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Vast shadow

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Was she going to stay from her hometown forever? her life was there. she needed to stop hiding from her vast shadow it was very big, her old life which she remembered everyday because of one thing she left with which was not only hers she hated it.

Romance / Drama
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Home town

She staggered on the road helplessly and sad. Was she doing the right thing?
She needed her life back, but had she healed from the past, after she ran away to new York, she didn't think she would be back, but she had to she ran away 7 years after what destroyed her life.
And to make it worse, she had this daughter which she tried aborting many times, but it didn't work, the doctor told her that maybe the child was meant to be.
She looked down at her very own daughter she hated so much, because it reminded her of everything she had been through, everything that destroyed her life. But the child refused not coming into the world.
Here she was, with her six years old baby. She thought about putting the child for adoption, but she didn't know exactly why she didn't. She was with her now, she hated her and at the same time, she was her everything.
"Mom, where are we going"
Don't worry honey, momma is gonna look for a place for us to stay"
She said carrying her on her body
Where was she going to stay,
Hotels? She had phobia for hotels, that was were her destruction began. She swore never to go to a hotel again, it reminded her of many things. Alot has changed in 7 years, she couldn't even recognize somethings anymore.
She walked a long way, thinking of what to do and were to stay. Why didn't she think of that before coming, why was she in a hurry to come back to the place that destroyed her? She didn't know.
After a long walk she sat beside the road with her baby, crying
She was frustrated, she was never going back home, she abandoned her family for 7 years, so what was she going there to do
Will they ever forgive me?
I don't even deserve it anymore.
"Mom why are crying"
Avery said cleaning her mom's tears with her thumb
" It's nothing Avery, I think something got into my eyes"
She said trying to hide her tears from Avery
"M-o-o-o-o-m!!!!, You're are clearly crying" Avery said almost in tears
"I said it's nothing Avery!!!"
She said raising her voice
Avery turned her face away folding her arms in tears
"I'm sorry honey, I wasn't myself, I'm sorry" she said pulling Avery close to herself
"I'm sorry" she said again "it's nothing, something really got into my eyes, was trying to get it off, but it made tears come out, I promise"
"Okay Mom"
She said hugging her tightly
They stopped when they saw a car with the light of the car was on them. The car finally stopped and the passenger's window was wined down. They saw a woman in her 60s,
"Hello Mrs, why here by this time of the day, sitting on the floor" the woman said after she wined down the window
"Emmm...."she said looking at Avery before talking "I came back from New York and I booked a house before coming and I got there they told me the house was already taken" she said with a shaking voice standing up
" Mom, I thought we never went anywhere, we've been here all night" Avery said looking confused
"Yes honey, I spoke with them on phone some minutes ago" she lied,
Avery didn't say anything but she had this confused look on her face, you could tell she was really confused
" It's okay if that's what happened, you could come home with me for tonight and stay, maybe look for somewhere else to stay, but for now, you can't continue to stay here, get in"
She said pitifully
"Ok ma'am, thank you so much, we are very grateful" she said
" Thank you ma" Avery said after they had gotten into the car. They rest of the ride was a silent ride.

They car stopped after they arrived at a very big mansion. The house was so big
"Wooow!!" Avery exclaimed "is this were you stay ma'am"
"Yes little girl, and this is where you are gonna stay tonight, and I'm gonna show you everywhere tomorrow" she answered bending to the eye level of Avery
" Prepare the guest room" she said talking to the house keeper.
They walked to the sitting room and she told them to sit pointing at the sofa behind them,
"Make yourself comfortable"
"I'm Morgan corazon" she said after they had sat down.
I'm Alexis McKenzie" Alex said "honey tell her your name" she said to Avery
"I'm Avery, Avery McKenzie" Avery said happily
"What a nice name, so cute" Mrs corazon complimented

"Moooooooommm!!!!!, You came back and you didn't tell me"
Everyone looked at the direction of the voice, which was coming from the stairs,she looked like a 10 years old girl
How could she be Mrs corazon's daughter, she was too young to be hers, maybe it's late birth
Alex thought
" Sorry honey, I had visitors, they will be staying with us here tonight
Mrs corazon replied
"Did you say Stay!!!!" The little girl asked pissed off
"Urgggghhhhh!!!" She said walking back upstairs angrily
"She will definitely get over it" Mrs corazon said after her daughter left, "she's Pamela, my daughter, i didn't want to get married, so I..."
"Excuse me Mrs corazon, I think Avery should get to bed, Alex cut in, interrupting Mrs corazon, giving her signal,
"Yeah, that's true, the house keeper will show you the room"she said calling the house keeper.
After Avery had gone inside, she continued her story
"....I didn't want to get married after I found out I couldn't give birth, so when I was 52, I badly wanted a child, so I adopted one, which I promised my self I would give her everything,
Is that why she was so rude?
Alex thought to herself
"That's so painful,if you are happy with her, then you made the right decision"
Was she supposed to advise someone, when her own life was mess, when she didn't know which is right or wrong anymore
"So what happened, why were you sitting beside the road frustrated, and don't give me that answer you gave before, I knew that was a lie, no house agent would give out a house when someone already booked it, so tell me"
Mrs corazon said crossing her arms
I immediately cooked up a lie, I told her that my husband died after I gave birth to Avery and I was helpless, I had no where to go, and my family abandoned me, I didn't want her to know about my past.
"I'm sorry for that, I hope Avery can take it, there's no problem, you can stay here as long as you want"Mrs corazon said after Alex was done telling her the story
" Thanks Mrs corazon, but what about Pamela, she won't be happy with it"
"Don't worry about Pamela, I'll talk to her" corazon said.
"thanks so much more, you've done more than enough for us, thanks you so much" Alex said happily
"It's nothing Alex, I think it's time to be with your daughter now, moreover, I'm seriously tired,if you need anything, food, clothes, anything at all, meet Augustine, he will give you all you need, good night"
She said talking about the house keeper, she stood up and left.
When she got to the room, Avery was asleep, so she changed her clothes and gave her a goodnight kiss, laid on her bed feeling relieved
My new beginning
She thought before sleeping off.


I hope you enjoy the beginning of the journey
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