The King's Mate

By loganstacy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


Mates were known to werewolves ever since they were created. The only catch is that only the male knows if the she-wolf is his mate or not. So, what happens when Miami Andrews is accepted in The Academy where she can try and get a position in the Kingdom and Palace itself? She doesn't want to be there, but what is the worst part is that she has the hardest teacher. Which happens to be the King Edward himself. That's not all, but what happens when Miami happens to be his mate?

Chapter 1

-Wednesday, September 3, 4:32 P.M.-

‘Get off of me, idiot,’ I growled at Orlando, my twin brother, through our mind link after he had tackled me to the ground. I kicked my hind legs up, kicking him off of me. I retaliated quickly, jumping up and getting in my fighting position, baring my teeth at him.

He copied my actions, seeming to like this game we were playing. We barked at each other, snapping at one another playfully.

And it was just when I was about to tackle him to the ground that my mom had to come out. “Miami, come here darling!” Her voice squeaked in excitement, her face filling with happiness as she looked from me to a piece of paper that was in her clutched hands.

I huffed, but trotted over to her. ‘What?’ I asked through our mind link as I sat down on my hind legs in front of her.

“Here, change,” she rolled her eyes and tossed some clothes to me, which I quickly caught in my mouth.

I shifted to my human form, seeing as Orlando had wandered farther into the forest, and changed to the pajamas she had given me.

“Yes?” I asked and she suddenly shoved the paper in my hands, motioning me to read.

I blinked and read it.

Dear parents or guardians of Miami Virginia Andrews, we would like to congratulate you in the acceptance of Miami into The Academy. There will be a bus to pick her up at 4:17 a.m. on the date of September 15. Her room will be 396 C, which is on the third floor.


* No electronics. If you are seen with an electronic that results in automatic suspension. The King will decide what your punishment will be after that.
* Dating is allowed in The Academy, but only if the person is your mate. Absolutely by no means dating any of the teachers. If they are at the unlikely chance your mate you have the chance to stay or leave The Academy. If you leave you will be put in your mates pack and wait until they are done with their teaching before you see them again. If you choose to stay you still may not date them.
* Everyone must be in class by 7:30 a.m. and in bed by 10:00 p.m. You get 3 tardies before you have to talk to the King about your punishment. If you are out pasted curfew that is automatic expulsion and you will be leaving.

If there is anything we will tell you at The Academy. We feel very happy to have Miami joining us.


My eyes widened and I made sure I had read that correctly. I got accepted?

As if reading my mind, my mom squealed again and hugged me. “Oh, one of my babies got accepted into The Academy! The Moon Goddess has blessed us!”

I gave off a fake smile, not wanting to tell her that I didn’t want to go. It seemed to be a big deal to her and I didn’t want to ruin it because I was a baby. No, I would suck it up. “Yes, we are blessed.” I said, hugging her back.


-Monday, September 15, 4:04 A.M.-

“...toothbrush, toothpaste, flip flops, clothes, Mr. Strawberry- do you really need to take him?” My brother asked, pulling out my Lotso bear from my bag.

I yawned and blinked at him, not realizing what he was saying. It was like 4. My body and I did not deserve all this. I gave him a slight ‘Humph’ as I grabbed Mr. Strawberry and hugging him tightly. “He’s mine,” I said and started to make my way back over to my bed.

Orlando caught me before I could, his arm slipping around my waist. “Oh no you don’t,” he chuckled, pulling me back. “How are you not awake? Didn’t you just take a shower?”

I stared at him for a moment before I realized he was talking to me, “Hmm?” I asked, yawning yet again.

He chuckled and shook his head, grabbing all of my bags with one arm and the other arm he used to wrap around me and pull me out of the room. He tugged me to the entrance of our home where both my parents stood both looking slightly thrilled. How the hell are they all wide awake?

“My baby girl,” my dad said proudly, pulling me into his arms. “We will all miss you. You better mind link us everyday.”

“Darling girl,” my mom joined the hug as well. “If you happen to meet your mate make sure to use protection and-”

My dad and brother growled at her, my dad tightening his grip. “Okay she isn’t going anymore. Go set her bed, Orlando, she is never leaving the house again.”

“Harold!” My mom squeaked, punching on my dads chest, “calm down! That’s the same thing you and I did. My mom warned me about the same thing!”

“Ew, mom, just ew,” Orlando chuckled, scrunching up his nose.

“I’m sorry, Gloria,” my dad said, lightly kissing my moms head, “I’m just protective over my precious.”

“Dad, she will only be gone for two months. Its not like its forever,” Orlando said and grabbed my arm, “now we need to get out there. The bus is waiting.”

“Honey, we love you!” My parents called to me, though I still had no clue what they were saying. I was too tired.

Orlando pulled me into the bus, setting my bags in my seat for me. The bus had a few more people in it who seemed to be totally up and ready. Seriously, is it drugs? If so, where can I get these magical drugs that everyone else has?

“Memes,” Orlando hugged me tightly, kissing my cheek, “I love you. Make sure to contact us through the link. And, please, don’t find your mates.” He backed away from me and made his way off the bus.

I clutched Mr. Strawberry, my eyes drooping giving me the perfect sin of sleep.


-Monday, September 15, 5:36 A.M.-

A lurch in the drive woke me up as I banged my head on the seat in front of me.

I groaned and held my forehead which had taken most of the impact. Luckily, no one seemed to notice as they excitedly made their way off the bus.

I was the last one on as I packed up my stuff, my eyes still drooping. I stifled a yawn as I got off the bus with my arms carrying my bags, Mr. Strawberry clutched in my hand. The sun was barely up, so it was probably like 5 something. Good, i’m going to go back to bed.

I licked my lips as I made my way inside the big building. I can appreciate the design later, right now all I want is to sleep.

I knew my room was on the third level so you do not know how happy I was when I saw that they had an elevator. I clicked the button thing and waited until it opened up. I was even happier when no one else was in there with me. I lugged my bags in there with me and pressed the number 3.

There wasn’t any elevator music so I kinda just stood there just waiting for the doors to open. My body was starting to wake up and I did not want that.

Once the doors opened I rushed out of there, bumping into a guy who was coming in the elevator. Sparks glided through my body from our connection in skin and pleasure spiked through my blood system. If I weren’t so content on going to sleep, I would have wanted to know who this man was. Too bad for me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, bowing my head slightly because I sensed he was an Alpha. I glided pasted him, my eyes only slightly droopy. I felt his stare on my back as I opened my door with my room key. He had said something behind me, but I couldn’t hear him.

I locked the door and I’m pretty sure I saw heaven as I gazed down at the bed. I sighed in content and laid down on it, snuggling up to Mr. Strawberry as I slowly fell asleep.

*King Edward’s point of view*

-Monday, September 15, 5:39 A.M.-

I sat up suddenly from my sleep from two things. 1.) My wolf going off like a mad man and 2.) This addictive scent filled my nostrils.

‘What do you want?’ I snapped at him. I was angry he made me miss my sleep. The stupid mutt.

He growled at me. ‘Follow scent.’

I furrowed my eyebrows. Why would I do that? I just wanted to go back to sleep. ‘Why?’

‘I have feeling,’ he said, sounding unsure.

As much as I didn’t want to go, the smell was a very tempting strawberry scent. It was breathtaking, luring me into a trance as to wear I felt like I needed it. It was my own personal drug. So, I followed on with his plan and got up. I made myself out of my room and walking over to the stairs. I was on the fourth floor, my own personal floor, and to ensure no one could come in my room you had to have a special pass.

I jogged down the stairs quickly, not wanting the scent to get far away, even though it was actually getting closer.

I opened the door to the third floor and jogged over to the elevator, feeling my wolf howl in delight and my body became anxious. Whatever the scent was, it was in the elevator. With each second it was getting closer and I braised myself for it. I don’t know why, but I did.

That’s when the door opened.

The girl that I saw was rather gorgeous with long brown hair that was pulled into into a messy but sexy ponytail, my hands aching to be brushing themselves through it. Her body was skinny and pale, with curves in all the right places, tempting me to touch them. Her eyes were grey and bright sparkling at me seductively. Her scent was overcoming and delicious, smelling of ripe strawberries and sugar. Everything about her made me want to love her and feel protective.

‘Mate,’ my wolf howled in delight at the sight of her. I was shocked for a mere second as she brushed lightly against us. To say I felt pleasure was an understatement. I felt an ecstasy spring to life in my body, craving more of it. My eyes darkened as I stared at her in lust. I was practically eye raping her, but then again I was the only male who should. She was mine.

“Sorry,” she said quietly and it was like music to my ears. It was like the classic ringing of bells, sounding so gently but also powerful and beautiful at the same.

I watched as she walked passed me and towards the rooms. She had a really nice butt. I bit my lip, thinking of the things I could do to her. No, things I would do to her.

“Mine,” I said as I watched her open door 396 and walked in. The moment she was out of my sight my wolf panicked at her disappearance, wanting to make sure she is safe.

I calmed him, telling him we would see her in a tiny bit and that’s when it donged on me.

My mate is a student.

*Miami’s Pov*

-Monday, September 15, 6:28 A.M.-

Something gently shoved me, but I ignored them. It happened again. Then again.

I growled, now irritated and I kicked whatever was touching me. I heard a little growl, making me furrow my eyebrows and open my eyes.

Above me was a girl with bright blue hair. Her eyes were also blue, containing anxiousness and excitement in them. Her body was average, about the same size and height as me, probably 5′6. She had this bad ass look about her that made me think of my aunt, Stacy.

“Um,” I cleared my throat, wondering who and how she was in my room, “who are you?”

She smirked, showing off her slight dimples, “I’m Claudine, I sleep in the room across from you and I wanted to make sure you got up in time.”

“Oh my Moon Goddess,” my eyes widened and I jumped up, panicked. “What time is it?”

“6:15,” she said, chuckling at my little panic attack. “I wanted to make sure you got up on time to take a shower. I was headed there right now, so would you like to come?”

I sighed in relief and sat down gently on my bed. “Sure,” I smiled at her and looked down at my still packed bags. “After that you wouldn’t mind helping me unpack, would you?”

She smiled slightly and shook her head, “Of course not. Now hurry,” she tossed me something.

I was quick to catch it, thanks to my werewolf abilities. I looked at the clothing’s in my hand. It was a black tank top with the schools symbol and matching jogging pants. “What is this?” I asked looking up at her.

“Your uniform,” she said, “everyone has one. Even the teachers, I think.”

I nodded, kinda sad I couldn’t just wear pajamas, but I had to deal with it. For my mom.

I got up and grabbed my dietary bag that had everything I needed for the bathroom and showering. “Well, lets go.”

She looped her arm through my mine and we started to walk to the showers- wherever that was.

“Oh, and I’m Miami by the way,” I told her.

“That’s a cool name. Does your family live in Florida?” She asked.

I shook my head, “No, we live in Virginia, which is my middle name. They chose Miami so it could match my twin brothers, Orlando.”

“That is actually really cool,” she said, a spark coming to her eyes. “I got mine because I was adopted by human parents and they had found out I was a werewolf.”

“Wait, so your parents are human?” I asked in astonishment. I had never thought humans would like us.

“Yup, but I haven’t seen them in a few months. I met my mate, Kai, and I’ve been living with him.” She shrugged, looking slightly sad.

“Why did you even come here? I heard that it’s terrible being away from your mate, even the slightest minute.” I asked.

“Well, him and I both got accepted here,” she said and I nodded. That made sense. “And the teachers said that we could share a room as long as we don’t do anything... naughty.”

I chuckled at her dry laugh as we walked into the showers. There were only a few other girls in there, making me happy since I didn’t feel like waiting.

I went into a shower and stripped down and turned on the water. I smiled a little and moaned slightly as the hot water ran down my back.

*King Edward’s Pov*

-Monday, September 15, 6:57 A.M.-

I growled loudly and slammed my fist down. “Well why the hell not?” I snarled at the principal of the school. I could feel the fear of the other teachers, but I didn’t care. I was their King and they should fear me.

The principal, although he was staying still and calmed, I could see the slight fear in his eyes. “King, you know it’s against the rules for a student to date their teacher. You made the rules yourself.”

“But she’s MY mate!” I argued, becoming more and more angry. My wolf was trying to push out of my chest, wanting to kill them all for denying him of his mate, but I held him back. I was going to prove I was a good king to them and violence was out of the question.

“If you want we can pack her stuff up and send her to your pack so you can wait two months to see her, or you can let her stay here and you can protect her without touching or kissing her.” He said simply.

I growled and set my head in my hands. I’d rather protect her. Still, I guess her and I could have a secret relationship. Maybe I could talk them into letting her sleep in the same room as me. That seemed to calm down my wolf.

“Fine,” I said and stood up. They seemed surprise by how quickly I had recovered from that argument. “I will be in the gym if you need me ”

I left the room, smelling her scent slightly in the halls. It was driving me crazy, but I kept myself composed. I knew she was most likely in the cafeteria eating.

I walked into the gym, seeing mats were placed on the floor. I was the defense teacher so I had to train about everything. I knew it would be hard because my mate would be in one of my classes and she may get hurt. I doubted I would be able to hold myself back if she even had the slightest bruise, but I had to try.

The bell rang, making me smirk slightly. I had made it on time perfectly.

Slowly my 9 kids for this period made their way in. I only had a few for each period because only 40 kids was accepted this year.

I stiffened as her scent once again clouded my judgment. And it seemed to be getting closer.

“...yeah Orlando is totally a jerk, he forced me to do it.” I heard her heavenly voice just before she walked in. She was wearing her uniform which made her look sexy as hell. It seemed to be tight on her skin, making her breasts pop out. My wolf growled out, not liking that other men could see her like this. I had to hold my growl back as she spoke about this ‘Orlando.’ He had better not have hurt my princess, I swear if he did I will end him.

She had her arms looped in another girls, which made my wolf happy it wasn’t a man.

I cleared my throat to stop their conversation. “Ladies, please have a seat.” I said, locking her eyes with my own.

*Miami’s Pov*

-Monday, September 15, First period-

“, like how did you get that scar?” Claudine asked, tugging my sleeve down a little as we walked to our first class, defense with the King.

I chuckled, and brought my sleeve back up, recalling the memory very clearly. Orlando had wanted to break into an old, scary house and we had went in through a broken window. Some glass got jabbed in my skin, but we took it out quickly. It was only a scar now.

“Orlando pushed me through a broken window and glass got caught on my shoulder,” I explained.

“What? That’s really fucked up of him to do.” She gasped.

“Yeah,” I agreed as we entered the gym, “Orlando is totally a jerk. He forced me to do it.”

I heard someone clear their throat, “Ladies, please have a seat.” His deep voice nearly sent shivers down my back.

I looked up to see who this man was and I froze. Now, people have told me how hot the King was, but they were all wrong. He was perfect. His hair, a blackish- brownish color, was in a sexy style on his head, small pieces strewn over his forehead, making my fingers itch to run themselves through it. His dark blue eyes had locked on mine, some type of sparkling in them, like a kindled fire. His body was built, making his shirt tighten themselves against his muscles. It made me envy the fabric, making me wish I was the clothing so I could touch him myself.

“Come on, Miami, stop gawking at the King,” Claudine said, tugging on my arm and shocking me back to life.

I blushed and let my eyes glide from the hot King to the bleachers where a few more students were sitting. I walked over to them with Claudine, feeling his deep stare on me. I knew why he was looking at me. I hadn’t been submissive. I had stared him in the eye and I hadn’t bowed my head. He wants to punish me. Weirdly, the thought of him hurting me mad me instantly want to die. It was probably just my stupid hormones. I hadn’t found my mate yet and he looked like a good candidate. Even my wolf was purring at his sight.

Claudine and I sat on the bleachers in between the other students and looked to him as he talked on.

“Now that we have everyone,” his eyes looked into me and this time I didn’t make the mistake of staring back. I bowed my head in respect, but was surprised when he let out a loud growl. “We will be doing attendance then we will get straight to today’s lesson. When I point to you please stand up and give your full name, age, and position in your pack. Now, you young lady.”

I slowly looked up, wondering who he had picked first. My heart sped up as I saw he was pointing to me. I slowly stood up, letting go of Claudine’s arm. “Um, hi,” I smiled, glancing about all of the people before staring back at the King. “I’m Miami Virginia Andrews. I’m 18 and i’m daughter of the delta.” I bowed my head once more before I sat down.

“Miami,” the King mumbled, smiling slightly. My name on his name sounded so... perfect. Like it was meant for him to say. “Beautiful name,” he nodded to me in acceptance.

I felt my heart rate quicken once again and my face flush. My wolf was practically howling out happily that he had complemented me, even if it was only my name.


-Monday, September 15, First period-

“Okay, darling, now punch me,” the King told me, raising his arms unknowingly flexing his muscles.

I glanced around at the other students as they punched and kicked each other in hand-to-hand combat. “But, um, sir, aren’t we supposed to fight? I don’t mean to question your job, but um, shouldn’t you like hit me?”

His eyes flicked in between golden and blue, showing his wolf was trying to take control.

My eyes widened and I held my fists up. His wolf probably wanted to kill me from my defiance and questioning.

I threw a punch at him, his face actually, which must have startled him because he stumbled back and held his cheek. His eyes were back to their gorgeous blue, filled with surprise.

“Omg,” I squealed as I covered my mouth with one hand and I used the other to touch his shoulder. Just the little contact sent pleasurable shocks through my system just like when I ran into that guy early this morning. “I am so sorry! Your wolf was starting to take over and I didn’t want to die. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Miami. You should know that my wolf nor I will ever hurt you.” He said, moving his hand from his red cheek to my cheek. He lightly caressed my skin, making me want to moan. But I knew better. He was showing symphony for me. He didn’t know what he was doing to my body, he was a teacher. It was against the rules to do anything with a student and he knew. So, I slowly moved my face from his grasp and held up my arms.

“Okay, let’s fight, Alpha.”

*Edward’s Pov*

-Monday, September 15, End of third period-

“Then you raise your arm to block,” I told and demonstrated to the class. They each tried it with their partner until the bell rang. I let them leave first, though my wolf and I were anxious to see our mate. Once I made sure no one was around, I jogged to the elevator, quickly pressing level 3 and slowly the doors closed.

I waited quite impatiently until the doors opened and I was once again jogging around the corner. I stopped at Miami’s door and unlocked it with my unlimited key, which I had requested to have for this reason specifically, and walked in.

Her room was neat, a few things on the shelves and her bags were next to her bed. On her bed was a bear that I had seen her walk in last night with. It must be very valuable. Good, I’ll take that. I thought to myself and I reached over and grabbed it. I walked out of her room, holding the bear with one hand.

I knew my plan would work.

*Miami’s Pov*

-Monday, September 15, Lunch-

“Okay, so far, who’s your favorite teacher?” Claudine asked me as a guy came and sat beside her, pulling her to his chest. My guess was that he was Kai, her mate.

I glanced at him, but ignored him and bit into my cheeseburger. Her question was hard to answer. There was the King, who was sweet and protective, but there was also Professor Glace, who was a woman who taught us about spells and magic and stuff. She wasn’t a werewolf, but instead a witch, one of the best of her kind, I’ve heard. She was fun and crazy which was cool. “Um, Professor Glace, ” I answered. I knew I had only guessed at the King because he was handsome and powerful. But I was not going to fall for it. I needed to make my wolf get over her dramatic crush and wait for our mate. “What about you?”

“Sexy Mr. King,” she said biting her lip making Kai growl and hug her tighter. “Kai, baby calm down. He could never compare to you.” She kissed his chin before smirking at me. Damn, I thought, I wish I had what they had. “Come on, Mimi, I saw the way you were staring at him.”

I could barely contain my wolf, who wanted to murder Claudine on the spot. I felt a bit jealous at her words, but brushed them away as well as my wolf. This crush would soon enough fade and I would be over him.

“Hey,” I looked up to see another guy our age walk over. He was cute with blonde hair that was windswept, deep brown eyes, and a slightly muscular body. “Mind if I sit?”

I shrugged and pointed my head to the seat next me. He smiled and sat down with his tray.

“Um,” he bit his lip cutely, “i’m Caine. I was wondering if you were, uh, free this Friday for the dance-”

“There’s a dance?” I asked, my eyes wide as I gulped down another bite down. I looked at Claudine for confirmation, and she nodded giddily.

“Yes, it’s to welcome us to the Academy!” She squeaked, her eyes lighting up. “I heard there was going to be a camera crew and everything!”

I shrugged, feeling uncomfortable at the thought of dancing. I couldn’t dance to save my life. “Oh, sounds like, um, fun.”

“So,” Caine interjected our little conversation, “would you like to go to the dance with m-” before he could finish, someone above me interrupted him.

“Miss Andrews,” I looked up to see the King himself there. His eyes were dark, anger floating around in them as he glared at Caine behind me. His eyes looked to me, seeming to soften a bit as he continued, “may I have a chat with you?”

“Um, of course, my King,” I bowed my and stood. He grabbed my arm, sending those same little sparks through them as he pulled me out of the cafeteria. Oh shit, he’s gonna kill me. I thought helplessly.

“Please, call me Edward,” he said, his anger dissipating into one of calm and collected. “I found something in the floor of the third floor and thought that it was yours, it had your scent all over it.” He pulled me over to the elevator, and took me to it, pressing on the third floor.

“What was it, may I ask?” I asked, timidly. I didn’t want to anger him like I had in the gym.

“It was some type of teddy bear,” he said, glancing down at me before looking at the floor levels.

I felt my heart speed up as I thought of the only bear I had brought with me. Mr. Strawberry. “Where is it?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows in fear. How could he have gotten out of my room? I couldn’t live without Mr. Strawberry. Orlando had gotten him for me when I had gotten my scar. It was the least he could do, he had said.

“It’s up in my room, I wanted to make sure no one could get him,” he smiled down at me as the doors opened. His smile was comforting and nice, calming me.

He pulled me out of the elevator, his hand now on my wrist. I had time to notice how colossal size his hands were compared to mine. Mine looked like baby hands compared to his. It was nice, I liked when he touched me.

I blushed and paid more attention as he swiped his card through this little card thingy and the door opened to expose escalating stairs. I inwardly groaned, hating this trip already. I mean, I was not lazy, but I hated stairs. They sucked balls.

Not noticing my expression, he pulled me up the stairs, closing the door behind him. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. There was only two flights before we cane upon his room.

He opened the door and I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped at the sight of it all. His room was huge! I mean, like bigger than my house big.

He had his own little kitchen and flat screen TV and his bed was humongous.

" This is where you sleep?” I asked, looking around.

“Yes,” he chuckled at my expression and pulled me over to his bed, pushing me to sit. I did as I was told and stopped my gaping to look at him. He was like, really close to me, making my heart start to beat wildly. I was practically in his lap. He leaned his face closer and I moved back on instinct, though my body and wolf was yelling at me to kiss him. He growled lowly and placed his hand on my waist, pulling me into his lap. “Don’t move,” he said and I obeyed as his head dipped to my neck as he inhaled.

I had seen my dad do this a lot with mom. It was something about her scent or whatever. I never cared to pay attention.

I gulped back a moan as his lips left a feverish kiss to my skin, if you could even call it that. He probably didn’t even mean to do that. He was just getting my scent for some unknown reason. Maybe he would kill me later when I was shifted into my wolf so that it would be a huge surprise.

“King,” I whispered stopping myself from moaning it out.

“Say my name,” he whispered as he nipped at my ear.

“Edward,” I said, placing my hands on his chest. I was confused why all these little things he did attracted me more to him.

He took in one more breath and he pulled away, his eyes darker than usual. He cleared his throat, looking at me, “Oh, um the bear.” He said, he pulled me off his lap as he stood up and went rummaging through a desk. I could barely hear the noise he was making though, hearing my hammering heart instead. He came back over to me and handed me my most prized possession, Mr. Strawberry.

Forgetting the little moment him and I had just had, I squealed and hugged Mr. Strawberry to me, breathing in his strawberry scent. “Thank you,” I beamed up at the King just as what we had just done popped into my brain. My face flushed and I stood up, clutching Mr. Strawberry to me as I stared down at the ground. “Um, I better get back down there. Don’t want to be getting in trouble,” I chuckled awkwardly and I bowed my head before I started to make my way over to the door.

“Wait,” his voice said and after a few seconds I felt something wrap around my neck. I blinked and looked down at the card key that was used to get up to this room. “If you need anything, anything at all don’t hesitate to come up here, okay?”

I nodded my head gingerly, “Yes, my King,” I left the room before he could correct me on his name again. I felt my body become somewhat cold even though I had my werewolf heat.

What is wrong with me?

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