The Familiar

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*BOOK TWO IN THE STRANGER SERIES. READ THE STRANGER FIRST* It's been a few months since Bradley reappeared in Cloda's life. At first, she thought life was finally looking up...but for her, things never go the way she planned.

Romance / Humor
Mama Hoe ♥️
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Chapter 1

“You have no idea how much I hate you right now!” I said, struggling against the cuffs, “You are the reason why we are here!”

“Oh, do you ever shut up?” Harry snapped, “Bradley should learn how to train you to keep your mouth shut!”

“Go fuck yourself, you bastard!”

“Stop moving!” He said pinching me, “Don’t forget we are cuffed together,”

“Which is your fault,” I said, looking over my shoulder, “You should learn when to talk and when not to talk. If you had just stopped talking, we wouldn’t be in this situation,”

“Stop talking, for fuck sake,”

“I’m hurting,” I said, “My arms are hurting and my wrists are sore. How can anyone make us sit like this? I’d rather be cuffed to a chair than be back to back with you,”

“Do you honestly think that I want to be touching you right now?” Harry mumbled, “You make me feel sick and you need to work on your cooking skills,”

“Excuse me?” I said yanking on the cuffs, “You overcooked the pasta and the steak was disgusting!”

Harry gasped, “How fucking dare you! I was nice enough to cook for you because you were tired and you slam my food like that?”

“You started it,”

Harry tutted, “Don’t expect me to ever be nice to you again,”

“Even as a married couple, you were never nice to me. Everyone just assumed that we messed around with each other and loved each other dearly,” I said, “I want a divorce!”

Harry sniffed, “Do you smell that?”

“No, I don’t and why are you- wait,” I sniffed the air and my eyes went wide, “They are going to burn us alive!”

“Stop screaming! I’m trying to think!”

“Well think faster because there is smoke coming in from under the door,” I said.

“Fuck me in the asshole!” Harry exclaimed, “God, fuck. I don’t know!”

I bit into my lip and concentrated on trying to pull my bobby pin from my sleeve. I silently cheered so as not to give it away. I heard the click and I pulled my arms in front of me rubbing my wrists letting out a sigh of relief.

“What the fuck!” Harry said looking at me with wide eyes, “How the fuck did you pick the lock?”

I smirked at him and it quickly went as thick black smoke started to fill the room, “Bradley taught me. Shouldn’t you know how to do that?”

“I’m not like Bradley!” He said struggling with the cuffs, “Let me go,”

I coughed and pulled my top up to cover my mouth, “Why should I? You’ve been nothing but a pain in my ass, Harry,”

“Cloda, I swear to god, let me out!”

My eyes started to burn and I fanned the air, trying not to panic about the sudden heat attacking my back.

“I’m begging you!”

“As much as I want to leave you here,” I said crouching behind him, “I would feel so guilty that I killed you and I’m not sure I could cope with another dead person,”

“Thank you!” He said, jumping to his feet, his hands finally free, “We can leave through the window,”

I coughed loudly and stopped moving to the window as the smoke got thicker, blocking most of my vision. My eyes watered painfully and I felt Harry grab my hand pulling me into him.

“Do you think you can drop from here?”

I nodded not wanting to breathe in any more smoke and he gave me a boost to the window. I ignored the broken shards of glass cutting into my skin and I dropped the short distance onto the wet grass. I managed to move out of the way so Harry could land next to me, inhaling as much fresh air as he could.

Harry grabbed the top of my arm and I cried out in pain, “Ignore the pain for now. We need to get out of here before they realise that we have escaped and I don’t want to see their reaction,”

I nodded and jogged after Harry in the rain. It stung as it landed on my bare skin but it also felt refreshing to get rid of the soot left by the fire. I just hoped I didn’t have any singed hair again because Bradley took the piss out of me for a while after that.

“There is a car coming,” Harry said, “We need to reach the trees before it sees us,”

We jogged across the road and hid behind the trees just as a speeding car raced past. Harry lowered us both to the ground and he wiped the rain out of his face, watching the car skid to a stop.

“It’s them,” He said quietly, “We can’t walk along the pavement or we will risk being seen,”

“Then what do we do?” I asked, staring at the blood almost pouring from the cut in my arm, “I need the hospital,”

Harry looked at my arm and sighed, “Shit. Ok,”

He took his jumper off and tore the arm off, tying it tightly around my arm stopping the bleeding. He looked over my body and made sure the other cuts weren’t bad. I was sure there was a shard of glass sticking in my side but I was in too much pain to say anything.

“Cloda, is there any other wound that hurts more?”

I nodded and pointed to my side, “It feels like something is stabbing me,”

Harry lifted my top slightly, “That’s because something is stabbing you. Think Harry, think,”

He bit into his lower lip and brushed his hair out of his face as he stared at my side. I closed my eyes as I felt myself go dizzy and queasy and he slapped my face.

“Ow!” I glared at him, “Don’t slap me,”

“I need you to stay awake,” He said, “I’ll help you walk if you are dizzy. We need to get you to Luis quickly,”

He put his arm around my shoulder and helped me to my feet. We walked in the shadows avoiding every car and emergency services speeding past until we reached a car park. Harry leaned me on the side of the car as he pulled a bobby pin from my hair and picked the lock.

“I’m so glad people don’t use alarms on car’s anymore,” He grinned and gently laid me in the back of the car, “Try to stay awake, ok? I’ll get you to Luis as fast as I can without drawing attention to us,”

I nodded and my breathing became more shallow and it felt like my head was going to spin off my neck. My eyelids were too heavy for me to keep them open and when I closed them, everything went dark.

A/N: Make sure you read 'The Stranger' first.
This is book 2.
Stay weird. Stay fierce <33
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