Back to town

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Back to town

Early in the morning you go downstairs and greet corey family . Good morning, everyone Jane said
The living room is empty but you can hear people talking in the kitchen..Celeste, darling calm down there’s no need to lose temper over my suggestion ! Said that’s Adelaide and Celeste talking said Jane , Jane come closer to the kitchen and freeze ,so you can hear them properly , I can’t believe you just said that you want me to cancel the final round because Corey like her ? Can you hear yourself , Adelaide?said Celeste .yes I can I’m asking you to abandon the old rusty customs in favor of true feeling ! Said Adelaide.but that’s completely irrational we talking about someone becoming part of our family said Celeste? Jane is a nice girl ....said Adelaide.. darn ! They ARE talking about me !said Jane ..she has a kind soul....said Adelaide .if only that was ever enough said Celeste. .... you cover your mouth with your hands as if trying not to shout .whoa ! Adelaide is asking Celeste to cancel the contest.because Corey has feeling for me ...this is a lot really ! They gone quite now .I should go back to my room ,if I don’t want to get caught here ...said Jane .. you turn around , intending to walk back to your room when suddenly Celeste storms in ... I’m sorry Adelaide ,I can’t talk to you right now ! Jane ?said Celeste. M-morning , Celeste! Said Jane .did you hear what we were talking about ? Said Celeste . You shake your head but it doesn’t look convincing. No I didn’t hear anything said Jane ,Celeste frowns .. I can hardly believe that .but let’s forget about that can we ? Said Celeste ... sure Said Jane .great now let’s us all have some breakfast ,I’ll call the boys said Celeste.. the family breakfast is another thing you’ve been missing for a while now .Adelaide tries to ,make sure you feel welcome at her house. Boys take good care of Jane please why don’t you offer Jane some tea Michael? Said Adelaide ..after breakfast you volunteer to wash the dishes .Adelaide is so nice to me ,I wanna help her with the house work I’ll do the dishes said Jane .and I’ll help Jane said corey ..sure ..uhm ...I don’t see why not said Celeste.I’m helping as well said Michael.see who the family favourite is?said Adelaide ..Adelaide I’m begging you said Celeste.. you start to gather up the dishes.when roger appears holding his phone in one hand and his car keys in another.I’m sorry guys .it’s work ...I have to go back to town now ..I guess you could stay here for a bit ..said roger.No ! We are going with you darling.everyone go pack your things and quickly said Celeste.but what about the dishes said Jane ...don’t worry ,my dear ana will come and help me with the house work but I. Appreciate your help said Adelaide .oh alright then said Jane ...fifteen minutes later you are standing by Rogers minivan together with Corey and the rest of the family .. when it’s time to say goodbye ,Adelaide takes your hands in hers and gives you a warm smile ... it was a pleasure to meet you ! You are very sweet Jane Said Adelaide .. I hope I will meet you again anytime soon Adelaide said Jane .Adelaide winks at you . Oh don’t worry about that daring ! Said Adelaide. The trip back doesn’t take long ,soon you see the familiar streets outside the window .when you Arrive at your aunt house ,Celeste address you ..I’m sorry we had to end the trip like that ,but I hope you had fun with us Jane said Celeste .. oh I certainly did!said Jane ..alright .it time to say good bye then! We will see you at the ball where the results will be announced! Said Celeste... it’s crazy how she mange’s you keep this official tone even after we’ve had a FAMILY weekend together! Said Jane ...Michael hugs you ..I’m going to miss you ! Said Michael..we’ll meet again soon don’t worry , Michael.said Jane .Corey hugs you .see you again soon and thanks for coming with us .said corey .yes it was great to have you Jane said roger.. my pleasure! Have a good day ! Said walk in your room and look in the mirror.I might want to fix my after the road trip .okay maybe. I’ll do it later .said Jane .you hear Kate’s voice calling your name .Jane ! I know you’re back ! Come talk to me !said Kate ...coming ! Said Jane greet Kate and sit on the sofa next to must tell me EVERYTHING literally everything about the trip cause who knows , I might be going next said Kate .what do you want to know said Jane .tell me what toy did there And who you met and everything.! Said Kate was absolutely gorgeous! Corey made sure I enjoyed every moment of the trip !said Jane ..did he ? What did you do ? Said Kate we went fishing together with his family , I met his grandmother, then we had dinner then corey wanted to make sure we had some time together just me and him said Jane.what ? And what next ?said Kate ....oh you’re back ! Just I’m Time! I want you to go get some groceries.said auntie .a good day to you too .when do you need them ? Said Jane .now .but mom ! Jane has to tell me everything about the trip so I can get ready said Kate know we have guests coming tonight daring? This is not a negotiation.girls Said auntie.fine you never care about things that are important to me said Kate . Oh don’t say that Kate ,you know it’s not true !and you ? Why are still here Jane said auntie.I’m just gonna go get my cars said Jane .you’d better hurry ! If we don’t manage to cook a perfect dinner tonight ,you be the one to blame said auntie.sure as always said Jane get into your dads car but the engine won’t start .oh on ! Said Jane .you try again. And again but the car won’t start so you call your dad.hi sweetie ! Yeah it’s broken .I’ll need a few more hours to work on it said dad .I see .thank , dad ? Said Jane .. will you be alright sweetie ?said dad .sure don’t worry ,dad I’ll manage got to go said Jane .alright see you soon Jane love u .said dad .love u too dad !bye. Said Jane .you rush into the street . Quick ! I need to think of something! Get a taxi maybe ? Said Jane .. girl! You far more concerned than usual said Kevin..Kevin! Said Jane I need your help ! Said Jane .tell me what’s the matter ? Said Kevin .. my dads cars broke down and I need to get some groceries for aunt Regina as soon as possible said Jane you want me to take you for a ride ?said Kevin.... yes please can you drive me to the nearest supermarket?said Jane .sure let’s go .said Kevin ..... you get into Kevin’s car and watch Kevin start the engine. You look around the car interior..haha! Said Jane ..what that ? Said Kevin ...I’m sorry but the inside of your car is a bit old -fashioned... even for you ! Said Jane ..I think what you really wanted to say classy said Kevin ...yeah sure.said Jane .. you know what to hell with Regina and the rest said Kevin.,, what? Said Jane .I haven’t seen you the last couple of days and I missed you a great deal so I thought we could have a spontaneous date right now .what you say said Kevin ..I missed you too kevin said Jane ..glad to hear that sweetie ! Said Kevin so , that a yes then ?said Kevin ..what ? I didnt say that ! Said Jane well , I have the keys so ... I was thinking of taking you shopping . Get you a new dress maybe ? Yeah I like that plan! Said Kevin... you can’t just drive me wherever you wish , even if you intend to make me happy ! Said Jane .I’m doing it right here right now said Kevin ..Kevin ! Said Jane .. okay okay ! You have every right to be mad , but let’s make it clear if you don’t like it at the mall you say so word and we leave deal ?said sigh got to be honest with my self right now ,I’d love to have some fun ! So.. fine let’s go ! Said Jane ....soon you arrive at the mall Kevin tells you there is a store you absolutely have to check out ..this looks .. rather expensive said Jane .. sorry , I can’t hear you said Kevin ..are you teasing me .said Jane .Kevin manage to keep a straight face . Why would I ? Said Kevin.hmmm said Jane ... alright you got me , but I want to make you happy so please don’t look at the price tag just try to have fun sweetie said Kevin ..alright will do said Jane ..Kevin. Dashes off to the other end of the store and soon come back with a you. Wanna try this one said Kevin.are you sure said Jane .don’t knock it until you’ve tried it ! Said Kevin.. true let’s go ! I might need your advice said Jane .inviting me to the fitting room ? That could be dangerous said Kevin .I think I can handle it said Jane go inside the fitting room cabin ,Cool time to try this on ! Whoa ! It this really me Kevin you have to take a look !said Jane .Kevin face appears behind the curtain.. man ! I think you just gave me a heart attack! Said Kevin.are you sure ?said Jane ...well my heart is beating like crazy we’re taking this one said Kevin ..alright thanks I like it too said Jane .I’ll go and pay for it said Kevin..suddenly an idea strike you there is no camera inside the cabin said Jane .you wait until Kevin comes back and stick your hand out of the cabin .. what’s going on? Said Kevin .you grab him by his shirt collar and pull him inside . I must be dreaming said Kevin.,dream on before I change my mind said Jane ...oh I’ll make sure you won’t said Kevin..Kevin grabs your waist with his strong hands and starts raining kisses all over your face your neck and your bare shoulders your fingers sink into his hair as he’s pins you against the wall of the cabin .you cup Kevin face in your hands briefly looks into his eyes and smiles ...Jane ...said Kevin and then you kiss his breath away quickly he undresses himself and helps you take off your cloths ,you look at Kevin and he winks at you . I know what you’re thinking even though deeply in love ,I ve though about protection cause I care I always will .said Kevin.thanks said Jane .suddenly Kevin grabs you under your butt and lifts you .come here ! You wrap your legs around him and he enters you. You.close your eyes so you can feel him better , feel his strong body pressed against yours..and your own body adjusts to his steady rhythm that becomes more and more rapid Kevin kisses you on your flushed cheeks and whispers against in your ear ...see what you do to me Jane ? I’m all yours all of me at your mercy said don’t answer , busy with your own sensations.this can’t be real ! He’s us so ,ugh like a dream said Jane .you drive your nails into his back and bury your face in his neck trying to muffle that moan as you climax oh my god ! Said Jane in turn Kevin let’s out a suppressed groan you both are breathing heavily. Smiling you cup Kevin face in your hands and kiss him on his forehead.should I let you go ? Said Kevin .I think so said Jane ..oh but I don’t want too! Said Kevin.I know but my legs are burning said Jane ...sorry ! Down u go ..said Kevin ... carefully he puts you back down .you help each other to get dressed. Now I know what heaven feels like ! Said give Kevin a tantalising smile and he kisses the back of your hand you walk out of the shop feeling happy and joyful Kevin insists that you visit a few more store.and helps you carry your purchase on your way to his car.twenty minutes after you are food shopping at the you think people here think we are a married couple when they look at us ? Said Kevin.. that’s a pretty weird thing for a guy to ask .noway said Jane .huh ? Don’t you think I’d make a bad husband said Kevin... uhm no not necessarily...I mean we still to young to be think about marriage right? Said Jane .yeah maybe .anyway let me help you with these groceries bags said Kevin... when you arrive at aunt Regina house she opens the door herself . Well well well guess who’s here? Said auntie Regina .can we come in said Jane ...aunt Regina steps out of your way so you and Kevin enter the house you know what time it this said auntie Regina? Auntie Regina, I ...said Jane .I said DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IS ITS said auntie Regina.. you look at Kevin your eyes asking him to speak for you .this was not Jane fault said Kevin.Regina raises an eyebrow.continue said auntie Regina.Kevin making a step forward as if trying to cover you ..Jane late because I took her time .so if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them said Kevin...and what are you suggesting said auntie Regina.. I’d like to make a deal said Kevin....oh lovely ! You’re a smart boy aren’t you said auntie aunt Regina... let’s say I know how to handle people like you said Kevin.what going on here ? Said Jane ....whatever you say ,I can forget about this little accident if you make sure your friend don’t publish.. his article about the party when I got a bit tipsy said auntie Regina......that’s to say the least said Kevin...I get it Kevin’s a journalist.he might have friends working in local papers said Jane...I’ll see what I can do said Kevin.good boy! I knew we could make a deal said auntie Regina... aunt Regina points at you ... only she’s not worth your protection said auntie Regina.... I’d rather decide for myself thanks said Kevin ...aunt Regina turns to you ..hmm interesting well you are only lucky you had someone to protect you this time Jane I expect you to be in the kitchen in ten minutes said auntie Regina....aunt Regina leaves and you turn to Kevin ...Kevin!said Jane hug him .. thank you for protecting me ! You truly are a knight said Jane .. Kevin give you a soft smile .... a knight ? I like that ! You are always such an inspiration for me Jane snd I’m always at your service said Kevin....your phone rings .oh it’s a message .you look at your phone and the smile vanished from your face ...what’s the matter ?said’s Adelaide,Corey grandmother she in the hospital.said Jane


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