The Luna of the Rogues

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White streamers floated in the cool breeze. I stood underneath the bellowing streamers and frowned at the fancy banner that highlighted the stage. The mating ceremony was under weigh tonight and it was a lot of celebrating. Tonight was the night Anthony and Layla marked one another in public and had supposably have sex - in private, of course.

An alpha mating ceremony was sacred though as it meant Lyla will create a stronger bond to the pack. A mating ceremony that was only sealed through the conjoining of the alpha and the luna. I shivered at the idea of it though as Anthony was my sibling.

My brother being intimate with another she wolf was not something I wanted to ever think of, and I felt my mouth watering a bit like I was about to throw up at the mere idea.

I roamed the pack without any real mission in mind. I was bored as the pack gave me no duties and the evening was chilly. There was a soft breeze and it made me slightly happy to feel it. I was trying my best to find the happy side of smaller things.

Other pack members were running around with last minute tasks and children were crying as their mothers forced them into formal wear. It put a small smile to my face to see the children fuss over the clothes as I once did when I too was a child.

My mother would always force me into bright pink clothes and fancy hats. She loved fashion, and my father always bought it for her in order to win her heart over a bit more. It never quite worked for her though, and until the end my mother had a whole closet worth of clothes the size of my room.

I was still in my thoughts when a hand jutted out of the darkness and grabbed hold of my arm. I would have screeched, but a hand clasped over my mouth. Strong arms pulled me back and my scared eyes met familiar ones.

I laughed and roughly punched Terry’s arm. “You idiot! I thought I was getting kidnapped.”

Terry threw back his head, laughed, and then slowly winked at me. “Who said you were not?”

I giggled and gave him a hug. It was times like these I wished we were mates. These warm arms of his were comforting and I sighed into his warm neck. His thick, manly smell was intoxicating and I was getting high on it.

“Want to get away for a bit?” Terry whispered into my ear, and his teeth slowly grazed my ear.

I knew what he meant - when we were in high school, we fooled around for a short time. It had been a while since than, but I smiled and slowly nodded as our eyes met one another. Terry grinned and pulled me by my arm into the closest building.

It was a restaurant my pack ran locally. It was full of people who were eating before the mating ceremony, and to my horror I saw my brother with his mate and other friends eating at a large table in the center of the restaurant. I frowned slightly at the idea of them enjoying a meal while I was not invited. I shrugged it off though and followed Terry to the back of the restaurant.

“I am not doing it here,” I roughly voiced, but Terry grinned evilly at me and threw me into the men’s bathroom with a force that shocked me. This omega’s strength was like a warrior’s. The bathroom was luckily empty, but as it was a public bathroom it was open for anyone to walk in any moment.

“Just shut up and fuck me,” Terry whispered into my neck and he passionately kissed the soft part of my neck. I lightly moaned as his lips played with my neck and I played with his short hair. His hands were on my hips and he guided me to the end of the wall of the men’s bathroom.

His soft lips traveled from my neck to my shoulder, and I moaned out as he gingerly kissed me were a mate mark would traditionally go. His hands went up my body and studied my short dress I had to wear for the ceremony. His arms stroked up and down my arms and it made me shiver in desire. It had been a while since a boy pleased me like this.

I never went too far with a boy as my pack waited for their mates - but a girl sometimes craved some things. I let his hands pull my dress down and fondle with my naked breasts. I was embarrassed slightly, but I was too busy moaning as his fingers played with my nipples. I had no idea when, but at one point his other hand found it’s way on my inner thigh.

I grew excited as his hand stroked my inner thigh.

I missed his fingers. They always knew where to touch me.

I heavily panted into his neck after he took a break from kissing me to feel up my hips with his hands. I grabbed onto his shirt and hoped we went further today than when we dated in high school. I hardly cared we were in public - I had the sudden urge to have a firm dick in me. I wanted to get demolished right in that bathroom, right now. I had no idea what my hormones were telling me to do, but I was like an animal in heat and I moaned for Terry to take me.

He grinned slowly and rubbed his hardened dick that strained against his pants against my stomach. I could feel it against his jeans and I moaned at the idea of it inside me. I never got that far with Terry - we always stopped after foreplay and oral sex.

Not that I wanted to keep myself a virgin in that sense - we just stopped being erotic with one another once it became clear we were not mates.

His fingers slid up to my wet pussy that had my underwear soaked in desire. I shivered as I felt myself get excited and a bit more wet. His fingers slid into my underwear and stroked my warm, wet core with two fingers. I heard him hiss as he played with me, and I knew he liked how wet I was already.

Right as he started teasing me with a finger on my clit, I heard something chilling. I stopped and Terry paused as well to listen clearly.

At first, we could not hear anything, but our wolves picked out the sound in the far distance.

It was howls. Not normal, happy, and our own pack’s howls.

No, these howls were clearly from another pack.

Terry swore and stood up straighter to listen better. I gasped and clung to his ruffled shirt as my heart beat fast from the action he was just giving to me.

“What is that?” I asked in a low whisper.

Terry’s serious eyes met mine and I saw the paleness of his face. “I think... I think those are battle howls. I think we are under attack.”

I gasped and Terry pulled away from me. By now, we heard people screaming outside of the bathroom and fear hit me in the face. Were we really under attack?

“We need to go, now!” Terry barked and pulled my hand towards the door. My breasts were still out and my skirt was hitched up. I embarrassedly moved the girls in place and the skirt back down before walking out with him into the main part of the restaurant.

I heard shouts and screams from outside of the building. Many pack members ran around shouting and I shivered at the idea of another pack fighting my own pack. Terry pulled me through the now empty restaurant and shoved me under a table. He knelt down beside me and gave me a stern look.

“They smell like rogues,” Terry explained and I gasped in surprise. Everything was happening too fast, and the very mentioning of rogues startled me more than anything else. “Listen to me, Celsta. I need you to hide until we get them out of here. Rogues can kill or even hurt you. They did that before in this pack, and they will do it again. Just promise me you will stay here.”

I shook my head and grabbed his shirt. “You aren’t going out there, are you?” I loudly whispered, but Terry gave me fierce eyes.

“Just do what I say, Celsta. Stay here and do not move. I will be fine,” and with that, Terry leapt to his feet and was out of sight before I could argue.

I hid under the table for a long time. My bones were shaking and I had no idea what he had in mind. I heard yelling and screaming, and it scared me even more. The worst was not knowing what was happening.

What was going on out there? Was my pack alright? How many rogues were there?

My wolf was scared too and howled in my head for her fellow pack members. As my father never thought it important to train women in fighting, I had no idea how to fight the rogues in my pack. I was not a warrior and I could barely shift on demand as it hurt too much. That was just not who I was and I was scared I was going to die because of it.

To my horror, I heard footsteps in the restaurant about fifteen minutes after Terry had left. I sniffed the air and noticed a moldy, gasoline like smell radiating from the person walking through the deserted restaurant. This was not a smell I liked - it was not from my own pack and I grew nervous. This had to be a rogue.

Someone instantly knocked the table out from my head and it fell to floorboards on it’s side. Dishes fell with a crash and pieces of food and glass hit me. I screamed as hands tried grabbing my shirt, but I dashed to my feet and bolted away before they could get me.

“Ah, someone is a runner,” laughed a dark voice and I paused at the door to look at the stranger.

The rogue was dressed in all dark clothes and his hair was strangled in places. His pale face had cuts all over it and his tooth grin made me very nervous. I did not like this male wolf - he radiated danger to me.

I backed up slowly towards the door. Then, just as he bolted for me I turned around and ran out as my life depended on it. I ran through the chaos of my pack and barely adjusted to the new scenery.

My pack and it’s members was getting destroyed. The warriors of my pack laid on the ground in blood and rogues ran after other pack members. I grew scared and ran towards an open clearing. The wolf was still behind me though as I smelled his disgusting scent. I dared to not look behind me and only focused on the ground before me.

I ran through the clearing and heard more wolves attacking my pack’s warriors. It was insane - how many rogues were there? There had to be a few dozen, at least, and I noticed grimly the rogues were all larger than the pack warriors. This was no fight - it was a simple slaughter of my pack.

I cried as I hurried through the grass of the clearing. To my surprise, enemy wolves flanked both sides and I screamed as their jaws snapped at my ankles. I did not see them jumping out of the woods - they were like ghosts. I turned on my heels and ran towards the other part of the pack.

Jaws snapped at my heels as I darted through the clearing. I knew I could not outmatch a wolf and I begged in my head for my timid wolf to take over. But, she was focused on something else and refused to help me. I screamed for her to answer me and to take over, but my wolf was not interested.

She was eerily silent and distracted by something else, which only pissed me off more.

I was slammed to the mud of the clearing and my dress flowed out around me. The wolves circled me and their red tongues licked their lips as if they were looking at a snack. I felt one wolf’s jaws on my ankle though and I knew that was the reason why I fell.

“Let me go! Stop it!” I shouted as they started dragging me towards the pack. I grasped wildly at mud, rocks, and patches of grass, but it was pointless. They were far stronger than I was.

The wolves all shifted and laughed in my hopeless face. I paled as large, naked men were staring down at me graveling in the dirt. I tried to not focus on their man parts, but unfortunately from my angle it was kind of pointless to not see their dicks. Let’s just say, Terry would have been embarrassed next to these large warrior males.

The rogues were covered in blood and snarled at me as if they wanted to kill me. Their muscles were insanely well defined - they had more muscles than even the warriors of my pack. Their hair were all a mess and some had green or black war paint on their faces. They all stared down at me like I was a small prize, and I shivered under their harsh gazes.

Never in my life had I been more feared for my life.

“Naughty, naughty,” one of them barked out laughing and dragged me further from the clearing. I screamed in bloody murder for help, but the rogues only laughed at my misery. No doubt, they were enjoying me screaming and suffering in the mud like a worthless animal.

“Let me go, please!” I begged between sobs, but that earned a kick in the ear by one of them.

“Oh, shut up, you filthy slut,” one of the rogues barked at me which earned laugher from the others.

I fumed at being called a slut. How dare they. I continued screaming though as we entered the main part of the pack and I was thrown from the mud to the gravel of the pack square.

They threw me to the crowd and I noticed more wolves were around me. To my surprise, I saw large combat boots stop a few inches from my face. I glanced up to see a large male wolf in a black, long coat glaring down at me. His ears were pierced and he had one especially long dangling earring that moved as he tilted his head. His blond hair was slicked back sexily and his eyes were a bright blue. He silently stared at me and I shivered under his harsh gaze.

“Caught this little one running away,” one of the men who dragged me explained to the higher status wolf.

“Hmm,” was all the large male wolf in the coat said as he stared at me. He cocked his head slightly as if wondering about me, but I was not sure what he was thinking. “This one smells weird. Perhaps she is a bit more fertile than the other females,” was all the male said above me.

I had no idea what he meant by that. I smelled weird? What the hell? I never really had wolves from my pack tell me that. Some always described my scent as sweet and Terry stated once it reminded him of a creamy, warm smell. But weird? Perhaps these vicious rogues were smelling soap from my body.

Without another word, I was roughly dragged to my feet and thrown into a line of captured pack members. They all glanced at me with sad eyes and I noticed in shock many of them were covered in blood. Their’s or someone else’s, I had no clue where it ended and where it began.

Hands roughly bound my hands together. I thought it was normal, iron handcuffs, but I screamed as I realized it was silver handcuffs. I heard my skin hiss away as the handcuffs were locked in place. My wrists stung like hell and I cried out in pain. My wolf was instantly dislocated from my mind as the silver blocked shifting and wolves from their human bodies \.

“Make sure Alpha has backup,” roared out the blond male in the black coat. He already forgot about me and was arranging where to send his warriors next.

After biting back the pain, I looked around the square for any familiar faces. I only saw some of the normal pack members I would see day to day, but no one I was too attached to. I wondered what happened to my brother and to Terry. Oh, poor Terry. I wondered if he was alright.

And there I kneeled for a while as more rogue warriors ran by us with more prisoners in their arms. My pack members cried around me and I too could not help the tears as they fell from my face. Some cried as silver touched their wrists.

One question was burning through the pain though. What were they going to do to us?

I prayed in that moment to the Moon Goddess. I had no idea if she could hear me or if she was even real, but I prayed long and hard. I prayed for my life, for my pack, and for my family. I prayed for Terry, for my brother, and for my father to come rescue us.

In that moment, I prayed harder than I ever had before.

I prayed for something to save me. This could not be the end for me. I still had to find a mate, to get marked, to have children. I still had to live a life and make something of myself. I still had so much to do, and I was scared I was going to die tonight.

My heart was racing as I glanced around my once healthy and happy pack. Too many of the women were crying and the children were pale as they were shocked by the violence they no doubt witnessed. The males of my pack had open wounds and blood all over their bodies. Too many warriors of my pack were missing as well.

I waited in silence as I saw many more of my pack members get pulled into the rows by more warriors. I feared what was going to happen next. Were they going to execute us? There had to be fifty warriors from this rogue pack, and all of them were taller and a thicker build than the warriors from my pack. It was no wonder fifty rogue pack warriors were able to beat the many warriors in my pack.

Eventually, the last of my pack members arrived and were thrown into the rows. I looked around and noticed my brother was nowhere to be seen. There are only about two thirds of my pack left, perhaps even less.

Fire filled my veins. Did Anthony die defending his new pack?

A bubble formed in the back of my throat at the idea. I may not get along with him, but Anthony was still my brother. I still loved him and respected him to to some degree.

Even worse, I could not see Terry anywhere either.

Before I could think much more about my brother and Terry, a hush fell onto my fallen pack and I stopped looking for familiar faces to see a tall wolf slowly stride across the stage. This new male had an air of confidence like none I had ever seen. He walked across the stage as if he owned it. This male had his hands in his black leather coat, and his black hair was wet and slicked back except for the few strands that fell into his face tanned face.

This male was intimidating and radiated a unique power. Even though I was all the way in the back row, I could feel his alpha power shake me from my soul. This wolf’s power was like none I have ever felt before. My father radiates a lot of strong energy as well, and perhaps equal to this male’s.

This strange new male wolf was dominating, and for the first time since the attack had happened, I grew numb as I stared with wide eyes at the sexiest male wolf I had ever laid my eyes on. Never in my life had a male left me speechless and without a single thought in my head. Never had I craved something more in my life than right in that moment as I stared at him from the end of the rows of my pack members.

Never in my life had I craved to know a male more than in that very moment. I had to know who this dominating male was.

I cared not for the attack anymore. I just had to know about this sexy male wolf.

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