Finding Jane Doe

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I sit in the car trying to catch my breath and calm my racing heart, my hands clenched around the steering wheel as I stare back at the house. I honestly thought that kissing Jane would just feel wrong. Sure, I’ve always thought she was beautiful and downright sexy, and personality wise she is absolutely amazing, but I never saw her as anything other than a friend. At least, I didn’t think I did. But that kiss was something else. I’ve never kissed a girl like that in my life, never felt like that in my life, almost every part of me wants to jump out of the car and go kiss her again. But, it’s Jane. My friend. One of my best friends. Jane, who has no idea who she is and is trying to figure that out.

Sighing, I start the ignition and slam the car into reverse. Quietly cursing and thanking Ethan for texting me when he did. I don’t know what would have happened if he didn’t. But I know nothing can happen. We’re friends, that’s it, that’s all I see her as, nothing more than that.

The drive to the base doesn’t take long. I spend the entire time trying to stop myself from thinking about Jane, and that kiss, focussing on what Ethan wants. His message didn’t say much, just to get to the base ASAP, but I know it would be important. I show my ID at the security gates and wait for them to wave me through before driving through the base to where I see Ethan, Seb and Kyle’s cars parked.

Parking next to Seb, I get out of the car and shut the door before walking up to the doors. I find Ethan, Seb and Kyle in the locker room, all standing around apparently waiting for me.

“What’s going on?” I ask, looking from Ethan, to Seb and then to Kyle. Both Seb and Kyle shrug their shoulders so I focus my attention on Ethan, whose posture is stiff, his fists clench as he looks at Kyle. My brows furrow in confusion. What’s happening here?

“Open your locker, Kyle.” Ethan states, his eyes not leaving him. Kyle’s own posture stiffen as he looks to Ethan and then over to Seb, who simply shrugs and nods his head, telling him to do it. Kyle sighs and walks over to his locker, opening it up and then stepping away with a wave of his arm.

Ethan walks straight over to his locker and pulls out some of the items as Seb and I share a look of confusion. Kyle’s face gives nothing aware, appearing emotionless and bored as he watches Ethan go through his locker. Ethan pulls something out of the bottom of the locker and turns around, in his hand a stack of thick paper. He dumps it onto one of the benches and a bunch of photo’s scatter along it.

Kyle steps forward to grab them, but Seb places his arm in front of him, stopping him. Seb reaches over and pushes some of the photos aside as I take a step forward, looking down at them. There, scattered along the benches, are photos of Lucy, Jane, Tammy and Nicole. The first one that takes my eye is one of Jane in a bikini on the beach, the camera had zoomed in on her, taken at an angle that showed most of her body. My fists clench as I see a photo of Lucy with Hayley, both in their swimsuits and the photo focussing on Hayley.

I hear the metal clang of the locker, forcing me to look up to see Seb holding Kyle against the locker, his arm against his throat with a look of murder on his face.

“I’ve been set up!” Kyle yells, trying to squirm out of his arm. “They weren’t mine!”

Ethan steps forward, seemingly calmer than he was before.

“Earlier, Kyle and I had just gotten back from the gym, a photo fell out of his locker and he grabbed it up quickly, but not before I saw it. It was of Jane. That’s why I called you all here.” Ethan states. Despite him looking calm, I can tell by his voice he is anything but.

Seb tightens his hold on Kyle, glaring at him as he holds him up against the lockers. Kyle swings his knee up and gets Seb right in the stomach, making his grip loosen. In a second Kyle is out of his hold but I grab him as he starts to move past me. My vision goes red at the thought of him taking photos of Jane, especially without her permission and I throw my fist at his face, hearing the satisfying crack of bone. I let him go, seeing blood drip from his nose as he stumbles back into Seb. Seb grabs him, spinning him around and giving him his own punch.

I’ve never seen Seb filled with absolute rage, I knew he wasn’t someone I would want to be on the receiving end of a punch from, but seeing him absolutely livid is scary. He throws punch after punch at Kyle, knocking him to the ground he straddles him and continues to punch his face. Ethan jumps behind Seb, pulling him off of Kyle.

“Let me go.” Seb growls, his eyes not leaving Kyle who is groaning on the ground in pain.

“No.” Ethan states calmly from behind him. “We go by the books. You kill him now, your career is over, and you will be in jail. Think of your wife and kids.”

Still tense and filled with rage, Seb simply nods and Ethan lets him go. Seb isn’t stupid enough to risk everything on a low-life like Kyle, but when Kyle smirks at Seb, I can’t help but stick my boot into him. Ethan gathers up the photos on the bench and hands them to Seb.

“You need to take these to the commander.” Ethan states. Seb snatches them out of his hands and storms out of the room, not without glaring at Kyle as he leaves. Kyle rolls over on the floor and tries to stand but I place my foot on his back, pushing him back down.

“You, stay there.” I growl at him, knowing the military police will no doubt be coming for him. I only saw a few photos, but given one was of Hayley, who is only 6 years old, I’d say he’s in a lot of trouble.

“It’s just some photos of some dumb bitches. Who really cares.” He groans, earning another kick from me. Ethan crouches down and leans over him.

“One of those photos was of a six year old girl you sick fuck.” He spits, punching him once again for his own pleasure. I realise then, that while Seb and I had both laid into him, Ethan held himself back, keeping a cool head so that at least one of us can make a rational decision. I’m grateful for that, as my own thoughts are only going to how I could dispose of his body.

It doesn’t take too longer for the commander to show up with the military police. He doesn’t say anything about the condition of Kyle as the MP’s pull him away. By the look of pure disgust on his face when he looks at Kyle, I know he couldn’t care less about what we did to him.

I sit down on the bench and bring my head in my hands. It’s a huge betrayal, having someone on your team do something like this. Having someone who you trusted with your life turn out to be so despicable. I think back to my first opinion of Kyle. I couldn’t fault him, and that in itself made me uncomfortable. Everything he did and said was exactly what you would want to hear, exactly what you would want to see, yet we didn’t see past that. We didn’t see the type of person he was behind his fake persona. What surprises me is that Ethan didn’t see it. I know from previous conversations with Ethan about Kyle, he couldn’t get a read on him. He didn’t think he was a bad guy, but he couldn’t read him how he could usually read everyone else. That in itself should have been a red flag.

The three of us sit in the locker room, lost in our own thoughts, trying to process what happened before going our separate ways.

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