Dies Irae

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Marcus’s POV

I was pure and utter rage.

Rage you couldn’t control.

Like when you see your first girlfriend making out with another man.

Like when you completely fucking butcher a test you studied for.

Like when you’re playing a team sport and your teammate only weighs you down instead of helping.

Like when you called out the dick in the friend group yet all your friends still left you.

Like when you’re righteous yet everyone still turns against you.

I was fucking enraged.

My office was destroyed. Completely and utterly destroyed. Except for her seat, because I couldn’t bring myself to, in all my fury, harm anything that she touched. No matter how livid I was, my instincts were there and I knew I would never harm her.

She was my mate. My women. My everything.

And the reality that some fucking whore had the gall to take what was rightfully mine made me see red.

“Marc,” Will started, cautious to come near me. His name wasn’t Will, his name was Irving Williams but I grew up calling him Will because Irving didn’t have a nickname and by the time I thought of one, he met his wife and I didn’t want to call him the same name that she did.

“Shut the fuck up!” I roared, seeing nothing but wrath.

“Look,” he took a step back, “destroying everything won’t help anybody-”

My eye twitched, my body so hot with rage you could toast a fucking steak.

“What the hell do you know?” I growled, “Your lover is fine, you don’t fucking know what I’m going through!” I shouted at him.

His demeanor changed. His shoulders relaxed as he sighed out.

“Look, I’m trying to help you. Maybe you just need to cool off. When you’re ready to listen, you know where I’ll be. Can I leave?” He asked.

“Fucking go,” I muttered as he turned around, leaving.

I growled to myself, aggressively running a hand through my hair.

This is your fault.

Maybe if you listened and did a better job when she told you, she would still be here.


I closed my eyes, massaging my temples.

Anger was all I knew. It never failed me. Ever. When I was frustrated, taking out my anger calmed me. When I was dejected, taking out my anger made me feel happy. It was simply all I ever knew.

My father didn’t recognize that, he provoked it, and not in the good way that outlets should be provoked. My mother never said anything to him about it, they both tended to ignore me.

I heard footsteps and I opened my eyes, curious. Surprisingly, my instincts were calm. It was fucking weird.

‘I want my mate…’

I bit back a frown as I turned around, my eyes narrowing.

Sitting in Ines’s chair was a man whom I had never seen before, looking around.

“Nice damage,” he chuckled, his voice deeper than mine, as he glanced around the room.

His eyes were so red, they stood out. Like fire, hot blazing fire raised from the deepest and darkest level of contempt. I couldn’t help but silently praise it like it was an achievement to be that angry in life. To me, it was because I understood it.

“How the fuck did you get here?” I demanded defensively, yet calm?

The man’s eyes became a lot more vibrant before returning to their original color.

I felt fucking odd. I had every reason to demand answers from this fucker yet my tone betrayed nothing, my being was pacific. It was invalid and made no logical sense to me.

“Now, is that any way to greet your father?” he questioned, tilting his head as he stood up.

My brows met, offended.

“The fuck?” I spat, keeping up my walls.

I saw the similarity between us. It was uncanny. I didn’t doubt it as much as I should have. The idea of me being a bastard started to form in my head. If I wasn’t my mother’s husband’s kid, then that would mean I was born out of wedlock.

That enraged me.

Wolves were very specific about their pups and traditions. You were either born through married wolves or you were a filthy bastard. Nothing more. I was a damned Alpha for fuck sake, how the hell could I be a filthy fucking bastard?

Dirty fucking pathetic man.

I felt my eye twitch.

“Ever wonder why you’re such a hothead? So angry?” he poked, stepping closer to me. “Ever wonder why that fucking dickwad, Madden, didn’t like you? How dare he offend my son,” he growled out.

“That’s not a fucking explanation,” I countered, my claws extended as I felt my levels shift.

“Now, son, calm yourself,” he sighed, shaking his head, “do you want Enes back or not?” He asked.

Tell you what, he got my fucking attention. The pure mention of her name, in spite of him saying it wrong, was enough for my anger to simmer down in hopes of getting back my dear.

“It’s ‘Ines’,” I corrected.

He grinned at me.

“Sorry, Ines, you do want her back, right?”

“Is that a fucking question?” I spat, narrowing my eyes.

“Now, Marcus, don’t get moody with me. Look, tomorrow, you’ll go and get her back-”

“I can’t,” I yelled at him before I could contain myself.

It was beyond enraging. I was utterly pulled apart. I wanted nothing more than to take my mate back and kill every fucker involved in this ordeal. The only reason I wasn’t slitting throats this very second was because I didn’t need any harm to come to her.

My mind couldn’t get rid of the image of that bitch’s dirty hands on my beautiful endearing mate. The way she looked so uncomfortable and hurt and the fact that she cried.

It broke my heart.

Never once had I ever witnessed the horror of my dear shedding tears and I never wanted to see it ever again. It broke my heart and that wasn’t an easy task. And, on top of everything, she put her hands on her.

I didn’t want to run the risk of that happening again.

I was at a loss. It felt like I couldn’t do anything and it hurt me so much but I would never tell anyone that.

“You’re my son! You can do anything you want!” he dismissed.

“How do I know you’re not just fucking with me?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Seriously? Do you not see the resemblance?” he questioned before reached into his back pocket, pulling out a swiss army knife. “Give me your arm,” he ordered.

“Can we get back to Ines?” I ignored, crossing my arms.

“Do you believe me or not?” he gritted, “You got my anger son, my temperament, and you got my looks and voice,” he explained, “but if you don’t believe me, then give me your arm.”

“Why?” I growled out, irritated as fuck that he wasn’t just answering me.

“This is a knife,” he stated the obvious, “but the only difference between you and me is that this will do nothing to me.”

I went to question him but he brought his hand to his pharynx, slicing it. My eyes grew wide but before I could muster any words, the thick line of red simmered to this gold color, the cut disappearing.

He cleared his throat

“Now, give me your arm, let me show you the similarity,” he demanded, sounding perfectly fine as if he didn’t almost end his own life and slice his vocal cords.

“What the fuck are you?” I muttered.

“More like ‘who’,” he laughed to himself, “Ares, God of War,” he held out his hand, “and you, Marcus, are my son. My belligerent son,” he grinned.

My eyes widened. I detected no lies from him. His heartbeat was steady, his voice calm, he wasn’t lying. I looked him up and down.

“Learned from the best,” he resumed, “When I was fucking Aphro, it pissed people off, but, the point is, I didn’t subdue easily, as you could imagine. You didn’t get your anger issues from your mother.”

My eyes narrowed at him.

“My point is, Marcus, you need to embrace your wrath, not simmer it-”

My stare turned into a glare. Ines always helped me with my rage and if this was his way to insult her, I was going to fuck him the fuck up.

“Are you insulting my mate?” I demanded, getting angry inside.

Are you just going to let him speak poorly about her?

You never do anything right.

“No, Marcus. There is a right and a wrong time to let your anger take its course. This is that time,” he explained, “I don’t care what the bitch Calliope told you, nothing is going to happen to Ines.”

“And how do you know?” I spat, furious at the thought.

“Would I lie to you? I have no reason to,” he began, “now, she is working with Hecate, Goddess-”

“Of witchcraft, I know,” I nodded alone, wanting him to cut to the chase so I can get my dear Ines back into my arms. I was an impatient man, I didn’t have time to dick around.

“Yes,” he nodded, “and while many of the Gods hate me, well all actually, what they despise more is someone going behind their back. Hecate lives in the Underworld and resides under Hades rule,” he elucidated, “Well, he doesn’t know about that bitch helping a lowly wolf- no offense-”

I waved my hand, dismissing it.

“So, son, do you get it?” he questioned. I eagerly nodded in response.

I could see the similarity in the way our minds were wired. I didn’t need a five-hour explanation, I could pick up on the main idea quite quickly.

“I need to see Ines,” I told him, “I can’t wait around for that dumb cunt to do whatever the fuck it was she did,” I growled, the image of my mate hurt flashing in my mind as her cries echoed to me.

“Well, you’re mates, no? Wait till she falls asleep, or vice versa. Your bond is strong, anyone can see that,” he nodded.

“I’m supposed to wait? Can’t you fucking teleport there and, I don’t know, give her a sleeping pill?” I commanded.

“Doesn’t work like that son, do they not teach you that? To fully connect with your mate while separated, one must drift comatose without influence, whether that’d be sleeping pills, or whatever,” he elaborated, “it won’t take long. Despite Calliope keeping her awake, she has issues to deal with so Ines is left unbothered.”

I sighed to myself, relief flooding through me, my bond throbbing in peace. It was so bruised. Everything was. My wolf was depressed and angry. I was depressed and angry.

So fucking angry.

“I’ll be back, I don’t want to see you two making out with each other or whatever,” Ares said, “I’m going to go see Hades,” he waved as a bolt of fire sparked in front of him before he disappeared.

My hands went to my head to rub my temples. I needed to calm down, just think about my dear and do what she said. Just take a breath, count to ten-

“Marcus?” I heard a soft voice.

My eyes snapped open, looking over to the door. No one was there but I knew Ines was. She just didn’t focus fully on the bond to fully transmit here. I smiled to myself, my mood skyrocketing with just the thought of her near.

“Ines?” I replied, feeling light just at the thought of her. My lips tugged up and I tried to fight the urge to smile like a high school boy hearing his crush say she’d go out with him.

“Can you see me?” she questioned, curious, but there was a deep tone of sorrow that I’ve never heard before. My heart pulled in pain.

“No, dear, focus on your bond for a second, I’ll help you,” I smiled to myself as I demanded my wolf to fetch our mate, closing my eyes.

‘Mate, mate, mate!’

I felt slim arms wrapped around my neck. Naturally, I wrapped my arms around her waist, opening my eyes.

“Oh, Nes,” I sighed out, pulling her against me tightly as I shoved my face in her neck, taking a deep whiff of her calming scent. She smelled like roasted chestnuts, warm, fresh bread, and a hint of rich sunflowers.

“Are you hurt?” I asked, pulling back slightly so I could see her.

My eyes ran over her gorgeous body, checking to see if she was hurt. Her eyes were so sad, it tore my heart to bits and pieces. I frowned as I cupped her face, pressing a passionate yet soft kiss to her lips. Just as she responded, I pulled away, my agenda to tell her everything before she leaves me, if Calliope would come to get her.

“Look at my wrists,” she removed one hand from around my neck, “I have not seen them yet until a few moments ago, but do you see that?” she asked me, showing me the deep bruises on her precious skin. “It will heal, I was just shocked,” she mumbled.

I grabbed her dainty wrist, pressing my lips to her skin as I grabbed her other arm, doing the same, healing her.

“Better?” I asked, giving her a soft smile.

“Marcus,” she pouted, her eyes glossy and appreciative, hugging me again, “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, dear, “ I squeezed her. “She isn’t hurting you, is she?”

“No,” she shook her head, denying my question and I closed my eyes, basking in relief.

“But, um, she keeps touching me, it’s weird,” she mumbled and my eyes shot open, grabbing her shoulders so I could look at her.

“What?” I demanded. It came off a lot more rough than I intended, and I didn’t mean to yell at her but the reality that she was being harassed angered me.

She nodded, thinking to herself that she would let my anger slip because she was just happy that she could see me.

“She just touches me,” she shrugged, “is she into woman?”

“Women,” I corrected her, watching a soft smile form on her face and it made me happy that something as trivial as me correcting her English made her smile, “she might be, it’s rare in the werewolf community,” I reminded her.

Oui, but she gives the idea,” she told me, resting her head back on my chest. “How long has it been?”

“A day,” I answered, “I’ll see you tomorrow, dear,” I rubbed her back, thinking I was comforting her but all I felt in her was panic and dread that rumbled my being.

You’re hurting her!

I growled out just as she pulled back, looking up at me with wide, hurt eyes.

Non!” she shouted in spite of her not meaning to yell at me. “Marcus, did you not hear what she said? She’ll kill you! Don’t be stupid!”

I sighed, rubbing circles on her hips to try and calm her down so I didn’t distress our bond enough that it would tear our moment away.

“Ines, calm,” I started, “I know what she said-”

“She’ll kill you!” she exasperated, eyes wide open, alerted.

“If it means you’re safe then I’ll sacrifice my life a thousand times,” I promised her.

A promise I was intending to keep no matter what she said.

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