The Tragedy that was Kyrith Alvin

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" -Okoro? hello? Can you hear me?”

“Why, yes, darling, how can I help?”


Oh, that cute blush. I almost wanted to eat those soft cherry cheeks, they looked lush and pink and adorable.

“I have a visitor for you.”

“Nobody knows me, little cherry, well, nobody I know knows me to be here.” My raised eyebrow got another blush or maybe it was words.

Why did God make such cutest humans? What was he thinking? According to a study I read, humans tend to pinch and squish cheeks of people they find cute all because they have the inherent urge to kill something they don’t know how to handle.

I think God was a junkie high on heroine when he was creating the world, to be honest.

“...has visited many times for 3 years. He’s persistent and not listed in your kin. You were asleep so we had to refuse him at all costs but now that you are awake, he’s adamant he wants to see you.”

For a second, my heart did stutter, won’t lie.

I imagined the man to be him and I imagined him wanting to see me at all costs. I imagined him relieved at finally getting to see me and being all overwhelmed. I imagined him yelling at me how dangerous it was, how stupid I was. I imagined him taking care of me like last time and kissing me and being...him.

And then I shook myself awake from the day dream and realized he didn’t know anything.

“-him in?”

“Excuse me? I am sorry, what was that?”

“Should I let him in?”

“Of course.”

I watched, with a weird anticipation in my heart, wanting him to step in that wooden door of the hospital room. I wanted him to have found me, to have looked for me.

I was guilty of being an asshole to him, I was a coward even, I think. But I still wanted him around just enough. I wanted my hallucination of his touch before I blacked out to be a reality, I wanted his touch on me, I wanted his smiles and laughter and not enough love. I wanted what he was willing to give now because it just didn’t matter anymore.

I just wanted him around, even as acquaintances. I had not talked to him for 6 years and as far as my stay in hospitals goes which counts for another 3 years - that was a long time.

9 years I haven’t been able to see, hear and touch him, and I felt starved of him, like my veins were clogged and swollen and he was the only medicine.


When the unknown man entered, my smile felt forced, my anticipation died, and my disappointment was very apparent.

"I am advocate Greene. I am glad to see you awake, are you doing good?”

“I am.” I smiled, pretty sure it looked like a wince-y grimace though.

“Good to know. Well, - ” he sat his briefcase down on the visitor’s coffee table and pulled out a few files and an envelope.

“- I am here on behalf of my client.”

My heart hurt because it was not him, it did. But I was very confused. And confusion was much heavier than hurt at the moment.

I didn’t know anyone that would send me an attorney, let alone have him pursue me so passionately for my 3 comatose years - as the cute cherry nurse had said. I had no illegal businesses, or enemies that I couldn’t kill or any debts or anything at all.

“Your... client?”

“Yes. Mr. Kyrith Alvin. I have his will and he was adamant I give it to you, pursue you, no matter what and hand it over. And if you don’t want it, you’ll have to sign a directive to put the assets where you wished - ”

“His will?”

The lawyer halted. Black blazer, black pants, soft peach shirt, a calmer smile and peppered gray hair - the man was a good presence with a soothing and natural smile on lips, and I still wanted to slug him to death.

Liars were worst things to be around.

“Um...yes, his will, Mr. Okoro. Mr. Alvin passed away 3 years ago.”

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