Finding Jane Doe

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6 weeks after waking up, they are letting me leave the hospital. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. In the 2 weeks since Nicole’s wedding, I have been out twice, both times with Nicole, Lucy, Kate and Tammy. But that wasn’t for more than a few hours. Now I’m being discharged. Left on my own, to figure out my own life outside these four walls.
Although, I know that’s not entirely true. Nicole and Brad are letting me stay with them, and I will still have appointments at the hospital, mostly physiotherapy to keep building up my strength. Plus I have made some good friends already, Jordan coming to mind. He has visited most days since the wedding, taking me out to the hospital gardens where we talk and laugh for hours. He’s easily becoming one of my best friends. I feel like I can be completely honest with him, like he doesn’t judge me that I can’t remember anything. He doesn’t try to push me to remember either, he just helps me create new memories and figure out my own likes and dislikes.
While I feel comfortable with Nicole and all the others, there is a part of me that feels like they befriended me out of pity, whereas with Jordan, it feels like he’s getting as much out of this friendship as I am. I feel like an equal, not like a poor girl who no one knows. I am grateful to Nicole and Brad of course, they have been nothing but kind to me, but there is a part of me that feels like a burden to them. Whereas Jordan seems to enjoy my company as much as I enjoy his.
As I pack up the small amount of things I’ve accrued over the past six weeks, the majority gifted to me from Nicole, a knock on the door has me looking up from my neatly folded clothes.
Jordan walks in and plonks down on the bed. It amazes me how relaxed and at home he can be when I see him. It makes me wonder if he’s always like this or if it’s just with me.
“How’s the packing going?” Jordan asks as he looks at the one bag I have.
I indicate to it with a little laugh. “My entire life is now packed away.”
He grins and shrugs his shoulders. “I’m sure you will accrue more useless junk in the coming years. We all do.”
I sigh as I sit down on the bed next to him, our shoulders touching as I stretch my legs out in front of me, matching Jordan’s position.
“I don’t know how. I don’t have any money, or education, I don’t know if I’ll even get a job.” I say with a frown. Jordan looks at me confused.
“What about that fundraising page?” He asks me. I stare at him, completely confused.
“Fundraising page?”
“Yeah, a few of the nurses here set it up for you when you woke up, people from all over the world donated towards it. Hell, I even threw in five dollars, but that was before I knew you.” He states.
“Awe, would you have put in more?” I tease.
“Nah, I would have only put in 2, that way it’s still tax deductible.” He answers with a cheeky grin. I push his shoulder and laugh at him.
“You’re mean.” He simply chuckles and throws an arm over my shoulder, squeezing me to him. “But honestly, I haven’t heard anything about it.”
“Heard anything about what?” We hear Nicole’s voice call out from the door as she walks into the room wearing her scrubs. Her baby belly is more prominent than yesterday when I saw her, I can’t help but smile at how cute it looks.
“Jordan was telling me about some fundraising page for me.” I tell her.
Nicole purses her lips and glares are Jordan. “It was supposed to be a surprise. We were going to show you tonight when you got home.” She tells me. Jordan raises his hands in defense.
“You know if you had have told me that, I wouldn’t have said a thing.” He admits.
“Oh well, it will still be a bit of a surprise when you see how much was raised. We would have told you sooner, but you didn’t really need it in the hospital so we thought it would be nice once you were out.” Nicole said. I smiled and nodded my head.
“I’m just surprised strangers would donate to someone they don’t know.” I say, not really knowing what to do with the knowledge that people were willing to hand over money to me.
“People hear stories like yours and want to help. They hate the thought of what happened to you, happening to anyone, so they do what they can.” Jordan tells me.
“Anyway, I just came to check on how your going, I have to get back to work.” Nicole says and I look at her confused. I thought I was going back with her? Or was I mistaken. Before I can full on panic at the thought of having no where to go, Jordan squeezes my shoulder.
“That’s what I’m doing here, I am your chauffeur today to take you to Brad and Nicole’s.” He tells me.
“Brads home with Tommy who has a bit of a bug, so Jordan volunteered.” Nicole states. I look at Jordan and give him a smile.
“Thank you.” I say earnestly.
“I’ll see you at home Jane.” Nicole calls out as she leaves the room. I call out goodbye and smile back at Jordan who grins in return.
“So you ready to go?” He asks. I nod my head and move to get off the bed.
As we walk out the door I turn to look at the room that has been my life for as long as I’ve known it. It’s the only home I can remember, and now I’m forced to say goodbye.
I feel Jordan’s arm wrap around my shoulder and I sink into his massive frame, absorbing the support he gives me.
“Come on Jane, let’s get you to your new home.” He says softly before leading me out of the ward.


Brad and Nicole’s home is just what I imagined it would be. Sitting just a couple of blocks from the beach, the three bedroom home is spacious and filled with natural light. The large lounge room, strewn with toys looks cosy and inviting.
As soon as we step through the door, my legs are attacked by three year old Tommy. I’ve met him the last 2 times I went out with the girls, along with all their other kids.
Tommy took to me straight away. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes like Nicole, but doesn’t really look like Brad at all. I learnt that’s because he is adopted and is actually Nicole’s biological nephew.
I crouch down and hug Tommy, taking in his snotty nose and red eyes. Nicole said he was unwell.
“Hey Tommy!” I say as I ruffle his hair. He gives me a toothy grin then runs off.
“I don’t know where he gets the energy, even when he’s sick he doesn’t stop.” Brad says as he enters the room. Brad doesn’t look much better than Tommy, his hair messy, his eyes tired, he looks utterly exhausted.
“You look like crap, mate.” Jordan voices my thoughts.
Brad just laughs it off.
“Tommy was up all night, Nicole had to work today so I let her sleep. Now Tommy’s full of energy. I’m waiting for him to crash out.”
“I’m happy to keep Tommy entertained if you want to get some sleep Brad.” I tell him.
He pauses for a moment, obviously hesitant as I’ve never looked after him before, I’ve never looked after me before, but he concedes quickly.
“That would be great. I’ll show you around first.” Brad states.
He shows me through the dining and kitchen areas, where my room will be, Tommy’s room, bathroom and his and Nicole’s room. Then he takes me downstairs to what looks similar to the gym I see the physio at.
“Feel free to use anything in here to do the exercises the physio gave you.” Brad says as he shows me the room.
“Seb said you were vain, but damn mate.” Jordan mutters, taking in the wall of mirrors. I can’t help but stifle a laugh as I take in Brads embarrassed face.
“Pre Nicole, definitely.” He says in defense. Jordan just laughs and we follow Brad back up the stairs.
I pause momentarily on the stairs, my muscles weakening from all the walking. Although I can walk further than before, the effort to walk down the stairs put strain on my muscles.
I feel Jordan move up behind me, his hands grip my waist, holding me steady.
“You okay?” His deep voice asks. I nod my head.
“Yeah, I just need a minute.” I say as I grip the rail.
“Do you want me to carry you?” He asks and I shake my head. I’ve started to hate feeling helpless, having people do everything for me.
“Okay, I’m just going to keep my hands on your waist, just in case, when you’re ready, just take one step at a time.” Jordan states. That’s one thing I like about Jordan, he doesn’t force me to do something I don’t want to do, he just encourages and supports me to do things for myself.
“Thank you.” I say. Using the rail, and feeling the comfort of Jordan behind me, I pull myself up the next step.
It takes a while, but we finally make it to the top where Brad waits with a massive grin on his face.
“Good job, Jane.” He says with a squeeze to my shoulder. I smile towards him as we move towards the couch and I collapse on it, Jordan sitting next to me, my body utterly exhausted.
Tommy walks straight over to me and climbs into my lap, I grin down at the gorgeous little boy as he shows me a book.
“Why don’t you get some sleep Brad?” I tell him.
“Are you sure? You’re about as exhausted as me at the moment.” He asks. I nod my head.
“I’ll be fine, my recovery time is getting quicker everyday.” I say
“I’ll stick around for a while.” Jordan says, making Brad relax a bit more.
Brad nods and stands up, he ruffles Tommy’s hair and tells him to be good.
“Come get me at anytime ok?” I nod my head and he turns to leave. “Oh and Jane?” He asks as he turns around again.
“Yeah?” I ask.
“Welcome home.”

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