Dies Irae

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Marcus’s POV

I was fucking pissed. Fuming. Seeing nothing but red as I marched down the path to my training grounds.

From a young age, all male wolves were taught to protect females. To never harm them. But, all I wanted to do right now was find Calliope and slam my claws in her throat and rip out her vocal cords from talking to my Ines. Telling her what I wanted to keep from her.

I didn’t like Calliope. Not at all. Never really did. The fact that she kept harassing my mate gave me all the more reason. Who the fucking hell did the bitch think she was?

Approaching my mate? My Luna?

The fucking fuck?

It didn’t take a fucking genius to figure out I didn’t want my mate knowing certain aspects of the job. I’d tell Ines whatever she’d want except about who I killed because I knew she’d be mad and I didn’t want to make my woman mad.

Will knew, his wife knew, every other fucking person in the pack knew. How fucking stupid could the fucking cunt be to talk to my Ines like that.

I’ve smelled her scent lingering on Ines multiple times. I was reminded of the time she shoved her. Who gave that bitch the right to even think about touching my woman?

The woman you yelled at?

I wasn’t angry at her...

Yet, you yelled at her.

A growl left my lips at the voice no matter how much my wolf told me to ignore it. I didn’t mean to. I took myself away from the situation to avoid yelling at her. I would never purposely yell at her, I’d never even consider doing anything that would upset and hurt her.

She was too pure.

I had no clue why she was mad at me. I did the right thing. I’d kill anyone who’d make a suggestive remark to her. The moment you don’t reprimand it, it gives them the idea that they can do it again and again. I’d be damned if I ever let that happen. I knew it would lead to something else. The same thing I suspected when she said she saw someone in her room.

Rape. It was as simple and demented as that.

I was still enraged that I never figured out what she was talking about.

It pissed me off.

My whole purpose in life was to protect my mate, if I got the blessing to have a mate. And, I did. My Ines that I would protect day-in and day-out. I would sacrifice myself to keep her safe, who wouldn’t? You’re given your one true love, you’d do anything to make them happy and secure no matter what.

Anyway, it was best to take some time off. I was reminded of yesterday when Ines and I were walking down this very path.

You yelled at her.

‘It wasn’t anyone’s fault.’

I growled to myself.

She was just so kind and fucking pretty. Just so utterly beautiful. I never had a thing for french women because I never really paid attention to it but damn she was strikingly gorgeous.

The only reason I left her in our room was so I didn’t yell at her. I never wanted to so I took the opportunity to prevent it.

Just as I neared the perimeter of the grounds, my gut twinged. Like I got punched by a concrete fist plated in iron.

I paused, growling out lowly. I knew something was wrong. I was fine. I wasn’t hit, it was another feeling like it was in my gut.

What the hell was that?


A panicky feeling crawled up my back, finding its way to my heart to poke me. It struck me deep in my core and I knew what it was before my instincts could tell me.

I’ve felt it before due to how strong our bond and connection were.

‘Mate, mate, mate!’

I let out a deep growl before I turned around, breaking out in a sprint back to the packhouse, shifting in the middle of it. Through our bond, I forced every demand for her to get to the training grounds, feeling sick to my stomach as if my existence knew something was going to happen, regardless of what I did. My paws were beating the ground as I neared the place, coming to an instant stop, scanning the area right outside.


Empty, empty, empty.

Fucking empty.

But her scent was here. It was fresh, new, like she was still here.

I growled again, narrowing my eyes as I felt myself get angry. Frustrated.

‘She’s gone!’

I shook my head, scanning the area again only to find nothing. Aggravated, I started to pace in the spot where her scent was strongest, trying to link, trying to force the bond.

I got nothing, not a single thing.

You couldn’t force something as natural as the mate bond.

A deep, aggressive growl left my lips instantly but it turned into a howl full of threat. Not only alerting my pack but warning them.

Underneath it all, it streamed from sorrow. I was unnerved by the fact that I didn’t know where she was. That my wolf didn’t know but we both knew something was wrong. So, so wrong.

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