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My body was stiff. My head was slumped forward.

I cracked my eyes open, my sight landing on my legs and the shorts I was dressed in. I was still in my camisole but the cover-up I was wearing wasn’t on me.

I was in some seat, my ankles strapped to the feet of the seat as my hands were tied behind my back, a burning sensation encircling around them. There was nothing around me, just an empty room except for something on the wall in front of me but I couldn’t tell what it was because there was something covering it. On both sides of the unidentified object were two unlit torches.

“Oh, dear, is she finally awake?” I heard a voice as a growl escaped my lips.

I turned my head around the best I could, trying to find who it was coming from.

A woman came walking out, but not just any woman, the one that blamed Jerome’s and Ren’s death on me, the one that bitched me out for no reason. At least to me, it was no reason.

I snarled at her, a defense mechanism that I had to rely on due to the fact that I was trapped. I wanted to shift but I knew I couldn’t. The restraints holding my arms were silver and I could smell the wolfsbane on them.

It was nauseating and burning me. I knew I could only ignore it for so long until my adrenaline wore off and I felt the agony that I was enduring.

My stomach was killing me. I felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly. I hated it and I knew why it hurt so much. I wasn’t stupid. It was because I wasn’t with my mate, Marcus. There was no doubt in my mind that he was feeling the same way, except there was a fine line between Marcus and me.

For starters: when we had sex, he got so overly enraged when he had access to my thoughts. He was an angry man, but he was working on it and I loved him for that. I liked his anger because it’s what made him him but too much of anything was bad.

The point was, Marcus had anger issues and he didn’t handle his emotions as well as I did. I didn’t like the pain that was coursing through my body, and the fact that Marcus was going through the same thing hurt even more. He was probably fuming right now. I didn’t even want to imagine it.

“Dear,” she tsked and I grew enraged at that.

Enraged at the fact that this bitch had the audacity to call me by the pet name that Marcus called me by. I found it endearing whenever it rolled off his lips but when she said it, I was taken over with the urge to rip out her throat. The desire to spill blood.

“I would not make those faces. Not with what I have planned,” she grinned a dark, malevolent grin.

I closed my mouth but kept my gaze harsh. I knew best when it was time to shut my mouth and keep my anger wrapped up. In this case, I knew it would only hurt me and possibly someone else if I were to bitch this cunt out.

“You’re his mate,” she told me and I didn’t have to guess that she was talking about Marcus.

I knew he was my mate, obviously. It wasn’t any of her business though, although I did want people to know. I was proud of it: who wouldn’t be? He was a fine, stable man. An Alpha, a Reginal Alpha at that. He was powerful and hunky and just lovely. I just didn’t like this bitch.

“Isn’t that great?” She laughed to herself, walking over to the front of me when that towel was on the wall, covering whatever was behind it. “I think it is.”

She traced a line around the object before looking back at me.

“I think it’s perfect, actually. I don’t think you understand just how much I fucking hate him. How much I can’t stand him. How much I want him dead,” she took small steps with her words to me, grabbing my chin and holding my hostile gaze, “I’ve been thinking for the longest time: how can I take revenge for his acts and finally give him the payback he deserves?”

I didn’t say anything. I wanted to, I did, but I knew better.

Her words made me angry though. Why wouldn’t they? She was talking about MY man, saying how she wants him dead; I have every right to be pissed off.

‘I want this bitch dead!’

“Now, you may be wondering, in your pretty little mind, what did Marcus do to me? Well, you already know he killed my brother, Jerome, for your fucking petty demands,” she snarled in my face, her hand grabbing my jaw, “but, right before you came into the picture, he was dating my sister. They were really serious. Like marriage. Except, about two weeks before you showed up, he dumped her. Probably his instincts,” her nails started to dig into my face and I tried my best to keep my expression neutral so she wouldn’t get her way, “But the thing is, you don’t just get over someone that you thought was going to marry you. Wolves mate for life,” she said as if I didn’t already know this.

Everyone knew that.

Even if you lived under a rock, it was common knowledge. You had to be really ignorant to not know. I mean like seriously. It’s like not knowing that swans mate for life.

“So when the relationship ended, my sister was crushed. My brother and I tried our best to lift her spirits, but she ended up leaving, getting killed when she stumbled across hunters,” she told me, her pupils as thin as paper. “It wasn’t hard to realize you were his mate. No one just fucks a foreigner and has them stay with them. No one just dines with his high-ranking men and women- my sister never did. No one gets someone killed because of a complaint. You, dear, you were special the moment you stepped foot in his direction. Worked out perfectly for me,” she moved her hand from my cheek to my throat, squeezing it harshly before suddenly letting go.

I coughed, trying to get rid of the discomfort.

“How about we pay a little visit to him?” She sneered, walking over to the cover and yanking it away.

A mirror.

My brows met in confusion.

A mirror? That’s what needed to be covered? A little anti-climactic if you ask me.

She reached in her pocket, pulling out a pack of black matches and lighting the torches.

Just as my mind started to work, the plane, which bestowed my reflection, broke. Rippling like waves before the image of Marcus appeared.

He had his hand through his hair as he spoke quickly and harshly into a phone.

“Marcus?” I choked out.

My heart rate sped up, getting excited at the sight of my mate. He turned around at the sound of my voice as if he heard me.

“Ines?” He growled out, looking straight at me.

His anger was so harsh. I was feeling it as if he was present, right here next to me.

Did he see me? Hear me? Oh, I missed him so much, my heart was so heavy.

“Oh yes, the dear Ines,” the woman slurred.

His eyes darkened, “Calliope?”

“Yes, Marcus,” she sneered, “you look mad,” she snickered, making her way behind me.

I felt her grab my shoulders, her hands freezing, piercing my skin as her claws dug in my skin.

I winced from how piercing it was.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” Marcus bellowed.

It shook the mirror on the wall. I didn’t even know how that was possible.

“Oh, does it bother you?” She taunted him, grabbing my neck.

I let out a low growl.

“Awe, I think I made her mad. I think I made you mad too, Marky. You remember that name? The name my sister called you?” She questioned.

Marcus’s eyes were glowing red, his claws were extended, some fur on his hand. I’ve never seen him this angry and that says a lot. Honestly.

“You remember her? Or would you prefer ‘Alpha’? The name my brother called you. You remember him?” She asked, “You killed my family, Marcus-”

“I never killed your fucking sister!” Marcus corrected.

“My fucking sister?” She repeated, “Yeah, I remember when you were fucking my sister,” she poked.

I felt uncomfortable. It stabbed me in the gut and heart and Marcus felt it too. His expression softened when he looked at me. I shot him a soft, closed-mouth smile.

“It was before I met you,” he explained in a hushed tone, trying to solely talk to me although Calliope was right there, hearing our exchange.

“I know,” I mouthed, not able to form words from how harshly Calliope was squeezing my throat.

It hurt and in that instance, everything Marcus was feeling transmitted to me. It made me a little light-headed from how nervous I grew, although I knew he would never hurt me, I was nervous about everything around me. He was so fucking angry and there was sorrow as if he felt almost responsible although we both knew it wasn’t his fault.

“Jerome wasn’t!” she yelled, right into my ear.

I winced from how loud it was.

“Maybe if he was competent, he would be alive,” Marcus snarled back. “Have no worry, you can see him in the afterlife in a few hours.”

She laughed in my ear. It was so annoying.

“You just keep making mistakes,” she continued, “you’ll come and get her in four days-”

“The hell are you on? I’ll see you in a few hours to rip your fucking head off!” Marcus declared.

“Oh, no, no you’re not,” her hands left my throat, going down my chest, harshly groping me.

A disgusted and offended gasp left my lips.

Ew, ew, ew! What the hell?

“Get off of her!” He yelled.

His voice got so deep and scary, it sent a shock through my body.

Alpha tone.

I’ve never heard him use it, besides when Ren said that comment to me when we were in the hallway. Then again, he wouldn’t even cuss in front of me; I wasn’t shocked he kept that to himself as well.

“You come a day later or a day earlier,” she started, moving her hands down further, right in between my legs.

My eyes widened as she cupped me. I wanted to tear off her hand. How dare she touch my body so freely? She had no right! I felt sick to my stomach and I knew Marcus felt even though I didn’t want him to; there were just some things you couldn’t keep to yourself.

“No!” I tried to move but I was held down, “Stop!”

“I have a good friend who loves pussy,” she pushed her hands in my shorts and without any warning or more taunting words, she shoved three fingers up in me.

Not one, not two- fucking three. And it fucking hurt.

Tears sprung to my eyes.

I felt my head spin. I was completely silenced- never ever in my life touched like such. I didn’t know where to look. I didn’t want to look at my mate- I felt dirty. I didn’t want to look at her hand, it was a terrible reminder of the situation I was in.

And it burned.

I had no lubrication to make this feel any better and even if I did, this was unwanted so it wasn’t pleasurable. Sex was a very connecting thing and it involved not only physical pleasure but psychological trust to be able to get joy from what was going on.

I didn’t have that connection with this woman- I was just violated.

“Hmm, are you wet or is this just blood?” Calliope purred as she shoved her hand in deeper, stretching me to the point that tears came forth, wetting my eyes as a pained, quiet gasp left my lips. I felt like I was being stretched to my top-tier limits even though Marcus and I had sex and his dick was all in me and about twenty times bigger than her hand.

“Stop!” Marcus all but roared.

It made both me and Calliope flinch. She brushed it off quicker. I was dealing with the burden of being violated.

“Bill!” She shouted and footsteps immediately sounded in the room, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, alarmed. “Don’t you love to fuck?”

A deep, sadistic laugh answered Calliope.

I closed my eyes, wanting nothing more than to cry and roll up in a ball. I was embarrassed and touched and kidnapped and just everything! I hated this!

“Do you get it?” She growled, “I know a man who would love to defile her. You come a day earlier or a day later, I will call him and have him pillage this body for you to watch, then I’ll kill her in front of you!”

“Remove your hand from her,” Marcus growled out. It was so lethal it scared me. And he was my mate. I knew he’d never hurt me.

At his words, she plucked out her hand and a soft sob left my lips, trying to close my legs only to be met with restraints. It was so aggressive and just terrible. I was so dirty, I wanted to cry, and I wanted my mate.

“You’ll come in exactly four days, August first, no sooner, no later, and in exchange for you, she’ll go free, unharmed,” she told him, “I’ll tell you the address, it’s all up to you.”

Her words made my head shoot up, looking at Marcus. I knew what she meant. It wasn’t just ‘him,’ it was his life.

Tears welled up just at the thought. Every pain that left my body at the sight of my mate came back at full speed. It was terrible.

I’d rather die than have him come here.

“No!” I choked, “Marc-”

Her hand grabbed my throat, silencing me. She was squeezing my neck so tightly that I felt my face get overheated, my eyes burning, matching the feeling in my throat.

“Do we have a deal?” She questioned.

“No harm to her?” He repeated. “Not a single scratch?”

“No-” I gasped for breath.

Oh, please, no, no, no!

“That’s what I said,” she let out, annoyed.

“Yes. Now get your hand off of her,” he demanded.

He wouldn’t meet my eyes.

No, no, no! No!

“Marcus,” I whispered although no sound left my lips.

Her cold, clawed hand removed itself from my throat.

“Marcus, please, don’t!” I begged, my voice cracking.

“I’ll see you on the first, Calliope,” he ignored.


I couldn’t stop the tears as they streamed down my face like it was a torrential downpour.

She walked up to the mirror, a huge grin on her face.

“I’ll see you then.”

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