Lewd and Lascivious Conduct

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Jolie Lennox is a recent graduate of Stanford Law school. Her hard work and dedication to perfectionism makes her a sought after new addition to several law firms. The one she chooses? The all boys club of east coast corporate law, Hutchins, Hutchins and Bond Attorneys at Law.  Being the only girl? Tough Being the only non-Yale graduate? Tougher Being mentored by a ridiculously attractive senior associate? Tougher still… *Sexual content*  Also... this story has a slow build, the steamy does eventually start, I promise.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The bustling foot traffic at the crosswalk starts to move and shove across the busy street.

I try to walk quickly but take care not to rush, otherwise my time will be off.

I look at the running stopwatch, 18.23. I'll go ahead and call that an even twenty. I stop my watch and look up at the shiny mirrored glass building in front of me.

A twenty minute walking commute from my horrible apartment to my new job. It could be worse, I could have to make several subway lines to get here.

My tiny studio in the meatpacking district is on the fourth floor of a six-story walk up. My legs are already protesting. Coming from the west coast I couldn't believe that there was no air conditioning. Come summer, I might be regretting this whole thing.

I notice a small cafe on the opposite corner of the block. I decide that as part of my due diligence, I should probably try it. It would be wonderful to have good options for coffee so close to the office.

I stare up at the building as I walk past it. Large, bronze letters proudly read "Hutchins, Hutchins & Bond Attorneys at Law."

I shake the nervous energy from my hands. I am the first female junior associate to be hired here in nearly ten years. I'm also the first non-Yalie to ever be hired here.

I need to represent women, the west coast and Stanford all at onces. It's a lot of pressure.

I got offers for junior associate positions from several law firms on the west coast, including the one I interned for every summer. There is something about this place though. Their reputation for hard ball, brilliant lawyering is well known.

I also love the idea of breaking up the boys club. These east coast boys have no idea what's about to hit them.

I'm all too aware of the people that expect me to fail. Being a lawyer is difficult enough as it is without having the added pressure of dealing with so many expectations. I know I can handle it, I've been underestimated my entire life. Something about my large eyes and petite frame screams "innocent kindergarten teacher" to most men.

For a long time it bother me to be seen that way. Eventually, I learned to see it as an advantage. They never see me coming. By the time they realize that they shouldn't let theur guard down, I've blown right past them.

How is it possible that woman are still treated as lesser in so many fields? Haven't we proven our worth a million times over?

The coffeehouse is busy, which is a good sign. I walk in and look over the expansive pastry case and refrigerated grab and go section. I'm already feeling excited to have this place so close. I can see myself here, often.

"Medium iced mocha with almond milk, please," I order when my turn comes.

Waiting for my drink I turn to look around the room. There is a decent mixture of people in athleisure wear and business attire.

For a Saturday I'm surprised by the number of people that are clearly working in corporate environments. I shouldn't be surprised, this is the city that never sleeps, of course people are working for the weekend. I haven't exactly picked a career that is known for it's easygoing business hours. I will, inevitably, be one of these tired looking, working people here on a Saturday in no time at all.

After grabbing my drink I head for the door. I can't help but smile with the first sip, I'll definitely be here often. A good cup of coffee is worth its weight in gold when you're up late reading kegal precedents and police reports.

Just a few steps out the door, I step directly into the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. A lady with a dog stops to tie her shoe, just as a cyclist rides by, her dog lunges at the cycling man causing him to swerve into the pedestrian walking lane. In order to dodge the bike coming at me I jump diagonally forward, directly into someone's body, then fall to the ground.

I am face to face with coffee stained sperrys. As I look up over the tight khaki shorts and pastel pink polo, I'm met with the angry face of a frat boy.

"Fuck! Watch it!" He hisses angrily, shaking his wet shoes.

"I'm so sorry!" I pull myself from the floor and rub my scraped hands together.

Shit, my palms and knees sting.

"It's fine" his voice is curt.

Before I can say another word he steps around me and into the coffee shop.

What a dick.

"Hey, sorry about that!" The cyclist says, "you alright?"

I give him a small smile, "yeah, I'm fine."

As he peddles off I pick up my empty cup from the ground. Welcome to New York, I guess.
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