her. I was thinking about my man, Marcus.

Again? We literally just talked about this and he knows damn well how I felt about it.

I walked right into our room, hearing the sound of the water running in the bathroom just as it cut off.

There was no doubt he was in the shower to rid himself of the man’s blood.

For a moment, I debated sitting on the sofa and waiting for him but I decided to just stand and wait. Under two minutes, Marcus walked out, freshly dressed in a dark blue button-down that matched my navy camisole and my thin cover-up.

I crossed my arms.

“Hey, Nes,” he greeted me, “how are you?”

“Not good,” I responded flatly.

“Why? Are you okay? What happened?” he asked me, concerned. “Did someone do something to you?”

“Ren. Why is he dead?” I demanded.

“Oh,” he nodded, “who told you about that?” he asked me, not happy with the idea that someone was telling me things he didn’t want me to know, but somewhere in him, he was cool about talking to me about it.

It seemed that, in his eyes, I didn’t do anything wrong. It was accurate because I didn’t do anything wrong, but it was how he thought about it. That I couldn’t do any wrong.

“It doesn’t matter!” I told him, “What did I say about killing people?” I breathed.

I mean, I know wolves, males especially, have high instincts. Hunger, power, sex. That’s basically it. But, my man, this is not what we talked about.

“I know, Nes, I know, I just had to, this was important and you would have said no,” he brushed off.

“That’s the point, Marcus! I would have said no because it was not right!” I exclaimed. “How can you-”

“Ines, I’m not going to fight with you about this, I said this-”

“Mon amour, do not cut me off when I am speaking to you-”

“-No, you don’t get it-”


“-If someone said-”

“-Mon amour!” I breathed, “Don’t cut me off. It just leads to an argument and I’m trying to talk it out,” I stressed.

He sighed, rubbing his chin.

“I’m going to the training grounds,” he muttered and it wasn’t because he had anything to do as he usually went into his office at this time and not to the training ground but it was because he was getting angry and he didn’t want to yell at me and make me madder at him.

“Marcus,” I started but he shook his head.

“I’ll talk to you when I’m calm, te amo,” he muttered, walking to the door.

“Je t’aime,” I whispered right before he closed the door.

I sighed to myself, rubbing my eyes, feeling blue, hating how we fought, and getting a headache from it. I removed my hands from my eyes when I thought I heard someone in the bathroom.

Didn’t Marcus just leave?

Removing my hands from my eyes, I turned around, looking in the direction of the bathroom. The door was left open. Not ajar, wide open. It raised an alarm bell in me.

A soft, warning growl left my lips.

Marcus wasn’t the type of person to leave a door open, never once had he since I’ve known him. And, even if he was, I swear, he closed that door.

Cautiously, I went to the door, moving into the washroom. My headache drummed on. I glanced at the sink to which Marcus was standing, his back to me as he made his way to the shower side.

I frowned.

He just left? Did he come back?

Was I imagining this? It did feel hazy. Like a vision.

This wasn’t real, right? It couldn’t be.

I just saw him leave.

Tired of the bullshit, I tapped into our bond as I started to slowly leave the washroom. Every sense in me was flabbergasted because I had no clue who that was.

It wasn’t my mate.

Damnit, I didn’t know what to do.

My claws extended as I made my way to the door, ready to attack if needed but mainly wanting to leave to go find Marcus. I mean, that figure looked like Marcus but I knew it wasn’t.

Marcus left, right? Right?

I didn’t know and I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

Quickly, I left the room, swiftly made my way down the hallways to the door that Marcus showed me that led outside. My heart was racing as I felt my wolf get anxious. Almost scared, it was like she was fearfully anticipating something and she, just like me, wanted Marcus. The man to comfort me and calm me down.

My plan was simple: go to the training grounds, get Marcus, drag him back to the room, explain everything, and go from there.

Just as I went outside, it felt like I got punched, my vision blurring, my hand going to grab my head. It was spinning.

It was foggy out from the morning and just as I went to turn to find my way to the training grounds, someone called my name.

It sounded identical to Marcus’s head voice. Just like him, just a bit deeper.


I looked over to the opening that stretched over the ocean, in between the tall trees. The water’s hazy fog fizzled up. It was odd. Nonnatural, which sounded ridiculous coming from me, a supernatural shifter.

“Ines, come here!”

Except there was no one near me to be talking.

“Go to the training grounds!” his voice yelled, pure panic drenching his tone that shook me right to my core.

I started to think that I wasn’t imagining things. ‘Go to the training grounds’ seemed a little too specific to my thoughts and desires, as if it really was Marcus trying his best to communicate to me through our bond, as if he was trying to warn me to try to protect me before he got to me.

I felt sick. Nauseous. Close to doubling over and passing out.

Even though I tried to move, all I was able to do was stumble. The fog over the ocean moved, forming a figure.

“Marcus?” I whispered, rubbing my eyes, utterly confused and completely lost.

As quickly as the image came, it was disrupted and all I was able to do was scream his name, echoing off the trees, before my vision went completely back, being knocked out from something I didn’t know.

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