Dies Irae

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The supernatural werewolf world has a specific way of ruling. A king that had power over the entire nation. Then 7 alphas were under him, one for each region in which the American nation was split: The Pacific, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, the Rocky Mountains, and the Noncontiguous. Then alphas under them that ruled over their single state. And finally, under those alphas you had about five to ten packs in each state; each state varied. Some had few packs.

A king, regional alphas, Statal alphas, and territorial alphas.

They say the regional alphas were all deadly in their own way of sin. And the King… Well, bless any soul who would ever dare to cross him.

There was a certain way the Pacific territory ran. The way the Alpha led his men gave him a name. A title. You did not want to get on his bad side.

His anger, his fury- his wrath, it was something unlike any other.

He would hold a grudge. He did not forget nor did he forgive.

But he was blessed by the Moon Goddess, blessed with a mate. A mate who would be the opposite of him, a balance to him.

She was the epitome of patience.

He was brutal, soft to her. He knew he would do anything to protect her.

And when someone took her away from him;

It had become a Day of Wrath.


I let out a small moan as the man continued to thrust in me. He groaned, his hand going to my breast to fondle me.

“Oh,” I shut my eyes, feeling pleasure roll over me.

It wasn’t intense, it was mediocre, but still, it was pleasure and I liked it.

The man continued to fuck into me, trying to find his release.

“Shit,” the man groaned after a few minutes, relieving himself in the condom.

He let out a deep breath, slowly pulling out of me.

The man’s breathing was heavy. I couldn’t remember his name. Kevin or Kolby. I forgot a while ago I just felt too awkward to ask at this point.

It’s not like he ever demanded me to say his name...

I didn’t care all too much. I didn’t hold any type of feelings to him. He was a body to me just as I was a body to him.

I was leaving tomorrow for the States. This was a last-time thing before I left, even though I’d be back within a week.

In my pack, I was one of the few interpret translators. They needed me on their trip to America. Of course, to me, English was not hard. There were times when I couldn’t name an exact word so I had to describe that but every bilingual person understood that.

“Je vais aller dans ma chambre” I pulled myself off of his mattress.

I grabbed my shirt, buttoning it up before I slipped on my pants.

“Nuit,” he mumbled, his face in his pillows.

“Nuit,” I responded, as nicely as I could.

I wasn’t agitated, maybe tired was the word. I felt like I was stuck. With Kevin or Kolby or whatever his name was. I didn’t hate having sex with him. He was polite or whatever. I just wasn’t fulfilled.

I knew that not everyone had a soul mate, that it was a rare blessing that the Moon Goddess gave to few people. But, I couldn’t help but wish for one. Or maybe, not even a soul mate, but just somebody that would possibly ‘fulfill’ me.

Enjoy my presence as I would to them. That we wouldn’t just be a body to use.

I opened the door to my room, heading straight to my bathroom to wash off my body. I felt dull. Like something was just wrong.

It wasn’t new, I’ve felt like this for a while. Like I was just going through motions. I was lacking a charm in my life. I was lacking spark.

But, I just stayed patient. Day in and day out. Taking it all.

I threw myself into bed, trying to relax against my soft sheets. I had to be up earlier than usual to leave for America.

And, of course, before I closed my eyes, I made a silent prayer to any god who would listen to change my life, fill the gap.


My steps followed the man down the unfamiliar hallway. He had a broad build. Curly blonde hair.

America was different from how we operated in France. I was here with my Alpha to meet with America’s King and two Alphas of two regions. I wasn’t too sure how that worked. My Alpha told me that it was an Alpha from the west coast and one from the east coast. They were having problems with trade relations and a relationship with an Alpha.

“This will be your room, ma’am,” the man opened the door, allowing me to walk in as he followed behind me.

His mannerism was noted.

“If you have any questions, do not hesitate to retrieve me or anyone else. They will be meeting in an hour. I will be back to collect you and show you your way,” the man nodded, leaving.

I put my bags by the bed. The room was beautifully decorated. Fit for a King. Fitting for a kingdom. Obviously.

Different architecture from how the buildings were in France and how the packhouse was built there. Still beautiful.

I walked into the bathroom, checking how I looked. It was a long trip. Before I left the bathroom, I ran through some English words and phrases, practicing.

Some time passed, I was looking through the room, admiring it and gazing out the large windows, there was a knock on the door.

“Greetings again, they are ready to meet. If you will please follow me,” I nodded in compliance.

I was back, following behind him, walking through the grand halls. Immensely royal.

“The King and Alpha Authur are already here,” he opened the door, letting me walk in first before he followed behind me.

I noticed Alpha conversing with some man, in French. It made me question why I was needed.

The man emitted sheer power and it didn’t look like he was doing anything dangerous or necessary to need to show off that authority. It just came naturally to him.

It was intimidating. Nothing like how we were in France.

“Sire,” the man that brought me here bowed his head in respect before dismissing himself.

The King directed his attention to me.

“Bonjour,” he nodded, “viens t’asseoir.”

I nodded in mutual respect, walking over to a seat next to my Alpha.

“Alpha,” I addressed my Alpha, “how are you, sir?” I asked the King.

“I am doing ordinary, thank you. We are just waiting on-”

The door opened again, two men walking in.

They both nodded their heads to the King and one left while the other came over to sit at the table.

“You’re late,” the King stated, any trace of his once welcome behavior gone.

“So is Marcus,” the man said, “and where is Derek? He’s not even here!”

I widened my eyes at his blatant tone. I would never address a man of power and authority in such a tone.

“Are you questioning my practices?” the King demanded, an eyebrow raised, “Derek has children and is with his mate, helping her. I don’t need to explain myself. As for Marcus, he will come when he gets here. I don’t see your Beta here.”

“Johnathan is on his way,” the man looked away, backing down.

He looked over at me, looking me over.

“And who do we have here?” he grinned, “aren’t you a pretty one?”

Alpha Authur looked over at me.

“Qu’est-ce qu’il a dit?”

“Et qui avons-nous ici? N’es-tu pas jolie?” I translated for him.

He looked over at him snarling.

“Ne parlez pas à une femme de ma meute d’un tel ton!”

I was quick to translate for him: “Do not talk to a woman in my pack like that!”

“Foreign!” the man chuckled. “How about after this, we can-”

“That’s enough!” the King cut him off. “You do not address a female like that in front of males, I do not care who she is. Do you understand me?”

The man swallowed, nervous.

“Yes, sir.”

A few seconds passed, Jonathan coming in, the man’s Beta.

“Marcus here?” he asked the man as he sat down.

“Not yet,” he responded to Johnathan, “he’s going to just make another scene. The man has some serious anger issues,” they conversed amongst themselves.

“Let’s start, Marcus will join us later,” the King announced, “We’ll solve your problem and deal with your problem with the Pacific later.”

As he talked, I translated for Alpha Authur.

They went on to talk about a family that I didn’t know and how they were violating international laws and whatnot.

“I don’t want him to live in France-”

“How about they stay with you for six months in America and with you for six months in France?” the King suggested.

I translated and then gave them Alpha’s answer.

“So we’re all good?” Jonathan asked.

“Resolved,” the King finalized. We all stood up after the King did, fully out of respect. Before we could leave, the door flew open.

With that, my heart fluttered, every sense awakening in me.

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