The Tragedy that was Kyrith Alvin

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Vidal was having a baby and I couldn't tell what to do with this jittery boy that seemed lost. At last, Meera, gave birth to a little girl after 10 hours of labour.

"Dad, don't cry."

"I never got to see you like this." His hand that was running on her cheek stopped.

"You took me in, dad... You never saw me like this, no, but you did see me at my worst and my best and my most disgusting. That pretty much trumps this."

Vidal looked at me with a teary expression. He knew the truth about Kyrith and his mother, I told him when he was in high school. Hiding it won't do me any good. I was the step-father, and Vidal would know about it some day anyway, better that it comes from me.

I stayed in the hospital for a couple more hours then left. 3 days later Vidal, Meera, and little Kyra came home.

Since Kyrith left this wholeass mansion to live in, both Vidal and Meera lived here with me. They refused to leave me alone even if I was annoyed at Meera's constant need to keep me company.

"I always feel like Zyair is in depression."

I heard Meera say to our cook and Vidal on the breakfast table once. They both, dumbly enough, agreed with Meera.

I wasn't depressed. I was sad, yes, but loosing the love of your life when you weren't by their bedside - who wouldn't?

I tried to leave the mansion and but both Vidal and Meera vehemently denied. They also kept a close watch after that. Meera even bound me to a strict schedule for the office because I tended to stay there overnight.

Exhausted, I took a getaway car and left for the UK branch. And another 8 months later came little Kyra.

I call this a win-win, really. I wasn't nagged to death, and Meera was pregnant.

With the reason - an excuse, really - of helping Meera through pregnancy I was called back home again.

Now that Meera and Vidal were busy with Kyra, I took another getaway car the night of Kyra's 1 year birthday celebration for the UK again.

I busied myself with work desperately, ending up with long hours, short breaks, and insufficient sleep. Being away from kids at home was horrible. At least, when they were around I could forget Kyrith but my place in London was small, empty, and awfully lonely.

"Sir, your meeting at 3 was postponed to 5 in the evening."

"Okay. Also, shift the Huntington's 6pm meeting to tomorrow morning at 10."

I turned away from the London view from my office, smiled at the assistant who nodded, jotted down instructions and left.

I didn't take my blazer when I went for lunch, just my phone and wallet, and walked out of the building.

I was in an inexplicably good mood since waking up today, happy from within almost, and I haven't been so happy in a while. Maybe because the weather was blissfully warm today, and the piled up snow made up for a good view.

I drank 3 cups of coffee, ate muffins instead of proper lunch; and later, instead of going back to the office, I walked around.

Passing by the park, I watched the kids playing and wondered if the 2 year old Kyra was just as noisy. I missed her suddenly and wanted to see her but when I looked for my phone, I realised it wasn't with me anymore.

Must have left it at the cafe, I sighed but didn't move until it was almost evening and I remembered I had to go back, work again.

So I turned, walked across the road still in high spirits. But when I heard a scream I turned back to see a man who was running full speed my way until he wasn't…

The sound of rubber on asphalt came first, the burning scent next, and the pain - that came last, and almost unfeeling.

I saw the ground slipping beneath me, I saw the rushing people, I felt wetness on my chest, head, and neck, I heard loud murmurs and someone by my ear calling 999, and then it all disappeared.

Finally, it was quiet. Finally, I could breathe. I noticed the sunny sky and the snowy pavements and the children playing. I felt the fresh air filling my lungs and I felt the happiness deep inside me.


He walked up to me slowly, with a careless laughter, still looking as beautiful as ever.

"I always told you it's dangerous work."

I laughed. "I am not working."

"You didn't call back, ratty."

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry I was so selfish...I miss you.”

"You didn’t even know I wasn't okay."

”I...I. I love you."

"Are you sure?"

I glared at him, watching him laugh at me in response. He crouched by me, his hands working through my hair and I gave a sigh. My heart beat faster at his touch, it always did. I was so happy I felt like I was floating.

I love you too, ratty.”

“Enough?” I whispered, the damned thought never leaving my mind.

He smiled, leaned to kiss me and I wanted to kiss back. It's just.. I just suddenly couldn't move. So, I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. His fingers feathered gently all over my face.

Always more than enough, my Zyair. I love you more than enough.”

"Okay." I whispered. "Okay. I lived well as you said, without regrets so wait for me? I want to see you."


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