The Luna of the Rogues

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I stared at the toilet in horror, the scrub brush nearly falling out of my hands. Never in my life had a seen someone’s poor asshole torn apart so viciously. It was a men’s toilet too, and I wondered if the person who did this was still alive.

“How are you doing over there?” called out the maid who was training me. Her name was Romona, and she was nice enough. We were currently working on the omega men’s restrooms in the pack house, and I was soon regretting switching omega jobs.

What was I even thinking?

Today was my first day as a maid. When I got back last night from the cell, I was able to shower and I was given a classic black and white maid outfit that was two sizes too small. The outfit was not tasteful and rather flirty as it rode up to my ass cheeks, which made me constantly pull down on the skirt. Lacy white stockings went up to my thick thighs and my top was a bit tight, even with my slimmer breasts which looked large in the tight top.

I had no idea why these outfits were so scandalous, and it made me question why my pack even picked these out for the maids. It was humiliating and I wish I had paid more attention to what the maids wore before asking for the job.

“I think someone died on this toilet,” I said through gritted teeth and took the toilet cleaner in my hands like it was holy water.

Romona laughed from two stalls over and I saw her bright red hair peeping at me. “You will somehow get used to it. Wait until you see the warriors’ bathroom. They are even worse with the amount of protein they eat.”

I gagged as I wondered how it could get worse from here.

Romona sighed and brushed her red hair out of the way with her elbow. “Just finish that toilet and we can take a break.”

About ten minutes later, we were washed up and sitting in a corner on the floor of a hallway with cold drinks in our hands. Romona was nice and was helpful with training. She knew I was the Alpha Jackson’s daughter, but she along with others refused to mention anything.

“Life is crazy now,” Romona bitterly said and took a sip of her soda. “Those darn Silver Bellator bastards.”

I nodded as I sipped my own soda. Romona gave me a sad smile.

“Any word of your father?” Romona whispered after looking around the hallway for anyone who may overhear. Her green eyes were hopeful.

Unfortunately though, I had no way to contact my father as all forms of communication was cut off when Silver Bellator took our electronics. I had no idea where Anthony was either, and I did not have much hope in that coward. However, I had hope in my strong father who was Alpha for many, many years. Once he hears of the attack on Red Rock, he will swarm with backup to take the pack back.

“Ugh. I feared as much,” Romona sadly said, and she kicked her foot out of frustration.

I sighed and took a sip of my own soda. After being in the dungeons for two days, I was unable to smile or even sleep well. I was too stressed with everything that was happening.

I was determined to figure something out though. I knew I was too weak, and it sickened me to think of it. I had to figure out a way to get stronger or learn ways to hit the enemy under the belt.

I scratched my sore and now purple neck. The silver collar also had to go. It was starting to create a lot of bruising and was painful for me to even turn my head. Romona’s and many of my other pack members also were having issues with the collars bruising their necks. We had no idea how long they will have the collars on our necks, but it was starting to get questionable if we will ever recover from the scars on our necks.

Before Romona could talk again, we both heard a knock on a wall down the hall. We glanced up and to my great surprise, a much disheveled Terry leaned against the wall of the hall as if it was propping him up on his uneven legs.

Terry looked like he had crawled down and back through hell itself. Scars were all over his arms and his face. His normally clean hair was matted in places with what looked like mud. His shirt and jeans were torn and sodded so bad, they would need to be burned. He had the start of a beard now and his boots were missing. Worst of all were his eyes. They looked haunted and his face was paler than normal.

“Hey,” Terry whispered as his wild eyes met mine.

I gapped at him with my mouth open. I had no idea what happened to him since we last saw each other, but tears hit my eyes as I realized he was alive. I had wondered what happened to him, and now that he found me I couldn’t even form the words.

Silently, Terry walked over to our corner and I snapped out of the shocked daze. Throwing my soda to the side, I jumped to my feet and crushed him in a tight hug. Terry smelled like motor oil and disgusting man sweat, but still, I breathed in the faint Terry smell I had always loved.

“I didn’t know what happened to you,” I managed to gasp out as he patted my shoulder blades and leaned his chin on the top of my head.

“Its alright now,” Terry soothed, his voice rumbling me through his chest. “We will be okay.”

I laughed through my tears and glanced upwards at him to see that faint smile of his. But my eyes landed on something else. Something that made me gasp and his smile faltered at my reaction.

“Yeah, about that,” Terry softly said as his hand touched the raw mate mark on the side of his neck, right above the silver collar he was also given like the rest of the Red Rock pack. How I had missed it the first time I looked at him, I had no idea. Blood was dried around it and it looked like it was only a few hours old.

“You found your mate?” I hissed and stepped back. I shouldn’t be shocked though - I found mine as well. But to think, his mate already marked him.

Terry sighed in exhaustion. “It is a long story. My mate is actually one of the female warriors of Silver Bellator.

“Oh, Terry,” I sadly said, my hand to my mouth.

“I didn’t think she wanted me. I was caught fighting and was put in the dungeons for a while. She marked me before they let me out though and then she just, left me,” Terry said with a crack in his voice and his eyes glazed over as he relived that memory. “I have no idea what to do, Celsta. This was not what I had thought meeting my mate would be like.”

At this point, Romona shifted to her feet and slowly walked out of the hall to give us some privacy. Once I was sure she was out of earshot, Terry and I sat town in the corner to talk some more. A lump formed in my throat as I too thought of my mate situation.

“My mate is from Silver Bellator, too,” I softly said as we sat down on the floor, our knees touching as we sat cross legged. Hard to do, with a short dress may I add.

“Wait, seriously? You have a mate, too?” Terry asked in shock, and then a grin came across his dirty, freckled face. “Looks like you will be dragged to their pack just like me then. That, or we both run away and forget those jackasses.”

I bit my lip though and wondered how to break the real news to him. He saw my expression and his smile died down as he realized it was not as simple.

“Well, my mate is the, um,” I leaned forward and put my cupped hand to my mouth to softly whisper it to him, “Alpha. It is Alpha Titan.”

Terry froze and stared at me as if I were joking. I pursed my lips to keep from saying anything else and waited for him to say something. He remained quiet for a few seconds though and his eyes only grew a bit bigger with each second.

“Him?” Terry growled out and he had to lean back against a wall. “That dick is your mate? Him? He was the one who decided to attack our pack! He is the cock sucker who is responsible for this mess.”

“You can not tell anyone though,” I quickly added as I doubled checked no one was around the hallway. “It doesn’t matter much, though. I am not sure why, but he is ignoring me.”

“Why is he ignoring you?” Terry quickly questioned as if it was a wild idea to ignore me.

“I do not know,” I softly replied with a light shrug. I stayed up all night wondering what it was about me that Alpha Titan did not want or like. As if I cared anyways. But all the same, he was my mate. It would be a lie if I said it did not sting a bit.

“Did you meet him before or after they put on your silver collar?” Terry asked, his eyes on my collar. I paused and thought about it for a moment, as the event of getting my collar seemed like ages ago.

“I realized he was my mate seconds before I got it,” I explained, and then I loudly gasped as I realized what Terry was referring to. “It has to be the silver!”

Terry darkly shrugged. “Quite possibly. I think mates only sense the smell and the feel of each other’s wolves. It would make sense if he can not sense you when your wolf is gone.”

I was dumbfounded. It was simple, after all. Alpha Titan had no idea I was actually his mate. I really should have thought of the collar first before assuming he was rejecting me.

“I think we should run away, Celsta,” Terry grimly suggested, and I felt the tremor in his voice. He looked and sounded like he had aged five years. “It is not too late for us. We could run away as long as we do not get mated by them. Sure, it is harder for me as I was marked, but it is not impossible for me to still get away from her. Maybe we could even get your father so he could go fight that bastard.”

I shook my head though. It was not like I already thought of what he had said. It just was not ideal. “I can not just leave everyone. I can not do that to the pack. I am sorry, Terry. They lost Anthony, they can not lose me too.”

Terry sighed and ran an angry hand through his muddy hair. “Listen. You have a chance to escape and pretend you never met Alpha Titan. Just leave with me and we can go get help from the outside. We can not do much from where we are right now. We should probably just forget them here and get out when we still can.”

I stared at Terry and wondered what happened to him. For the first time, I saw my friend in a bad shape. I saw fear in his eyes and I knew this whole situation scared him. He and I were not fighters though, and that was what scared both of us the most. We did not stand a chance against this pack of rogues. We did not stand a chance against our mates. And we especially did not stand a chance in the woods by ourselves.

“I will wait a bit more,” I promised and I gave him a sad smile. “After all, I am getting close with the Beta of the rogues. I am hoping that I can find out some things of Silver Bellator and then tell my father.”

Terry nodded slowly, then he looked back down the hall in fear. He glanced at me with round eyes and I silently watched him stand up from the floor. I heard his knees crack and ankles pop as if he were seventy years old.

“I should really go, I was only supposed to be gone for ten minutes,” Terry said nervously. “Can we talk later?”

I nodded, and before I could ask where he was even going, Terry was out of the hallway. I stared down the hall for a while, wondering when I would see him again. Romona came shortly after to get me to clean again, and the rest of the evening I worked with Terry on my mind. Luckily, Terry helped me get past the awful toilet cleaning that I had to complete in the pack house.

By the time it was dinner time, my stomach was growling in hunger. Romona and I cleaned a lot of the pack house by now and we were drained. After washing up and changing out of the awful maid outfits, we wondered what we were going to get for dinner along with the other omegas who cleaned the house. Silver Bellator was still trying to organize our pack, and it was confusing with meals.

“I bet they won’t feed us tonight,” snapped one of the other omegas as we sat around the omega lounge room with our arms crossed.

We all sighed at the idea of not getting food. My stomach growled and a few heads turned to snicker at the poor Alpha’s daughter living the dream life. I merely ducked my head, hoping to not draw much more attention to myself.

I was surprised the pack had yet to rat me out, but also, I think they were enjoying watching me suffer in a maid’s dress and cleaning toilets.

“We should just sneak into the kitchen,” suggested a male omega who was thinner than I was. A few omegas grumbled, but one of them reminded the group there were guards in the kitchen.

To all of our surprise, the Silver Bellator Beta stepped into the door of the lounge. All of the omegas jumped to their feet, and I followed suit. Beta Cortex, which was his name, smiled at the omegas and motioned for us to go through the door.

“Dinner is ready. As long as you all behave nicely, you may seat with us,” Beta Cortex said with a flame in his eyes which held un unspoken warning.

The omegas looked at one another in shock. I too was surprised as Omegas never ate with higher ups. That was against pack rules. But still, the omegas slowly we one by one walked out of the door and headed towards the pack dining room. Cortex gave me a sly smile as I passed and I shivered at the attention. The guards surveyed us as well as we passed, but as the Beta followed us with confidence they said nothing to us walking into the dining room.

My throat closed up as we slowly sat around the long table the I knew my mate will also be sitting at in a bit. Looking up and down the table, many of his warriors were already sat towards the end where the Alpha was supposed to be sat. The Omegas sat towards the other end. Many of them put their hands on their laps and looked down in fear of the warriors. It felt extremely wrong to be sat at the table, but the idea of food made me take a seat next to Romona.

I eyed Beta Cortex, who took a seat next to where the Alpha would sit. The Alpha’s seat sat with an air of dignity, and anger hit me as I remembered that was my father’s seat and is now supposed to be my brother’s.

The next awkward moment was when the omegas walked out of the kitchen. I wanted to bury my head as they placed the food on the table. My own people, serving me at the table of monsters who took away our pack. It was pathetic and I bowed my head in shame.

They eyed us with question, and then Beta Cortex invited them to also sit down at the almost full table. I bit my tongue and held my breath, but luckily the omegas stayed quiet about me and scurried to random seats around the table as if they feared their lives. I let out a held in breath and felt a bit better now that they were to eat at the table as well.

I sighed and slowly followed the others in grabbing the warm food.

Cortex turned out to be a really kind Beta. He made sure everyone got food and sometimes he would try talking to us on the other end of the table. We had no idea why a Beta was being so nice to us Omegas, and we feared he was up to something. We took the food greedily though and some even stuffed their pockets with bread and cheese. After all, Goddess only knew when we would see food again.

I particularly enjoyed the fresh steak and roasted potatoes. I could not help but groan as I ate my food. How many days had it been since I actually ate at a table? I had no idea, but wolfed down the food like it was my first meal in weeks.

The omegas stayed quiet as the warriors chatted amongst themselves. I noticed they preferred to not look at us, and we hung our heads in fright as we ate our food. Eye contact was an absolute no, and I was not ready to make eye contact again with a warrior.

Halfway through the meal, a door suddenly opened and I glanced up to see my handsome mate slowly strolling into the dinning room. I nearly choked on my food and had to sip some cold water down to stay quiet. I silently eyed him though, and took in his features that I missed more than I really should.

Like always, Alpha Titan was beyond handsome. His loose black button up shirt worked wonders on his tone body. I saw more of the tattoo peaking under his shirt and it looked to be interesting symbols in black ink. This man made my mouth drop a bit and a line of water from my cup fall right out of my mouth and onto my plate.

Alpha Titan swiftly sat next to Beta Cortex. He quietly observed the table, and his gold eyes landed on the omegas on the other end. The omegas realized they too were staring at the new alpha, and as one they threw their gazes on the plates before them. I paused my napkin to my chin as I felt his gaze and quickly looked away as well, hiding my slight blush with my napkin.

“What are they doing here?” Alpha Titan coldly asked the Beta. His tone was dark and we were able to hear it all the way across the table.

Beta Cortex took a bite of his steak and simply shrugged. “They have to eat, you know.”

Titan’s eye lightly twitched as he glowered at his Beta. “No, I mean what are they doing at the table? Just have them eat with the others.”

The Beta swallowed his steak and smiled at his Alpha. I could not hear what the Beta said next as omegas started whisper around me, but whatever it was Cortex was able to talk some sense into the Alpha.

I watched my mate then mumble something I could not catch. He then seemed to have dropped the issue and grabbed some steak and took an apple out of the fruit bowl on the table. I noticed with slight disappointment he refused to look once more at the Omegas at the other end, and therefore at me.

Unlike him, I could not stop looking at my mate. Titan was enchanting, to say the least. He smiled at times at the man to his other side, and once I heard a light laugh reverberate from his chest. It was sound to my ears and I wanted to hear more. Oh, I was simping hard over this man. My food at this point left forgotten and I simply rested an elbow on the table to gaze at the mate the Goddess selected for me.

I strangely had to fight the instinct to make him happy. All I wanted to do was bow down to him and let him mark me. It was an intense feeling that crept up my spine, and I had to squeeze my legs together to keep it under control.

I ignored the rest of my dinner and lightly played with the water in my glass while flicking glances at the sexy Alpha. At times, I would change it up and smile at Romona next to me as she chatted away, but really I was looking at Romona to glance more at my mate. Titan never looked back in my direction though.

“You should eat more, Alpha,” I heard a male on the other side of Titan bark out to him after my mate had a few bites of his steak. My ears strained to listen to their conversation even though the room was chatty around me.

“Stop monitoring me,” Titan loudly hissed at the male, whose name was Devon, and I felt the male dip his head in respect to his Alpha’s orders.

It made me wonder who Devon was in the pack. He seemed to be that friendly wolf who did not have a fitting role in a harsh pack. Comical, actually. Why the timid male sat next to the Alpha remained a mystery to me.

All too soon, dinner was over. I did not want to leave, but my mate did not stick around for long. He was out of the door as if he were on a new mission, and it broke my heart slightly to see him walk away.

Slowly, the Omegas cleaned up the dishes around the table and then marched back to our dusty bedrooms. We were full and waddled down the stairs to the Omega chambers. After saying good night to Romona, I slipped away towards my own bedroom for some peace and quiet. Once in my too small of a room, I crashed on the awful bed and let loose a few deep breaths.

Terry must be right. It has to be the silver collar. I lightly touched it and winced as it burned my finger tips. My neck was now blistering and a purple tint started to spread around the wounds. This blasted collar was only creating more problems in my life.

On the other hand...was it really a bad thing Alpha Titan did not know of our mate situation? He might very well kill me for being Alpha Jackson’s daughter. He wrecked havoc on my pack and the poor survivors had to scrub the blood of victims from the courtyard. Who knows how many were killed by Titan’s very own claws.

I shivered as I realized that maybe - just maybe - this silver collar was actually saving my life. Without it, who knows what Alpha Titan would have done with me.

As much as my mind and body wanted my mate, I knew what was more realistic. It would be better to not reveal myself to my mate. I had no idea what to do yet, but I had to hope for the best - that my father was going to come back with an army and help defeat Alpha Titan. It was for the better part of my pack. As much as it would kill me to be mateless, pack life came first. Family came first. Blood oaths to my alpha were more important than my mate.

I hated myself for thinking it, but I had to side with pack and my father. My wolf would have cried if she read my thoughts herself. I suppose that was only one more good thing about the silver collar. She did not know I had to upset the Moon Goddess with not accepting my mate.

All I could think of that night were my mate’s orange eyes gazing in my direction without love or affection. I was just a background character to him now - just a lowly omega that he has no reason to think twice of.

Just when I thought my tears were all dried up, I spent the rest of the night crying into the too thin of a pillow without a pillowcase, for if I see my mate’s eyes glaze in my direction again, my heart might shatter in a million pieces.

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