Dies Irae

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“Who the fucking hell do you think you are?” the man growled as he stormed into the room.

My eyes widened.


What’s happening?

He stormed right up to the man, whose name I learned to be Finn, grabbing him by the cuff of his shirt.

“Hey, hey!” Jonathan shouted.

Alpha Authur took a step back, grabbing my arm and standing in front of me. It was a natural instinct for us to protect the females. Not only was it in our wild side’s instincts but it was a human gesture as well- to most.

“I’ll fuck you up, you fucking bastard,” the man threw him on the ground.

Finn growled, extending his claws, Jonathan doing the same. Before any of them could lunge at each other, the King cleared his throat. Simply cleared his throat and they all looked over at him.

His expression made Alpha Authur take another step back, tightening his hold on me. I was sure he wanted me to translate so he could figure what was happening but he didn’t want to draw attention to a female of his pack in front of men he didn’t know who was clearly fighting.

“If you want to fight, you are welcome to visit my training grounds during your stay but I’ll be damned if I’ll allow you to act this way in my kingdom in front of my guests,” the King slowly let out.

The way he said it was so dangerous. So calm but there was a terrifying promise that he wouldn’t hesitate to put them in their place.

It made me swallow, and I wasn’t even the one he was talking to.

“Se traduire?” Alpha Arthur muttered to me, making sure to keep his eyes on them in case they lashed out.

“Un combat, je ne sais pas trop. Le roi leur a dit de se rendre sur ses terrains de combat,” I told him, quietly.

At our voices, the man looked over.

My being got so excited. I took a small step to the side so I could see over Alpha Authur’s frame.

He was stunning. Beyond attractive.

He seemed to just take in his surroundings. Sensing a scent that he didn’t notice before. His eyes locked on mine.

His whole demeanor seemed to change. In a pure instance. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I could smell his incredible scent. It hit me like a semi. It was like redwood, musk, amber, and a very light hint of cinnamon.

“Mine,” he claimed, taking a step towards me to claim me.

I noticed the King smirk for a split second.

Alpha Authur, having no clue what he said, growled at him, pushing me completely behind him.

I heard a growl.

“And who do you fucking think you are, get your mitts off of her!”

I took a small step to the side.

The man’s eyes were on fire, pure rage shining through. I felt it stir in me. Not from myself but from him.

I felt my Alpha’s energy switch. Letting out a warning growl. The man ignored it, taking another step to Alpha Authur because he felt enraged at the fact that he grabbed me and then proceeded to guard me.

He was my mate, he wasn’t supposed to hurt me or possess any type of danger that I would need to be shielded from him.

When the man ignored Alpha Authur’s blatant caution, his right hand shifted, planning on digging his claws into him.

My eyes grew wide, pure panic taking over me when he raised his hand.

“Non!” I screamed, “non, non, non, s’il te plait, Alpha, non!” I bolted in front of him.

I’ve prayed countless times to have someone that would better my life, it didn’t even have to be my soul mate, just someone. And now, out of everything, I met my soul mate, I couldn’t let anything happen to them. Even if the situation wasn’t good.

“C’est mon pote, je suis désolé, je ne savais pas, s’il vous plaît, ne lui faites pas de mal, s’il vous plaît!” I pleaded, my hand hovering over his.

I wouldn’t dare disrespect my Alpha, especially in front of all these people, but I didn’t want him to hurt the man.

“Quel?” Alpha asked, keeping his eyes on the man.

“Oui!” I quickly claimed, “c’est mon pote, je t’en prie, Alpha, je t’en supplie!”

He narrowed his eyes at the man behind me before slowly lowering his hand.

I felt confusion, which was not mine, brew in me. No doubt from the man behind me. It was faint, but it was there.

Before I could react, I felt two strong arms grab my waist, yanking me up and I was brought a few steps back. My waist was attacked by sparks. It made a sliver of me happy but I quickly pushed it back as I was more alarmed.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” the man growled, his chest vibrating against mine.

“Rabaisse-moi!” I declared.

I knew he didn’t understand my French but I was distressed and that was my native language.

“Marcus!” I heard the King call out, authority drenching his tone, “put the girl down, she is female, not a rag doll.”

The man growled.

Marcus? That was his name?

My insides fluttered.

The King didn’t look like he wanted to put up with his attitude.

“I will not repeat myself.”

I felt the hold around my body lower themselves, letting me stand on my own. They loosened their hold but still graced themselves upon my waist. It was a firm grip.

“Je m’excuse pour son comportement, Authur,” the King spoke.

Arthur stiffly nodded, eyeing the grip on my waist.

“What the actual fucking hell is your problem?” Finn growled, still visibly pissed off that he just stormed in here and attacked him.

“Do not use that language in front of her!” he barked out.

I blinked.

He came in here cursing everybody out.

“Marcus, let the girl go, it’s not like she’ll disappear,” the King sighed. “Finn, Jonathan, you may both be excused.”

He waited until the door closed to speak again.

“Let’s sit back down to discuss this,” he started walking back to the elegant table. “Marcus, let go of her.”

I felt the large hands squeeze my waist before they disappeared. It went to my hand instead. I brought my eyes up to his.

My heartbeat sped up. I felt so light. Happy.

“I apologize for my language in your presence, I didn’t mean to say such words in front of you, I would have never,” he breathed, squeezing my hand.

“Marcus!” the King called, “you’ll have all your time to talk to her, but now is not the time. Sit down,” he demanded, immediately translating himself for Alpha Authur.

I let go of his hand, going back over to sit with my Alpha.

Not once was my opinion asked for. Not once did I speak.

The King took over my job of translating so I quietly sat there, listening to the debate. Alpha Authur argued that I shouldn’t be able to live here in America and that Marcus was already complaining about their trade deals and it would only cause more problems.

Marcus was quick to say he’d deal with their current trade terms if I could live with him and how it would be against American guidelines to take his mate away.

I was happy about that.

Alpha Authur was quick to counter it by saying he didn’t think I’d be safe, due to his outburst, and he didn’t want to endanger a female of his pack.

“She’s. My. Mate!” Marcus growled.

“Simmer down,” the King sternly reminded when he saw his claws extend.

“Do you want a war?” Marcus seethed, “I will burn everything you own!”

My eyes widened.

When the King didn’t translate it, Alpha Authur looked at me.

“Voulez-vous une guerre? Je brûlerai tout ce que vous possédez!” I whispered.

I watched some color drain from his face.

Silence stood over the table.

Marcus was holding Alpha Authur’s stare, fury shining on though.

Tense. Very tense. And very serious.

I heard the saying that American’s don’t mess around and could be quite brutal but I didn’t expect this. The man was declaring war.

Truthfully, I’ve never met an American that came off as such, besides the King whom I’ve met a few times. He stayed level-headed but I’ve seen him discipline people before.

It was terrifying.

Alpha Authur looked away first.

“Pour éviter tout conflit, j’accepterai les conditions fixées.”

“To avoid conflict, I will agree upon the set terms,” the King translated.

Marcus grinned.

The King stood up, we followed.

“We’re done here. Leave.”

Arthur let out a low sigh, defeated.

“Je suis désolé. C’est pour le mieux, n’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez besoin d’aide,” Authur told me as we walked to the door.

“Marcus, stay back!” the King called.

I felt anger brew in him as Alpha Auhtur and I left the room.

“Oui, Alpha, je ne saurais trop vous remercier!” I thanked him.

He nodded, letting us part ways.

My hands were still shaking. In a happy way. I couldn’t help but thank the gods.

I wanted to see him.

For a moment, I debated on waiting until he was out but I decided to go to my room. I had a feeling he’d come to see me. And if not, in ten minutes, I would go search for him.

And I was right because I was only in my room for a few moments until I heard a knock on the door.

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