The Luna of the Rogues

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The rogue guard took me to the pack house and I was thrown into a random omega’s room in the basement. It was small and more like a broom closet. There was just a thin cot, a chest, and a chipped lamp in the corner on a small stool. The windows were barred and moth eaten curtains hung off the rods.

The guard closed the door and left me to my own thoughts. I stayed in my little room and could not help but cry at the events of the day. I curled up in a ball and lightly sobbed about my pack, my brother, and my mate. It was all too much, and although I do not normally cry it flooded out of me.

Nothing was going to be the same again.

I ended up drifting into a dreamless sleep and I woke up the next morning from a fist banging on the door. A rough voice told me to get up, and I groggily sat upwards. My wrists and neck hurt beyond recognition. My wounds were now a blackish purple and dried blood coated them. I winced as I lightly touched my hurt wrists. A part of me wondered if they would ever heal completely.

I found some extra clothes in the chest. I stepped out of my rag dress and put on a plain pair of pants and a white shirt. It was plain and hardly fashionable, but it was clean and I was thankful to have it. I found a pair of shoes, but I was a size too big for them. Nonetheless though, I put the flats on and prayed to the Moon Goddess it will stretch a bit.

I stepped out of my room and was met with chaos. Other omega pack members were being ushered around and there was a line at a wash station. They looked like they have been through hell too and some had blood all over their bodies. I stepped into that line right away and felt my crusty, knotted brown hair. I desperately needed a shower and shampoo, not just a quick splash of water.

A few of the pack members decided to fight the guards though, and they were swiftly taken away kicking and screaming. It made me nervous, and I wondered what would happen to those who fought back. Were they cast out like rogues? What was even the point of becoming a rogue if the Alpha of Rogues kicked you out?

Once it was my turn to the water in the bowl, I just threw my entire head in. I took the soap and scrubbed my hair and washed my face. My neck burned as if it were on fire, but I bit back a scream and continued scrubbing while avoiding the cursed collar. I washed my hands and again winced at my poor wrists. I scrubbed up to my elbows and made sure to scrub the blood away. I wanted to scrub more, but I was ushered out of line and a small towel was thrown at me. I dried myself, though my shirt was nearly soaked from my long hair.

I was then ushered out of the omega compartments and I silently was pushed into the kitchen. There was a man there who stood proudly and he eyed my wet appearance with a judgmental expression on his face. His piercings were recognizable though and I froze when I saw him. This was the man from last night. The same one who was organizing the warriors before the Alpha rogue had arrived.

“Ah, I had a feeling I would see you again,” he confidently stated as the other omegas in the kitchen silently stood in a line with their heads down. I knew some of these omegas, but I never got too close with them. “What is your name?” He asked me.

“Celsta,” I answered. He nodded and handed me an apron and a hat from the closet that was next to him.

“You will be cooking then,” the man said as I took the objects from his hands. He pointed for me to go stand in the line of omegas, and I silently sulked over to stand with them. The omegas gave me sideways glances and I knew they were wondering how the Alpha’s daughter was standing in the kitchen with them, but luckily they remained silent.

The man waited a few more moments. Up close and in the nice lighting of the kitchen, I can make out his small tattoo down the back of his ear and his bright, blue eyes. He stayed quiet as he waited for something, his hands in his long trench coat, and then he nodded to himself as if he was given a cue.

“Alright, we shall begin,” he said with a clasp of his hands. “My name is Beta Cortex.”

My eyebrows shot up at his words. So he was the Beta of Silver Bellator. I was not surprised though as he radiated an energy that was intimidating.

“Cooking will be your chore until you are sworn into the Silver Bellator pack. For the time being though, we expect you to cook three times a day. The Alpha and his team want whatever to eat. They are not picky as long as it is edible,” the Beta continued, and the omegas nodded in understanding.

I, however, paled even more as I realized I knew nothing about cooking. It was a mistake to pick this title.

“We expect breakfast to to be ready by eight,” he added, and with a flow of his long coat he walked out of the kitchen by the door that connected to the main pack room. No doubt the Alpha rogue and his team were lounging in victory in the main pack room. Guards still lined the wall of the kitchen though, and they watched us with critical eyes incase we pulled something.

The omegas glanced at one another. They glanced at me too, and I knew what they were thinking - I was the weak link. I was in a whole other element and they knew it. My father never allowed me to work omega work and therefore I never learned how to cook in the kitchens.

Luckily one of the omegas knew what she was doing. She organized our group and set up a meal plan. After walking it over on who was going to do what, we were split up into teams. I got into the team with scrambled eggs which I was promised was the easiest. I was told to crack a bunch of eggs into a large metal bowl, and another girl next to me put a large woke on the stove. It was simple enough and I was glad it was not hard work.

At that moment, my stomach cramped. I have not had food in a long time now. The smell from the kitchen was beginning to get to my head, and I grabbed the stove hands to steady myself.

“You okay?” The girl next to me quietly asked as I gathered a few breaths.

I nodded and stood up again. My head was starting to throb.

“I think I need some food,” I lightly said and looked around to see the rest of the omegas still working.

“Me too,” the girl said with sadness. She sighed and then glanced at me with a glint in her eyes. “Maybe we could put some food aside just for the two of us?”

I frowned. Technically, we were not told to not eat the food, but it was risky for now. I had no idea what their expectations are and I had no idea when they are going to feed us. I certainly did not want to challenge them though and do a wrong move that might land me in hot water.

However, I needed food and desperately. I nodded to the girl, and we made a plan to make a few more eggs and put it in a bowl to share later.

We cooked the eggs and were careful to not burn them. Once they were steamy and the perfect texture, we put the eggs in a metal platter. The metal plater had a lid on it, and we put that on so the eggs would not chill.

The girl checked behind her to make sure no one was looking, and then she took two helpings of the eggs in a smaller bowl. She then stored the eggs in a cabinet, and smiled at me at the small victory. They may be chilled by the time we got to them, but I couldn’t wait to eat the hidden eggs. I sighed out of exhaustion as I took the utensils to the large sink to clean them.

The other omegas finished up and soon there was a decent breakfast all laid out. Now that the cooking was over, we glanced at one another, unsure of what to do now.

One of the guards awkwardly stepped forward and pointed at the main pack room door. “They are waiting for the food to be brought to the dining table,” the guard suggested.

The omegas nodded and soon they grabbed the breakfast entrees. I grabbed one side of the egg platter and the girl grabbed the other. We one by one took the food out to the main pack room.

Soon, I felt my legs grow heavy and my heart started to wildly beat in my chest. I was beyond nervous to see my mate. I barely had times to adjust with the fact I found out the Alpha rogue was my mate, but there was no way to avoid him at this point.

We entered the main pack hall and saw the dining table full of high ranked Silver Bellator werewolves. My handsome mate sat at the head where the Alpha was supposed to sit. He lounged in his seat and played with a knife in his hands. His boots were rested on the table and slight anger hit me in the chest.

My father never showed such disrespect in his life. He always treated things with respect and held his head high. This Alpha was clearly not like my father.

Every head at the table turned eagerly to the food and we lightly sat the food on the table. I glanced at the Alpha, but he was looking at his Beta who sat to his right. They were talking about something, and I was slightly disappointed his attention was elsewhere. A part of me wanted him to look at me. I want a mate, sure. But another part of me could not help the quick paced walk back to the kitchens.

I had to remember my mate was also the enemy. He destroyed my pack, after all, and I could not be routing for him. I closed my eyes as I walked back towards the kitchen to gain back some composure. I had to pull it together and focus on the hear and now.

Mate thoughts now out of my head, the girl and I smiled at each other as we entered the kitchen once more. We made a beeline to the hidden eggs. We glanced at the talking guards who were too busy to notice us in a corner shoveling eggs in our mouths.

There were a few mouthfuls for both of us. We silently ate it, and we sighed as the food entered out systems. I just needed water now and then I should be on the road to feeling slightly better.

We stole some water too, and then started cleaning. We weren’t sure what to do after we cleaned the kitchen, but the Beta reentered the kitchen after some time.

“Nice job on breakfast, the others enjoyed the food,” the Beta lightly said with a clasp of his hands and he surveyed us one by one. “Why don’t you clear the dishes, wash them, and then we should be good until lunch time.”

I sighed. More work, of course. I noticed though the Beta’s eyes settled on me and it chilled me to see his attention on me. I instantly regretted sighing out loud. I cleared my throat and looked at my tight flats, my face now flushed.

“Better get started,” he unevenly stated with a lingering look in my direction, and I saw his shadow move out of the kitchen.

The omegas glanced around the kitchen and we one by one walked back to the dining table. I grew nervous again as I approached my mate at the table. The omegas silently grabbed the dirty plates and dishes. I wanted to grab the plates furthest from the alpha, but the others also had the same idea. I was forced to grab some of the plates more towards my mate.

As I approached, my heart started to pound in anticipation of being close to him. I grabbed some of the plates around him, but he continued to talk to the man to his left without a thought towards the omegas around him.

“The territory hardly adds up as it used to, we have to map it out a bit more before continuing,” I heard my mate huskily say to his fellow rogue warrior.

I did not know what that meant but I stayed silent as I piled plates a few feet from his seat. I reached over to grab another one, but a hand grabbed my burnt wrist. I could not help but yelp as a hand strongly shook wounded wrist.

“I was not done,” loudly complained one of the members. He was a burly man, and it scared me to see him glare at me with a burning fire in his eyes. Who knew how many were killed by his hands.

I dropped his plate that hardly had any food on it and his hand on my wrist tightened even further. It was burning now, and I noticed blood started dripping onto the dining table.

All at once, a few of the werewolves at the table grew quiet as they observed the drama. I glanced over to see the Beta and the Alpha were both frowning at the man.

He suddenly let my wrist go, and I saw with horror a lot more blood than I was expecting. The man frowned as he looked at his bloody hands. He must have broken the skin on my silver burned wounds.

“Jeez, Marlow,” spat the Beta Cortex as he walked over to where I stood in shock. He took my hands in his and studied my hurt wrists. “These got really bad, huh?” He said more to himself as he saw my black and purple bruises. I was surprised he did not notice them earlier when he gave orders in the kitchen.

I quickly pulled my wrist away from the Beta’s and gave him a harsh glare. The other rogues around the table fell silent and observed my defiant stance as I glowered a the Beta Rogue before me. To my surprise, the Beta backed away and gave me a cheeky smile.

“Seems like this one is a bit feisty,” stated the Beta and the others laughed at his comment.

The only one who did not laugh was my very own mate, Alpha Titan. Instead, he frowned at the scene before him. I froze as his gaze was entirely on me, and a blush came over my face. I quickly ducked my head in submission and to hide my blush from them.

“Take her to the dungeons,” commanded my mate in a strong, husky voice, and my heart stopped then and there. “Clearly, she needs to know her place around here.”

“Wait,” I said, but hands grabbed my arms and pulled me out of the dining room. Once again, I was being pulled away against my own will.

Rogue warriors marched me outside. Above, thunder clouds clapped together and it smelled heavily of rain. As much as rain made me smile and happy, the weather only made my mood more grim as the worst twenty four hours of my life only grew worse.

“Better watch your mouth next time,” barked one of the rogue warriors as he threw me into a cell that my pack once used for drunks and the rare trespasser.

Catching myself on a pile of moldy and damp hay, I spun around and hissed at the rogue. “I didn’t even say anything, asshole,” I spat, but the rogue merely slammed the cell cage shut and locked me inside the dark cage.

First, my pack is attacked and the leader of the attack turned out to be my much awaited mate. Then, my dumb ass claimed myself as an omega and I got in trouble for picking up a random dish. Finally, my wonderful mate and love of my life banned me to the dungeons and I am now sitting in dank hay with the occasional drop of water breaking the silence of the quiet dungeons. It was like my life was turned upside down and inside out, while also being lite on fire. Never in my life had I imagined this to have happened.

I had no idea how long I stayed in the godawful dungeons. Time ticked by at a slow and painful rate, and I had no windows to peer out of to guess the passing of time. I had no idea when it was day or dark out. Hours ticked by, or was it many hours? I had no idea. There were many others in the dungeons, but I could not hear or see them. I was completely isolated.

Food was delivered in what seemed like every twelve hour intervals. By the third one, or the second day I would have assumed, I started having panic attacks in the dark and quiet cell. With nothing to do but think about my poor pack and the horror these rogues have inflicted on my fellow pack members, my mind raced as reality slowly set in.

This was my life now, and who knows what my life will be like in a week or a year from now. I could be left to rot in this cell for all I know. This cell may be the last thing I see. And that terrified me more than anything.

I had so many plans with my life. Mate with my soul mate the Goddess paired me with. Have children and work a mediocre job. Perhaps even pick up a hobby a lot of middle aged women like to do, such as yoga or discount shopping. Either way, it would have been a fulfilling life. But now, that could be escaping me.

By the fourth meal, the Beta of the Rogues was standing at the entrance to my cell door. He gave me a cheeky smile and rolled me an apple on the hay covered ground. “I have a question for you that may result in your release. Tell me, who are you?”

I gapped at the Beta of the Rogues, wondering if this was a trick question. For a second, fear flushed over my soul like a bucket of ice water hitting my face. Do they know I am the Alpha Jackson’s daughter?

But the critical look from the Beta’s face said otherwise. His bright eyes surveyed my dirty form with a sort of petty, but I knew he was simply following orders. Either way, I saw from the tilt of his head and the movement of his earrings his question was for me to not overthink.

“I am just an omega,” I quietly stated and hugged my knees to my chest. I prayed once more to the Moon Goddess that was the answer he was looking for.

The Beta of the Rogues slowly knelt down to my level and gave me a firm smile. “Exactly. You are just an omega, which means you are to be in the background. Do not speak until spoken to. Do not act unless told to. If you do not like it, you are free to hit the road. Be our guest, go ahead and venture to the woods for a new pack.”

I shivered and quietly nodded in understanding at his condescending tone. The Beta then stood up straighter and gave me a sad look, which surprised me.

“Listen, girl,” the Beta huffed, and to my surprise he stepped into the cell and sat on the damp hay like it was a clean couch. Now at my level, the Beta scratched his blond hair and gave me a shy smile. “I know this is a lot to handle. I know your pack was just hurt and you do not need to accept what happened any time soon. Trust me, I know from experience as my original pack was once attacked and claimed by Silver Bellator.”

His words suddenly sparked interest. The Beta of the Rogues was also like me? I imagined him as younger with the rogues attacking his pack, and it nerved me to think he now was with the enemy. Why would he betray his own pack for filthy rogues?

“However,” the Beta continued and strained on the word, “as our new pack member, I hope you can learn to trust us. In Silver Bellator, we do not have fancy titles or ranks for omegas. If you remain a good girl, then you will work yourself out of being an omega.”

“A pack with no omegas?” I blurted out, my mind whirling at the information. “Who does the laundry? The cooking? Who cleans and gardens? That makes no sense. How would a pack even function?”

The Beta paused and gave me a smile as if he were talking to a child. “We break it up more equally. See, Silver Bellator is the new modern version of packs. You will see someday, I promise.”

“I doubt it,” I muttered, which I knew he heard but I hardly cared.

The Beta fell silent, then he patted my shoulder as if he were a long time friend. “How about this. As the first step towards trusting your new pack, I can grant you a single wish. What would you like?”

I gave him a dark look. “My old pack and those you killed back to life, of course,” I bitterly said, but the Beta gave me a fixed look to tell me to cut the crap. I sighed and racked my brain. If he was offering to give me something, then I might as well as take it.

“Fine. I would like to not work in the kitchens anymore,” I finally said as I remembered the awkwardness with breakfast with my mate.

My mate was my enemy, that much was clear. I had to find a way to avoid him, and clearly being in the kitchens means I will be seeing him three times a day while serving meals.

“What job would you like then? I do think we have to keep it within the line of being an omega,” the Beta questioned.

I shrugged, not sure what I wanted exactly. I couldn’t care less, as long as it was far from my mate. Of course, I can’t tell the Beta that, but I thought quickly of the omega jobs my pack normally had.

“May I have a job with cleaning rooms and what not? Like as a maid?” I suggested.

At least with cleaning rooms, I would be away from my mate most of the time.

Soon after that, the Beta let me out of the cell and I was able to follow him back to the Omega rooms. This time though, when I stepped back inside the pack house, I felt like a new person. It was clear from the past few days that something had to change, and that something was me.

It was all simple now. I had to change to be able to survive this new pack and my dreadful mate.

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