The Luna of the Rogues

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The more I stared at the stunning male wolf on the stage, the more I started to take in his unique features.

The male had attractive features that not many males from my pack have. Perhaps only a few years older than I was, this wolf was manly and had the shadow of a beard on his sharp jaws. He had a tattoo peak on the side of his neck that fell down his shirt, and I could not help but imagine what the tattoo would look like if he took his shirt off. Even though he wore a long, leather coat, I could see his thick muscles against his shirt.

He not only radiated alpha power - this male also radiated sex. I never met a male werewolf that was radiant like him before. The males of my pack could not be compared to this male. It surprisingly made me slightly horny to look at him, and I had to gulp down the urge to rush at him.

“This is a nice turnout,” the sexy male wolf on the stage laughed as he surveyed my broken pack. We glared as one back at him, the silence strong enough I could hear him sigh all the way from the back row. Apparently he was charming on the features, but his jokes were to be desired.

That voice though. Goddess, his voice flowed through my soul like fresh honey, but it also had a husky feel to it as well. I could listen to that voice all day long.

The sexy male cleared his throat and his face fell to a dark expression. “Alright. Let me lay it out plainly for you - where the hell is Alpha Jackson?”

The square fell silent as the male on the stage stared at the broken pack. My breath hitched and I wondered what he wanted with my father. My father was no longer Alpha of Red Rock anyways, so it did not make sense why this male rogue wanted to find him.

“Alpha Jackson is not here,” barked one of my pack members, though I did not see who said it.

The male on the stage frowned and closed his eyes in annoyance. I noticed a vein started popping in the corner of his forehead like he was under some heavy stress. “Your Alpha left your pack wide open for attacks? Is that what you are telling me?”

“Where is Alpha Anthony?” cried one of the other pack members. Murmurs of agreement sparked between the members. I too wanted to know where my brother was, but I was scared to know the real answer.

The rogue male on the stage flicked his wrist to a warrior to the side, and to our shock Anthony was tossed onto the stage like a sack of potatoes. His body was covered in blood and some leaves stuck out of his hair. He cast his eyes down and the male rogue strongly forced Anthony onto his knees with a single push of his arm. The pack gasped as their new Alpha silently kneeled in front of them with shackles on his wrists and distraught on his face.

“You mean to say this is the Alpha?” The sexy male rogue barked out laughing as he kicked Anthony with his leather combat boot. My brother grunted and fell to his side on the stage. The male rogue looked at us with amusement on his face, his black hair messily falling a bit more into his face. “I caught your so called Alpha in the woods far away from the fight. I came here to fight a real Alpha, not some scared pussy with daddy’s title.”

Pack members stilled at that, and I put my hands to my mouth.

It could not be true. My brother would not have hid from the attack.

Of all of the pathetic things he could have done, that had to be the worst. The faces of my pack members said the same thing: they were betrayed by my brother and who knew how many died because of his cowardice.

Red Rock needed an alpha during the fight, and instead we got someone who hid away like a scared child.

“I want to know where Jackson is,” roared the male rogue as he put a foot onto Anthony’s cheek and shoved his bloodied face into the floorboards of the stage. Anthony did not dare to move, and as a result my once happy pack glared viciously at their new alpha.

To the pack’s surprise, one of the Elders wobbled toward the front of the rows. The sexy male rogue on the stage switched his gaze to the Elder, and with a shock the Elder bowed in respect to the rogue.

“Jackson is away at the Council and is not sure when he will return,” the Elder stated with an even deeper bow. My pack was caught off guard as they witnessed the most stubborn of pack members bow down to the enemy.

The sexy male rogue gritted his white teeth together and slowly rolled his eyes at the news. He then grabbed Anthony’s collar to hoist him to his shaky knees. The male rogue shoved his face into my brothers and I heard the growl all the way from the back row. My brother’s dirty face paled even more at the closeness to the rogue.

“Alright, little Alpha Pussy. I want you to run to your scary daddy and let him know the Alpha of the Rogues wants a dance with him. Tell him I have some catching up to do. He will know what that means. I will have his pack for the time being, and if he wants it back he will have to fight me to my death.”

With that, the Alpha of the Rogues roughly shoved my brother free and motioned for his rogue warrior to take the shackles off his wrists. Once his shackles were gone, my brother hesitantly stood up on shaky knees and two rogue warriors grabbed his arms to escort him out of the pack.

“Better not keep me waiting, Pussy Boy,” growled the Alpha of the Rogues, and with that my shameful brother was dragged out of the square with his heels dragging in the ground. Some of the pack members glared at him while others gave him hopeful looks. He looked at his shoes in shame though, and I heard his mate distantly calling his name from the side. Great, of all people to survive the attack, it had to be Lyla. The Moon Goddess must think my life is funny.

Once Anthony was out of the square, the Alpha of the Rogues surveyed the broken pack members and gave them a cheeky grin. It almost made me want to smile back in return as his smile was addictive. I caught myself though and glared at him like the other pack members.

“This pack, the Red Stone pack, is now part of the Silver Bellator pack,” the sexy rogue continued to the gasps and whimpers of my broken pack. “That is, unless if your real Alpha fights me and wins you guys back. Better hope he is nothing like his son, and even if he does have the balls to fight I doubt he will be a challenge. Now, pack members who do not work with us will be cast out of the pack. It is all your choice: be apart of the pack or become a rogue in the wilderness where worse monsters live. We now consider you our pack members, but we will not stand treason or retaliation.”

My heart faltered at that. I was now part of the Silver Bellator rogue pack. I was a rogue pack member now... unbelievable. Our only hope is for my father to come back and beat the Alpha of the Rogues in a fight over the pack. I knew my father was not going to be happy to hear of this, but I grew worried all the same. I have not seen my father fight in years and who knows how much strength he has left.

I silently zoned out as the Alpha on the stage continued talking about new rules. I heard Lyla wail from the end of the row I was in. A warrior came over to shut her up, which was good because she was earning hateful looks from other pack members. Now the pack hates her.

Unlike Lyla, I had no more tears to cry. I entirely zoned out as the sexy new alpha directed my broken pack and informed everyone how the merge will proceed. I listened to what he said previously over and over in my head though, and I paid no attention to what this rogue was currently saying. I was too overwhelmed and I felt my senses slowly shutting down in shock.

After a few more minutes of him mindlessly talking, he got off the stage and warriors walked up and down the rows with clipboards. They one by one took names of my broken pack members, and once they had their names written down they were taken swiftly away.

I wish I paid attention, but I was starting to feel faint after everything I learned and from the burning pain of the silver handcuffs. I had no idea what they were doing with my pack members, but I stayed in place as the guards went down the rows.

Once a warrior came to my row, he went through the other pack members rather quickly. Then, he reached me and gave me a sour look over his clip board.

“Name?” he asked, rather bored and with an upturned nose at my torn and dirty dress.

“Celsta,” I faintly said and he wrote it down.

“Mated?” He asked, this time rather personal.

“No,” I answered, wondering why it even mattered. Again, he checked something off.

“Pack title?” he asked.

This time I paused. I had no idea, at this point. I was just the old alpha’s daughter who had nothing to work for. I froze, wondering if they will kill me or cast me out of the pack if I mentioned I had Alpha’s blood. I will never make it as a rogue and on my own in the wilderness. I would be dead within an hour out there on my own. I had to probably hide my identity, just in case the Alpha of the Rogues cast me out.

“Omega,” I answered quickly, and he scribbled it down.

“Work?” He asked again. I sighed, wondering how many questions there were.

“Kitchen aid,” I answered off the top of my head, even though I barely knew how to cook. With that, he motioned for another warrior to grab me. The warrior with the clipboard tore a page off and handed it to me to take. I took it with my bruised hands and was roughly pulled towards a line.

At the line, they took my handcuffs off but gave me firm warnings. I dared not to say anything though and I rubbed my burnt wrists that were now a red color.

I waited in line with the others for a while. From what I could tell, my pack members handed their papers with the information to the group of Silver Bellator pack members who sat at a table. One of them was the sexy Alpha of the Rogues, and he sat to the side with his chair leaned back. With each person who walked up, he would study them with his eyes and nod in approval as they were sent somewhere else by the other Silver Bellator members. I noticed with disgust though as they had silver collars put on their necks before they left the table.

I was going to be collared like a dog. How disgraceful.

My heart began pounding as I neared the table. I was only a few people away from being next in line. I glanced at Alpha Titan and started feeling anxiety being so close to him. This was the man who single handedly took down my pack and Goddess knows how many of my pack members he killed with his bare hands. He could slap me to death if he felt like it.

I felt my wolf shift in my head. She was slowly waking up from the silver handcuffs being removed from my wrists. I felt relief just then to have her waking up in my head. She was a comfort to have and I missed her in short time she was away. But, yet again, once I get the silver collar on again she will be separated from me. I grew grim at this realization and dreaded getting at the end of the line.

I expected her to ask me what happened or just remain quiet, but to my surprise she growled in my head. It was a growl I never heard of before though. Instead of a deep and threatening growl, it felt more like a purr. The closer I got to the table, the stronger my wolf purred in my head.

All too soon, it was my turn with the table. I stepped up to the table and handed the man in the center my paper. I watched out of the side of my eyes as Alpha Titan shifted his lazy gaze to my dirty figure. I couldn’t help but flush in embarrassment as I stood in my ratted dress with my hair a tangled mess and wounds on my wrists from the silver chains. I must have looked and certainly smelled like death to them, and I blushed as I imagined the poor impression I was making.

The Alpha emotionlessly looked me up and down. No doubt I was insane looking to anyone who saw me. I noticed with a happy surprise his eyes were a burning gold color though, and it sent me shivers down my nerves.

Before I could focus more on the Alpha of Rogues, the man with my paper cleared his throat, and my attention shifted to him.

“Celsta, is it?” the man in the center asked and gave me a once over with critical eyes. His lip tugged in a grimace at my state. “Well, as an omega you will be taken to the pack house. You are to not have any electronics such as phones. If you do, we ask you hand them over immediately or face punishment. Now I ask, do you have any on your person right now?”

I shook my head. My phone was taken or fell from my pocket at some point when I was not paying attention.

Before I could do anything else, a guard stepped up and held out a silver collar. I took a step back, and looked with fear at the collar. My body was still in pain and the thought of another silver piece anywhere on my body made me want to cry.

“Do not fight us,” the man with the paper warned as he laid my paper gingerly on the big stack.

Alpha Titan lightly growled in response, his arms crossed over his thick chest. The growl was strong and vibrated my bones.

My wolf purred once more, and in the faintest of murmurs I heard her smoothly whisper“my mate.”

I nearly blacked out right then and there. The Alpha of the Rogues was my mate? Him?

The guard with the collar though took this moment to lock the collar on my sore neck. I yelped in pain and heard the sizzling of my skin frying away under my ears. The sound was deafening and I held in a scream as the collar worked away on my skin. I was distraught too as I felt my wolf vanish the moment the silver touched me. She was gone again and left me all alone.

After a few deep breaths, I glanced once more at Alpha Titan. He barely paid attention to me though and lazily waved the guard to take me away.

The wave of his hand stopped my heart and I felt like a punch hit my lungs. I wheezed as the guard pulled my arm and I took a few dizzy steps further away from my mate.

Did he not know I was his mate? Did he even want me? Was he rejecting me?

Worried thoughts swirled around in my head as the guard pulled me roughly out of the line and towards the pack house. I heard the man with the papers say “next”, and just like that I was forgotten in my mate’s head. I was forced to shakily walk away from my mate and I wondered what was to become of me.

This was turning out to be too much for a single day. A heart can only take so much.

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