Forgotten Mate

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When Dillan comes across a sweet vanilla scent he can't let it go, could this be his mate? Why does she look so familiar? Not wanting to waist any time he gets his beta, Max, to look into it. Georgia has been living the past six years in secret hiding from her mate and pack. When her life is changed the moment a familiar person walks into the place she works. Will she be able to keep her secret? Or will his return be to much to handle.

Romance / Mystery
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Today was just like any other day when I was having to attend meetings all over the country. Coming from such a powerful pack and being the alphas oldest son I new that I had to lead by example, but there was always something holding me back. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't feel whole, being the only male at 28 left without a mate was something that irritated me everyday. Was the moongodess punishing me for something that I had done?

After spending almost all day on the road I noticed that the car was running low on fuel so I decide to call my beta Max

"Hey Dillan is everything aliright" his voice came through the speaker of my car.

"All good, we are turing off at the next service station. Need to fill up of fuel and I am fucking hungry"

He laughed and agreed, fifteen minutes later we pulled into a service station just off the M4 near Manchester.

As I hoped out the car I stretched all the bones in my body just wishing that I could shift and run back to the pack but something my father said about blending in and modernising the pack sat at the back of my mind

"Hey Dickhead, are you just gonna stand there or and we going in" my beta smacked me across the back of the head moving towards the building. If he wasn't my best friend i would have pinned him to the floor in a heart beat having my wolf on edge, but I new max could never harm a fly let alone take on his Alpha.

"You know you could of just waited patiently right" i replied bluntly back to him.

"Yer, but if i did that where would the fun be" just seeing the smug look on his face didn't make me feel guilty for hitting him in the stomach as I walked by. Laughing to myself I entered the building only to be hit with such a sweet scent of vanilla. There was something familiar about it but I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was.

After walking around the service station I finally found what I was looking for, the scent that since I enter the building only five minutes ago would not leave me alone.

There stood a gorgeous young female, someone that looked no older then that of my own age, her brown locks where tied up into a ponytail with loose strands surrounding her face. She was tall with a curvy body but not oversized. Her uniform hugged onto her but she still had a innocent look.

Only after I noticed I was blocking the entrance way I made my into the shop, I walked around unable to take my eyes off her. Every movement that she made only enticed me in more. There was a familiarity to her that I just couldn't understand. She reminded me of someone that I lost only six years ago.

Finally making my way over I couldn't help notice how she tensed up, her eyes not looking directly at me. Looking down at her name badge I saw her name was Georgia.
"Excuse me love but could you help me?" I asked her, only then did she look at me.

"Umm sure" her voice came out strangled "what can I help you with?"

Not thinking of anything before just knowing I had to speak to her I picked up the closest thing to me and asked how much it was, losing all the masculinity that I had. A little giggle escaped her mouth which made me smile

"That item" she replied, looking down I noticed I was holding onto a barbie doll. Nodding my head slowly she stated "well that'll be £15.99 but if you purchase the dress as well it'll only come to £17.00"

Thanking her I grabbed the dress and went to the checkouts not knowing what I would do with a barbie doll I gave it to the nearest child and went to find max.

"I need a favour" I said while pulling max away
"What ever you say boss" he said with a poor salut and grin
"See that lady over there, I need you to find out as much as possible about her"

Max looked at me confused but said nothing, excepting the fact that he must follow his alphas orders.
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