A forbidden love

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Hi,my name is Bella and for aa long as I can remember I have had a crush on my big brother Jarreds best friend Zack Hale. And I know what your thinking "how cliché"but I ashur you that nothing about this story is cliché.

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The beginning

#1 Bella POV

"Bella!"Jess called my name from the bottom of the stairs. Jess was not only my best friend but my only friend. She was the only one how knew about my feelings about Zack I couldn't even tell my mom about it. "Coming!"I hollered back as I was shutting my bedroom door. I ran down the stairs and into Jesse's arms. "Omg best friend"jess said "you are never going to believe what happened yesterday when you left" I just looked at her in confusion. "What?" I said still confused."Ben asked me to be his girlfriend officially!!"she said in a high pitched scweel. "Omg thats huge jess"I said grabbing both her hands in mine. "I know!"she scweeled. We started jumping up and down scweeling when suddenly the front door opened. Jarred walked in first then Zack. "Omg what are you too screaming about this early im the morning"he said rolling his eyes. "Um,if you must know ben asked me to be his girlfriend" Jess said scowling at Jarred. Jarred and Zack exchanged a look then "oh did he"Jarred said with his fists rolled up into balls at his sides. "Yes he did actually" Jess said still scowling at him. I couldn't help but laugh when its came to these two because they liked each other so much but all they did was fight to keep it a secret. "Hi Bella" Zack said suddenly. "What,oh um hi"I said nervously blushing. "Ok well we should get going Jess we cant be late" I said to jess breaking eye contact with Zack be for is passed out. "Yeah your right bells Ben is probably waiting for me anyway" she said breaking the stairoff and looking at me. As we were walking out the door I felt something touch my butt.

I whipped around quickly "what was that?"I said looking around the room "what was what Bella?" Jarred said looking at me I was still looking around the room makeing eye contact with everyone when I got to Zack I stopped Zack winked and shirked at me before asking "what happened bells?"in an innocent voice "um,nothing I guess" I said blushing. "Come on Bella at this rate we are gonna be late" Jess said grabbing my hand and dragging me to her car.

"What was that" Jess asked as we rushed Bowen the hall to our first class. "What was what?"I said blushing "bitch you know what im talking about" she said looking at me curious eyes. I sighed " I think Zack grabbed my ass"I said nervously too scared to look her in the eyes "you think what?!"she said too loud "shh!"I said "sorry,you think what?"she whisper yelled "you heard my right jess,I think Zack Hale grabbed my ass as I walked out the door". It was silent until we got to class. We were the last ones to walk in "how nice of you too join us miss Katz,miss Heart" Mr.Gardener said as we walked in the door "sorry we're late sir"I said looking down at my feet in shame "its ok girls please take your seats so we can begin"he said in a soft tone "yes sir" me and jess said at the same time as we hurried to our seats.

"Are you sure?"jess asked me at my locker "no" I said grabbing my E.L.A book and putting it in my bag "I think that he likes you"she said shirking at me "I think not" I said looking over at him "have you looked at him lately I mean why would a guy like Zack Hale like a girl like me"I said looking back at jess "only because your smart,beautiful,and talented. What guy wouldn't want tall that?"she said "um,Zack. And its not like I can date him anyway he's my brothers best friend Jarred would kill us both".

"Who cares about Jarred. If he really loves you guys he would want your guys to be happy and if you make each other happy than so be its."she said "um,I care about Jarred he is my brother.And im not about to ruin a life long friendship because im a lonely virgin who has never had a boyfriend."I said walking away from the convention like I always do "Bella you need to learn how to live a little witch is exactly why we are going to a party this weekend"I stopped dead in my tracks "you did what now?"I said as she stood in front of me "oh come on bells you need this. Not only are you a lonely virgin who has never had a boyfriend but you've never been to a party let alone drank"she said pleadingly I sighed "fine,but only because this means we have to go shopping"I said "yay! Bella thank you. You wont regret it"she said clapping her hands and jumping up and down.
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