Finding Jane Doe

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“Thank you for helping me today.” Jane says as Tommy bounces off of her lap to get yet another book. I’ve never seen that kid as taken with someone as he is with Jane.
“It’s no problem. Was certainly easier to move you than myself.” I say with a chuckle.
I’d moved out of my run down flat and into Ethan’s place the day after Brad fell through the wall. A lot more went wrong with the place after that, that it could have been considered a slapstick comedy.
But then I still can’t help but chuckle at the look on Brads face when he fell through the wall.
“How’s living with Ethan?” Jane asks, genuinely wondering. With everything she’s going through, all the frustration at not being able to remember anything, the exhaustion at having to build up her strength and the confusion over what she’s going to do now, Jane still has the compassion to care about others.
“Yeah, it’s pretty good. We mostly keep to ourselves.” I tell her.
Despite Ethan being one of my best mates, we don’t live in each other’s pockets, even when living in the same house and having the same social group. There’s a silent understanding that we both need our space.
“That’s good.” She states with an adorable yawn making me chuckle.
“How about a coffee?” I ask as I look at the time. It’s 4 in the afternoon and with everyone coming over here at 5, there’s no time for a nap.
“I’ve never had it.” Jane states.
“Seriously?” I ask, though I shouldn’t be surprised, she’s only been awake for 6 weeks. “Well, your in for a treat.” I say as I pull myself from the couch and make my way to the kitchen.
I pass Tommy on the way as he completely ignores me, making a beeline for Jane.
By the time I’ve made some coffee for both myself and Jane, and returned to the lounge room, Tommy is asleep in her arms.
I can’t help but laugh at the unsure look on Jane’s face as she looks to me and back to Tommy.
“It’s okay.” I chuckle as I put our coffees down and collect Tommy from her arms. “I’ll put him into his bed.”
I walk him up to his room and place him in his bed, watching as he snuggles into his pillow after I lay him down.
Returning to Jane, I see her stretching out her arms.
“He’s heavy.” She mutters.
“He won’t be once you build up some more muscle.” I tell her with a grin. She simply nods in understanding. I know it frustrates her, that she can’t walk far without getting tired, can’t lift much or do some things for herself. But it won’t happen overnight. It takes time and work, although I wish I could just click my fingers and make everything better for her, I know it’s not possible.
“So what’s actually happening tonight?” Jane asks. “Nicole mentioned something about tonight but didn’t say what.”
“Well,” I start as I put her coffee in her hands. “It’s just a barbecue with everyone to celebrate your discharge from the hospital.”
“Everyone?” She asks, her eyes wide with concern. I laugh out loud at the comical look on her face.
“Well, not everyone. Just Nicole and Brad, myself, Lucy and Seb, Tammy and Chris, Ethan and all the kids.” She nods her head and breathes a sigh of relief before bringing the coffee cup up to her lips and taking a sip.
I wish I had a camera ready to capture the moment. Her nose screws up, as her lips pout and she quickly puts the coffee on the table.
“Don’t like it?” I say as I hold in a laugh.
“It’s bitter.” She states making me chuckle.
“Sorry, I probably should have given you sugar. I just made it how I have it.” I tell her as I stand up to get some sugar.
When I return I place 2 spoons in and stir it before she tries it again. I watch in horror as she destroys a perfectly good cup of coffee by adding 3 more sugars to it.
“That’s better,” she sighs as it’s finally to her taste.
“I’m glad you like your cup of sugar.” I tease. She just shakes her head, a small grin on her face.
“My first coffee, I think.” She says with a wide smile, I can’t help but mirror her smile as I put my coffee cup up to hers.
“To many more firsts.” She clicks her cup against mine and nods her head in agreement.
“I should make a list of things I want to do, you know, the typical firsts I can’t remember if I’ve had.” Jane says with an excitement in her eyes I’ve never seen before.
“That sounds like a good idea.” I encourage, not wanting her to lose the spark in her eyes.
“Yeah,” she says as she bounces in her seat. “I’m always so focused on what I’m not remembering, what I could have experienced, and while I want to figure out who I am, and where I came from, it’s exhausting. Maybe focusing on experiencing new things would help.”
I smile as she jumps to her feet and searches the coffee table drawers for what I think is a pen and paper, remembering that I said something similar to her when we first met. I won’t mention that though, I’ll let her have this moment of caffeine induced clarity and help her instead.
“Speaking of my past,” she says as she sits down with a blank piece of paper and a purple crayon, no doubt Tommy’s, and plonks them on her lap. “How did it go looking at my police file?” She asks.
I sigh and lean back in my seat.
“There’s not much there. A truck driver found you on the way back from delivering supplies to a remote community. He was checked but was cleared of any wrong doing. There was nothing where you were found. Every lead they had on you was a dead end.” I tell her. She frowns and nods her head in understanding.
“Maybe I should go out there, to where I was found.” She states.
“It’s literally the middle of no where.” I tell her. “There’s nothing around it, the closest settlement is at least a days drive from where you were found.” She nods again, looking defeated. I tap my finger on the piece of paper on her lap to distract her.
“Let’s make a list of things to do, and focus on building your strength first.” I say with a smile. She sighs and smiles back, the spark back in her eyes.
“Okay.” She says as she takes the purple crayon in hand and gets ready to write.

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