The Tragedy that was Kyrith Alvin

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Time flies by fast. At least for those who are in some way happy and have a reason.

Like me.

I am happy because of him and my reason is him. Vidal. That little thing that seemed to have filled me to the brim with a life I could never imagine having anymore before.

“Can you, like, please not watch this horrible shi- crap?”

And he was a stubborn foul mouthed little shit - though that’s probably my fault.

“Why are you back early?” I planned on a quiet night.

“Uh, cuz, daddy dearest, it’s your birthday?”

“Hold the sass, Vid. I swear teenagers are hell to be around.”

“Where are you going!”

“Don’t yell. I have an appointment with my department.”

“You know you’re rich, right?”

“The companies you dad left us won’t run themselves.”

He gave a roll of his eyes, earned a slap to his head, and then turned to watch The Notebook like he wasn’t just being a little shit at me for watching it.

I’d done as Kyrith requested, gone to his lawyer, settled all the bills and details and formalities, then asked him to take me to Vidal .

He was living in a high-class house with security and all and I still felt that the kid was miserable, and I hadn’t even seen him yet. Because when the white door to that huge house opened, I’d felt all my instincts raising at once.

No, Vidal really wasn’t safe here. He was miserable. The woman at the door was a classic example of a cruel stepmother. The beautiful the outside was, the horrible and messy the inside was. The walls hadn’t been painted, the floors were dirty, the clothes strewn about, dishes piled up and I could definitely scent smell of some rotten food.

Before I could even ask her to see Vidal, I’d heard his sobs and I’d just barged in.

“I swear it has never been like this condition before. I visit every 2 months!”

For whatever reason, I did believe the lawyer, Mr. Greene. He said nothing more as I approached the lanky, pale boy who had tears streaming down his cheeks, his hair mess and his jaw bruised.

“Da-are...are you my daddy Zyair?”

I held him tighter as I said yes and he seemed to completely dissolve in my arms.

“I dont want to stay with her, daddy, please.”

Damn right, he wasn’t. I don’t even remember how fast I’d thrown that highly paid nanny into jail, or how many times I cursed Kyrith, or held little Vidal through his nightmares as I worked a legal adoption. Kyrith’s lawyer, wills and leftover assets proved good help.

“Yo, by the way, I set up a blind date for you.”


“He is a good guy!”

“Is he your father?”


“Then no. And you are grounded.”

“You cannot ground a 22 year old man, dadda!”

“Man-child. I can ground a 22 year old man-child. I going to go take a nap, I am exhausted.”

“You know I love you, dadda. I just wish you’d try to be happy.”

“I am happy, Vid. Your dad left me biggest happiness in world.” I kissed his head. “Love you, little shit.”

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