Dies Irae

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I opened the door, a small smile automatically gracing my lips.

He was taller than me. Oh, so attractive. And he was built. A lot bigger than the wolves in France.

He smiled.

“Hi,” he greeted, a little breathless, “I’ve been informed that my presence is not needed anymore, that I am able to leave with you, and that I may leave either tonight or tomorrow morning. I decided tomorrow morning, if you’re okay with that,” he told me.

“Oui,” I responded.

His head tilted ever so slightly.

“Um, yeah, ‘we’ as in you, me, my driver,” he informed me.

I bit back a smile.

“Oui,” I said.

He blinked before his face lit up.

“Oh! Oh, oh, oh, I’m sorry, dear, ‘oui’, um,” he rubbed his chin. “Give me twenty minutes,” he held up two fingers and put a zero by the side.

I wanted to laugh but I knew it’d ruin it so I held back my amusement.

“I’ll,” he pointed to himself, “come back,” he pointed to me, “but stay here,” he made a flat palm in my direction, “I’ll be right, back, I promise,” he nodded before walking down the hallway.

I quietly closed the door, laughing to myself.

That was precious.

I went back over to my bags, putting back the small things that I had got out. If I was leaving tomorrow, I’d just pack now.

Honestly, I don’t think my absence would be too impactful for Authur. He had the King to translate for him. Of all the times I met the King, I never knew he spoke French.

The only problem would be when he would go back to France. Few people spoke English. The only way I learned it as well as I did was because my father was fluent and taught me at a very young age.

There was a knock on the door again. I made my way opening the door.

“Bonjour,” he started.

His French accent wasn’t the best but he was speaking French and it made me happy.

“Voudriez-vous dîner avec moi?” he asked me.

He was asking me to have dinner with him? In my native language?

I almost died on the spot.

A smile broke out on my face. I couldn’t help the adoration sparkling in my eyes as I looked up at him.

It was obvious he didn’t know my language, as the pronunciation was off and it sounded rehearsed but the thought counted.

“Oui,” I nodded.

He smiled, holding out his hand. I took it, closing the door behind me.

“If we were at my territory, I would have us eat alone,” he shrugged, “but this is the King’s place so I abide by his rules. I don’t know how to translate that, I apologize,” he gave my hand a light squeeze as he opened the door for me.

“Merci,” I thanked him.

He didn’t respond for a moment.

“You’re welcome?” he mumbled, unsure, to himself.

Finn, Jonathan, and Authur were already at the table. There were two open seats next to Authur.

Marcus walked over to the seat farthest away from Authur, pulling it out for me to sit in.

I looked up at him, a confused expression.

He went to go speak but thought I wouldn’t know what he said. He silently shook his head, waiting for me to sit down until he did.

“Glad to see you in a better mood,” Finn muttered, sarcastic.

“You think I won’t bash your fucking face in? Where the hell do you get off?” Marcus growled.

His language!

“Usually in any willing woman,” Finn laughed, earning a chuckle from Johnathan.

I frowned.

Before anyone could respond, the door opened, the King walking in. We stood from our seats. Marcus, Finn, and Johnathan bowing their heads. The King dismissed us to sit down once he did.

Some servants came, giving us wine and silverware.

“What an eventful day,” the King mused as the food was served.

Before I could translate, he did.

“Marcus and Finn, did you two get everything sorted out?” he asked, cutting up the meat on his plate, eating.

They both glared at each other.

“Yes, sire,” Marcus responded.

He started having a conversation with Arthur in French as Finn and Johnathan conversed amongst themselves.

“Where do you live?” I asked, looking up at him.

I never really started conversations but I prayed for a companion like this for as long as I could remember. I was happy.

He looked down at me with wide shocked eyes.

“You speak English?”

I nodded.

I noticed his ears got a little heated.

“Oh, I didn’t know that. You didn’t tell me,” he frowned.

“You never asked me,” I simply stated.

He smiled.

“I apologize,” he took a sip of his wine. “And I apologize for my language as well. I live in northern California. It’s on the west coast.”

I nodded.

“It’s a long drive, you may sleep on the way if you’d like,” he offered, “I don’t mean to boss you around or anything,” he was quick to assure.

“You are fine,” I nodded.

“I’ll send someone for the rest of your belongings back home,” he told me.

The King called for Marcus’s attention and we didn’t get to talk to each other until dinner was done and we were dismissed.

“Are you okay with leaving tomorrow morning?” Marcus asked me as we walked down the hallway to the room I was staying in.

“Oui,” I replied.

“Okay, don’t be shy to tell me if you aren’t, your opinion matters to me,” he told me as we reached the door.

I nodded.

“I’ll come get you at eight tomorrow. Is that okay with you?” he asked me.

“Oui,” I agreed.

“Okay,” he gave me a soft smile, “goodnight, dear.”

“Goodnight,” I responded in the same light tone, softly closing the door.

I got ready for bed, packing up the last of my things before I got into bed. I was up for a while, not used to the American time zone.

I went to bed around 6.

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