Dies Irae

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I was smacked out of my sleep by no one other than that bitch. She grabbed my face, forcing me to look up at her.

“And what do you think you’re doing?” she snarled.

You know how I said I was more of the reserved type? The wouldn’t-speak-unless-spoken-to type? Yeah, fuck that! The fact that Marcus was going to risk his life for me made me want to die and I realized I needed to do something now instead of waiting around. I needed to be independent. It was either me or Marcus and I rather it be me.

“What did it look like?” I responded, my voice level.

“What was that?” Her hand smacked my cheek again. “Don’t talk to me like that, you fucking whore!”

“Oh, I’m a whore?” I asked, glaring at her, “Are you sure you’re talking about me?”

“You’re not a mirror, are you?” she grabbed my face, her nails digging into my skin.

“I guess I am if you think you can talk to me that way,” I replied.

Her eyes narrowed. She slowly stood up, keeping her eyes locked on mine. “I’m going to gut him in front of you and shove it down you’re fucking throat!” she screamed like a teenager throwing a temper tantrum.

My gut pulled but it wasn’t because of her words. In fact, the more she said it, the more I questioned it. What could she do to Marcus? Have you seen my man? He was fucking huge: built, tall, ripped with muscles, brutal with his tactics. Let’s not forget this man murdered two people for doing one small thing wrong. His father was literally the God of War.

It would explain his fury. His wrath was undoubtedly unmatchable.

Besides working with bigger forces, she wasn’t a threat to Marcus. The only reason she was overpowering me was that I was restrained with wolfsbane to keep me down. If not for that, I would’ve ripped this woman apart. I usually didn’t have such vicious thoughts; I guess when the man I loved was in danger, I was protective.

Is this how Marcus felt when that man made that comment towards me?

Anyway, my point was, my gut didn’t pull from what she was saying. It was something deeper- my bond- getting aroused. As if it sensed its other half was nearby.

She looked behind me, her eyebrows together. She didn’t say a word, briskly walking behind me and I heard the door close behind me. I took a deep breath.

If I focus enough, I’m sure I can break these cuffs. It might hurt but I was confident in my ability. Once I get them off, I can remove the restraints on my ankles. I just needed to focus. I knew my wolf was slightly drained. Not only was I exposed to wolfsbane, but I was away from my mate. The mate bond, once attached, had a lethal hold on the owners.

Just focus…

‘We can do this,’ my wolf encouraged.

I took a deep and steady breath, yanking my wrists apart. I hissed in pain as a burning sensation covered my wrists. I took another breath, repeating my actions two more times until I heard one snap, my right wrist coming free.

Immediately, I brought it in front of me, noting the harsh red skin. I broke off the other cuff before moving down to my ankles, my fingers slightly trembling as I freed them. I used the seat for support as I stood up. My legs were numb but my adrenaline powered through.

My gut pulled again.

‘Mate is close… He isn’t happy.’

I frowned to myself, quietly making my way to the mirror, removing the cloth. For some reason, something in me was telling me to break it: urging me. I didn’t know why. The mirror barely displayed my reflection, it was so black. It was like staring back into a tinted car window. My hands grabbed it, prying it off the wall, causing my wrists to sting.

On accident, I dropped it on the ground. I didn’t mean to but the pain in my wrists was overpowering. The moment it collided with the ground, the glass shattered, littering the floor. I took a step back, my eyebrows meeting as I saw that shards start to shake. The shards began to melt, joining with each other, rising and falling like swords.

I took another step back as the weird liquid started to fizzle, evaporating into this black, murky smoke. It went all the way up to the ceiling and as it started to turn gray, a man stepped out.

Goosebumps formed on my skin as I let out a low growl. The man was tall. I mean tall. Marcus was tall- taller than me- but this guy would tower over him. His skin looked pale but it wasn’t the paleness that threw me off, it was the grayish tint to his skin. He looked dead. On top of his dark locks was a black jeweled crown. Around his shoulders was a dark velvet cloak but when he took a step towards me, you could see the spidery silk underneath, the shine on his shoes making me look down.

“Ines,” he stated, his voice deep, resonating through the room, “come with me, darlin’,” he ordered, holding out his hand.

I hesitated before slowly putting out my hand. I didn’t want to go with a random man but the calmness resonating from my wolf assured me it was fine.

I expected him to grab my hand but instead, he grabbed my wrist, his grip freezing. I kept myself from wincing, he grabbed right on my wounds, as he started to walk to the door. The door flew off the hinges, completely removed from the frame. He didn’t even touch it, just his ominous aura around him caused it to break off.

Immediately, my eyes were greeted with this open greenery, covered with shrubs, bushes, and trees that were so tall they seemed to grow past the clouds. The summer heat hit me but it felt so much warmer and my eyes caught the fire. It wasn’t the normal combustion that I was used to but it was coming from a man. A man that looked like a wiser version of Marcus, longer stubble covering his jaw, tan skin showing off these huge tattoos.

Fire surrounding the atmosphere of his figure- Ares, the God of War.

He had amour that seemed to be blazing, just like him, and a long spear in the other. It made my stomach pull. Marcus was to his back, matching his father in both attire and intensity. I noticed there were wolves around them, guarding them, growling at people that were so hazy, practically transparent. They were spirits. Dead souls.

“Hecate!” the man that was holding my arm boomed.

It scared the shit out of me. The ground under me physically shook from his voice. At both the impact of my emotions and the sound of the man’s voice, Marcus looked over. I was never so relieved at the sight of someone. I probably didn’t look too hot but his eyes smiled when he saw me, my heart racing in adoration.

“You dare disobey my ruling?” the man seethed again, “go behind my back? Take my souls from my grasp?” He took a step forward and I noticed that the grass under him died immediately. “You’re betraying the wrong man,” he warned, walking closer to the woman.

She had this dark skin, as dark as the night sky, that made her vibrant purple eyes stand out. She even had these golden flecks covering her face and arms, like freckles. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. Then again, she’s a goddess. What should I have expected?

In her hand was this tall scepter, on top was a skull with jet-black stones in the eye sockets. I was dragged as the man took menacing steps towards Hecate.

“I will lock you in the deepest pits of Hades,” his voice clapped, “you dare try to fucking overthrow me?” he questioned, snapping his fingers and I watched as she froze, her glare permanent. He snatched the scepter from her hand, the sound of her fingers breaking following.

Once he had it, he slammed the end on the ground. It thundered under me, the grass turning gray, black ripples growing from the scepter like ripples in the ocean after a disturbance broke the plane. The trees crumpled, turning to ash, flowing away in the wind. The spirits floating around were pulled towards the scepter, the black eyes shining as it sucked in every last soul. Once they were there, the trees came back to their full length and color, the grass reviving itself.

“Marcus, take your woman,” he ordered, slightly shoving me towards him.

Marcus immediately grabbed my arm, delicately yanking me to his chest, wrapping a sturdy arm around me. Calliope was standing right in front of us, her hands in angry fists and her eyes ablaze with fury.

“You fuck!” she screeched.

The man looked over at her as Marcus tightened his grip around me, growling at her as she extended her claws. In his mind, he didn’t give a shit if he got hurt, I was the only priority to him right now.

“I am going to tear you apart,” she breathed and I heard footsteps. I glanced to see Hecate, back to normal, walking beside Calliope.

“You think you are better than me?” Hecate asked, her voice deep and rich. “I am the Goddess of witchcraft. There is nothing you can do to me,” she raised her eyebrow.

With a snap of her finger, four dozen wolves appeared. They looked savage. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Along with them, two women appeared, donning a similar dress like Hecate’s long purple gown.

“My dear, meet Lamia, my spirit that loves to feed on children,” Hecate purred, turning her head, her lips grazing the woman in an army green dress and scaly skin before they locked lips. When they parted she turned to the woman on her right, “And my favorite, my Empusae. She leads my monsters,” Hecate grinned, nodding towards the snarling wolves, “and, of course, is known for what she does best- eating lovers. Tell me, don’t you love them?” Hecate asked her.

The woman who was donning a long, navy blue dress, with eyebrows that went upward, glanced at me and Marcus, flashing us a sinister smile. “One of the best I’ve ever seen! Just look at her legs and his eyes.”

A growl escaped from my lips, possessive and pissed.

“Fiesty?” she purred, “love it.”

“How about you just get to the point?” Calliope snarled, rolling her eyes.

“With pleasure, baby,” Hecate grinned, and with a from the woman in blue, her rabid wolves attacked Marcus’s.

We were sadly outnumbered.

The man that took me out here, charged at Hecate, and Ares went to his aid, fighting off the other two. Marcus moved me behind him, protecting me. I didn’t like it. I wasn’t about sitting still and waiting anymore. I had a mission and these bitches were a threat to my man.

I shifted, my paws hitting the ground as I guarded Marcus who was having a ball slaughtering every wolf he wanted to. I felt pure happiness in him. He was exhilarated!

He glanced down at me when I attacked a wolf that lunged at his backside.

‘Ines, get back!’ he growled at me through our bond but I simply shook my head, snapping my jaw on another wolf’s neck, killing it.

He let out a deep breath, taking his spear and driving it down a wolf’s stomach before he shifted. He easily towered over these wolves and together we backed each other up. That was a positive thing from our connection. We were able to work well together under pressure. We knew each other subconsciously. At one point, Calliope shifted, and when she was the only one left, surrounded by the warriors of Marcus. Ares and the man were still dealing with the others and you could tell it was terrible. Every so often, you’d feel the ground tremble from them and their divine powers.

Calliope let out a growl, alerting Hecate. Marcus slowly stalked her down. I noticed during this whole time, Marcus’s eyes were ablaze. Not in emotion but literally in color. It was like staring into an inferno.

He growled at her and it made me flinch from how much hatred and fury was packed into it. So much wrath.

“Youuu…” he snarled.

She was slowly backing up, her back hitting a tree. It’s funny how fake someone can act, how badly their confidence flutters away when confronted. It could’ve almost been pitiful if she wasn’t such a bitch.

In his mind, this was all Marcus wanted. He despised this woman, much like me, for taking me from him and then hurting me- in his mind, I was hurt. He wasn’t over the sexual assault she pulled.

He lunged at her, clamping his mouth around her throat as she howled. In an instant, he yanked off her head, her body limply collapsing on the ground as he threw her head away, blood spraying everywhere.

It didn’t matter at this point. Blood drenched the ground. No matter where you went, you were in a puddle of blood.

I turned my attention to Hecate. I noticed that Ares had killed the other two. I wasn’t sure if they could die but I guess he’d know more about it than me. Ares drove another spear in them, holding them together by their side like a kebab. There were two in them. Hecate glanced over at us and before the man could kill her in whatever way that Gods did, she grabbed a spear from their bodies. She disappeared for a second before appearing behind me.

Maybe she wasn’t on the same page that Calliope was or maybe she just hated me enough that she wanted to kill me because she raised the spear at me, and before Ares could react, she drove it down in a slanted motion, looking to stab my gut and pull it through.

Except a mate bond was strong. The need to protect your loved one, your alter ego, your other half- your soulmate- was so, so strong.

Marcus let out a deep growl, shoving me out of the way with his stout, taking the impact to protect me.

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