Finding Jane Doe

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The music is pumping loud and most of the guests are past tipsy at this point. Kate and Chase’s wedding reception in full swing. The ceremony was beautiful, as well as hilarious as they stated their vowels. They really are the perfect couple, Kate has this mischievous, playful side, and while Chase comes across as serious and a bit mean, you can see how much he adores Kate. Chase has a reputation as a bit of an asshole, but honestly, since I’ve known him I haven’t really seen that side of him. Not that I know him that well, or Kate for that matter.

This wedding is different to Nicole and Brads, being the middle of February, the nights are still sweltering and everyone has a layer of sweat from the wedding being outdoors. But no one seems to mind, downing their beers and dancing up a storm on the dance floor. I’m just grateful that this time I can dance.

Currently, I’m dancing with Ryder, Chase’s brother. We are both acting like idiots, laughing at our stupid dance moves as the fast beat plays through the speakers. Ryder is absolutely charming, his dark hair and bright blue eyes that sparkle when he laughs are attractive, I’ve gotten to know him reasonably well over the past two days that he has been in Australia. He’s very laid back, compared to his brother, but then I hear that he hasn’t had it as hard as Chase has, though I’m not sure what that means.

The fast beat stops, moving to a slow melody and a tap on my shoulder has me turning away from Ryder and to the outstretched hand of Jordan. Smiling, I take his hand and he pulls me into his arms.

“Do you remember this song?” he asks. I listen for a moment, the soft female voice singing against the piano music and I’m taken back to Brad and Nicole’s wedding, when Jordan pulled me out of my chair to dance with him. My smile widens as I look up into Jordan’s brown eyes.

“This was the song we danced to after you tried to kill me in the wheelchair.” I say with a giggle, Jordan barks out a laugh and shakes his head, his brown eyes twinkling in the fairy lights.

“I didn’t try to kill you, you loved it.” He teases and I can’t help but nod, the smile not leaving my face.

“True.” I say as I rest my head on his shoulder, our bodies swaying to the music.

“You look like you’re having fun.” He says, his breath hitting my bare shoulder.

“I am,” I smile, not lifting my head from the comfort of Jordan. We don’t say anything else, just sway to the music as the song plays on. I feel slightly bad for ditching Ryder, though when I see him dancing with some other people, it extinguishes any guilt I have felt, knowing that he’s still having a good time. So instead, I enjoy the safety and warmth I get when I’m with Jordan.


Unlocking the front door to my home, I walk in and place my keys on the side table. The heat of the day made my walk home from work insufferable, but having missed the bus, I didn’t really have much of a choice. I walked through the lounge room and directly to my bedroom which had its own bathroom. I strip off and get straight into a cold shower, cooling down my body, the water refreshing and allowing me to relax.

It’s been 3 days since Kate and Chase’s wedding, they returned to the United States yesterday and I think they were planning to take a honeymoon in a couple of weeks. Ryder had left the day after the wedding with Kate’s friend Verity. We exchanged numbers and emails and decided to stay in touch. At work, Lucy has been questioning me about Ryder, asking if I have some sort of crush on him, though I don’t think that I do. He’s a nice guy, and definitely attractive, though I don’t think that I feel any differently about him than I do for any of the other men in my life.

When I get out of the shower and change into some shorts and a tank top, I walk out of the bedroom and into the lounge room. Jordan sits on the couch, flicking the channels on the television and I take a seat beside him. He must have gotten home while I was in the shower, as I hadn’t seen his car outside when I walked in.

“Hey, how was work?” he asks as I pull my legs under me.

“Not bad, walk home was brutal though.” I say as I look towards the TV.

“You should learn how to drive, I can teach you if you want.” I look over at him and nod my head.

“It’s on my list of things to do,” I say, “I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.” He nods his head in agreement.

“How is your list going anyway? Anything I can help with?” I lean forward and open the drawer of the wooden coffee table in front of us and pull out my list, which is now over two pages long. It seems as though every time I tick one thing off, another idea gets added.

“I’ve done all the simple stuff I think,” I reply as he takes the list from my hand.

“First page is nearly done, apart from your first kiss.” He states with a smirk and I can’t help the blush that forms on my cheeks.

“Lucy, Tammy and Nicole made me put it on there.” I mumble. He chuckles beside me and bumps his shoulder with his own.

“You should just get it over with, first kisses are over rated, they are always awkward.” He says, still chuckling.

“Awkward? What was yours like?” I ask, making him laugh out loud.

“Her name was Lauren, she had curly red hair that was always in pig tails, big glasses that covered half of her face and braces. She got picked on a lot.” He says with a small grin.

“Did you pick on her?” I ask, finding it hard to imagine Jordan being mean to anyone. He shakes his head.

“No, I actually had a bit of a crush on her, despite her looks she was a sweetest girl I knew. Anyway, when we were 12 I decided to kiss her, she obviously was thinking the same thing and leaned in at the same time, but with too much force. Her braces hit my teeth and chipped my front tooth.” He says laughing. I can’t help but laugh with him.

“Oh, that’s horrible.” I say with a giggle.

“I never went near girls with braces again, that’s for sure.” He laughs and I shake my head, the smile still evident on my face.

“So you think I should just kiss some random to get it over with?” I ask him, “Though, I don’t even know if its my real first kiss or not, but it will be the first one since I woke up.” I continue.

“I’m just saying, don’t expect it to be some magical thing, it most likely won’t be.” He tells me. I think on his words and then speak without thinking.

“Can I kiss you?” I ask, Jordan looks taken aback and I automatically giggle at the shocked look on his face. I had never even thought about kissing Jordan before, or anyone really. I’ve been too focussed on my past and building some kind of life for myself to view anyone romantically. I stare at Jordan as I can see his brain ticking over, seriously considering my question.

“You know it will be awkward as hell right?” he asks after a while and I nod my head.

“Yeah, but you also said that it would be awkward no matter what.” I state and he nods his head in agreement.

“Alright.” He says with a sigh, “but let’s agree that it won’t change anything between us, it’s just to tick it off your list.” I nod my head in agreement and stick my hand out towards him.

“Agreed.” He chuckles as he takes my hand.

“The things I do for you.” Jordan mumbles under his breath. I swivel around on the couch to face him as he does the same. We both stare at each other and I wonder what I should do. Should I just lean in and kiss him? The story of his first kiss comes to mind and I can’t contain the giggle that comes out. Jordan chuckles and shakes his head as I sit on my knees, bringing myself closer to him.

I watch as Jordan places his hand on my cheek and leans in slowly, his breath tickles my nose and I giggle again.

“Jane.” He groans, causing me to giggle even more before I take a deep breath to calm myself down. If this is what he meant by awkward, then I am definitely feeling it. He leans in more and softly places his lips on mine.

I wasn’t expecting Jordan’s lips to feel so soft, given he is all hard muscle, his lips are a stark contrast to his body. He moves his lips slowly against mine and I relax my mouth, allowing him to lead me. My eyes flutter close as his tongue runs over my bottom lip, my mouth automatically opens slightly, allowing him entrance. The feel of his lips, his tongue dancing with mine, and his calloused hand on my cheek makes my head spin, my heart race and heat pool in my belly. I can feel butterflies in my stomach as he deepens the kiss, his hand moving from my cheek to my hair, pulling me closer. The feel of the kiss is addictive, making me light headed and I wrap my hands around his neck, pulling him closer.

Slowly, we pull apart to take a much needed breath. My eyes blink open, Jordan still so close to me, his hand still in my hair while my arms are wrapped around his neck. I stare into his brown eyes that I notice are actually a deep chocolate brown, bordered with thick black lashes. Jordan looks at me with shock and awe, an expression I hadn’t seen on him before. I can’t seem to look away, drawn into his eyes like a moth to a flame.

The sound of Jordan’s phone beeping loudly breaks our moment and Jordan quickly jumps to his feet as if he was on fire, stumbling slightly as he fumbles for his phone in his pocket.

He grabs it out and quickly reads the message.

“I…” he clears his throat, “I have, I have to go… bye.” He stutters after reading the message and rushes out the door, leaving me sitting there wondering what just happened.

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