The Luna of the Rogues

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**NEW UPDATED VERSION******* I nearly blacked out right then and there. The Alpha of the Rogues was my mate? Him? After a few deep breaths, I glanced once more at Alpha Titan. He barely paid attention to me though and lazily waved the guard to take me away. The wave of his hand stopped my heart and I felt like a punch hit my lungs. I wheezed as the guard pulled my arm and I took a few dizzy steps further away from my mate. Did he not know I was his mate? Did he even want me? Was he rejecting me? This was turning out to be too much for a single day. A heart can only take so much. ~~~ One day, the infamous Alpha of the Rogues makes a grim appearance at Celsta's pack. Much to her dismay, Celsta finds out the fierce Alpha rogue is in reality her mate. With a mission of his own to find his much awaited Luna, Alpha Titan is not aware what he seeks is right under his nose. Celsta's own mission is to keep her mate unaware of the mate bond for as long as possible, or else she will fatefully become the Luna of the Rogues. *Mature for sex and language.*

Romance / Fantasy
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a monster, per se


A time that is set many years before & an unknown POV ...

Flames erupted around me and danced on the dried grass towards the haunted woods. Blood curdling screams were heard in the distance and I could make out the clashing of wolf warriors fighting to get flesh and blood of their enemy with their wolf jaws.

I ran down the trail as my father had instructed me to. It was pathetic and I wanted to help my pack, but I was still underaged as my wolf had yet to shift. I was more worthless than a toddler and it was upsetting to me as I watched hopelessly. But, I was gifted a special mission - survive and protect my sister who lagged behind me, our hands clamped tightly together like a life line in an ocean.

I stood no chance against the vicious rogues and if we were caught, it would surely be the end for me and my sister.

To my horror, a massive and blood covered wolf slowly walked out of the woods in front of us, forcing us to stop running on the thin trail. A few smaller wolves followed behind him and viciously snarled in our direction. I carefully backed up and my heart pounded faster as I saw the massive wolf’s green eyes meet my wide ones. I felt a panic build up inside of me and knew this was the end for us.

I knew it was too good to be true to get out of the attack without so much as a scratch.

I held my sister closer to my side and felt her crying into my ribs. Her pigtails were now a mess and her pink dress was a disaster as we had crawled through mud earlier. She was only three though, so she had no idea what was going on. All she knew was the evident danger around us.

“Be quiet,” I whispered into her ear, but she continued to sob as a young child does.

Without a warning, the large werewolf in front of us shifted. A muscular male with wild, black hair and bright red eyes sneered down at us. He straightened up to his full height, and I noticed his blood stained body was insanely ripped. He had more muscle than my own father had, and that fact scared me as my father was the strongest wolf in the entire pack. His scent wafted over to my nose and I cringed as the smell of death surrounding him.

This was a dangerous wolf and man.

A monster, per se.

This had to be the monster my father talked about - the Alpha of the Rogues. From his deathly smell alone, it was clear the dark rogue killed many of my pack members in his way. I shivered as I wondered if that included my own father.

I could not help but stare at his large hands. How much blood was spilled with those claws? How many throats were slit tonight? How many bodies are on the ground in my pack?

“And where do you think you are running to?” The rogue mockingly asked us, and I felt my sister cry harder into my side. His tone was mocking and his dark grin stretched his tight face as if he were watching a funny comedy.

Those red eyes of his were especially menacing and they seemed to read every secret from within my soul.

I had no words to answer him. The other rogue wolves slowly started to circle us, and I felt myself grow weak in my legs as a strong alpha power emitted from the monster’s body and soul. I clutched my sister hard in my arms and wondered if he was going to kill us in a single pounce.

The monstrous rogue sneered at our scared faces and he seemed to get enjoyment from our shaking forms as his henchmen continued to circle us. Then, he took a sniff of us and grinned like a sly fox. “I see. So you are the late alpha’s brats. I was going to have you two be apart of my new pack, but I see I have no choice.”

“Don’t kill us,” I begged as I felt hot tears fall down my face. It was clear now - father was dead, and a slight anger burned in my chest at the idea.

There was nothing I could do to avenge him though. I had to just get out of here alive with my sister.

The monstrous rogue slowly knelt down to my level, his red and cruel eyes were aflame with a hunger like a starving wolf finding it’s prey. I wanted to bolt from him, but the other rogues were now very closely behind us and snapped at my heels when I took a step backwards. The monster rogue though cackled a dark laugh and his rough hand ever so slowly stroked cheek. I cringed as his blood stained fingers touched my teared up cheeks, but he quickly grabbed my chin and trusted my eyes up to meet his.

“I think I will spare you death today,” the rogue slowly stated, his breath hitting me in the face. He smelled even more horrible up front and I gagged slightly. “But, if I see you two near this pack again, I will personally kill you only after you have watched your pretty sister die a slow death. Is that understood, little wolf?”

His massive hand roughly grabbed my black hair in order to get a response from me, but all I was able to utter was a groan at the pain of being pulled by the hair. His red eyes glared daggers into my wide ones. I started shaking under his harsh and dominant gaze.

This was no regular werewolf. This really was a monster.

He reluctantly let my hair go and slowly strolled away from us while laughing at our misery. His wolves around us howled as one and I trembled at their battle howl. With that, the monster of a wolf shifted again into his horrific and demonic wolf form, and with one last look in our direct the rogue bounded towards my burning pack.

I crashed into the wet mud and my sister sobbed into my shoulder. I had no idea what to do and where to go, but it was obvious we would die if we were around this part of the woods.

“Hey, kid,” hissed a voice from the bushes.

I turned around to see a boy in his teens waving at me. He had bright, orange eyes and black hair in a wild mess, and around his neck was a strange necklace that was like a rock in the shape of a circle with witch runes around it. I had never seen this wolf before in my life, but something about him was able to make me trust him.

With my full trust on him, I followed the teenaged wolf through the woods with my sister at my side. He saved our lives that night, and I soon learned his name and some of his story. He wouldn’t tell me much about his life, but his secret was revealed to me - it was a secret that blew my mind and kept me going every single day of my life.

From that day onwards, my life was much different than what it had been at my pack. My life became more brutal as survival was in high gear for us to embark through unknown lands and woods. And the teenaged wolf who helped us would occasionally check in on us until we were stable enough to survive on our own.

To imagine though, we became rogues after rogues attacked our pack. The humiliation that was cast on us. It became a rough life, and there was nothing we could do about it but survive and continue surviving as we were the last of the once great pack’s legacy.

Red Rock. Oh, how the once great pack has fallen.

Of course though, I never forgot that monster rogue who took my pack from me. As time passed, his cruel face burned more sharply into the back of my head. I could still smell the death off of him and his red eyes burned at me every time I saw the bloody color. It was traumatic, to say the least, and not many other wolves understood my goal in life.

I knew my fate was to slit the throat of that monster for the pack and family he took from us. I had to take back what was once mine, and I will finally honor those who died by the hands of that cold blooded murderer. Revenge was my mindset from that day forth, and it fueled me with warmth even in the coldest of nights.

From then on out, it was one thing that I worked towards. The Alpha of the Rogues was as good as dead once I got my claws on him. And I had a secret no one else knew except for the teenaged wolf.

One way or another, I would have a future and I was motivated to live for more than a simple rogue life. And from what the teenaged wolf personally told me, it was a worthwhile future to fight for. This boy’s story made me and my sister fight harder than ever before for a better pack than Red Rock ever was.

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