The Tragedy that was Kyrith Alvin

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“Life isn’t that easy, ratty!”

He is always making this excuse. Life isn’t easy, the situation is complicated, we need to see clearly...Plainly speaking he is only an asshole, truth be told.

“Yes, because you refuse to make it! Fight for it now at least, because you never do!”

“I have responsibilities.”

I have never felt so defeated with one man, never seen someone that was cowardly.

“Then don’t come back.”

“Ratty...Even if I didn’t want to, I always come back-”

“Get out.” He didn’t, so I stood to leave.

“Why are you making this so difficult?!”

“Do you love me?”

He just stared and stared and I got tired of his heavy gaze.

“I won’t take you back, can’t keep doing this to myself. Don't come back.”

I shook my head, so done with this horrible man I loved with my whole being. Why did I love him?

I didn't want to see him and he wouldn't leave my house, so I left.

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