Star-crossed lovers

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Jake is a Masked singer who has just had his big break, the catch? Outside of the mask, Jake is a socially awkward and anxious kid. Because of that, he is determined to keep his true identity a secret. That is till his crush-Kai En who happens to be Singapore's youngest influencer and his biggest fan, starts to uncover his identity for her big break.

Romance / Drama
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The Meeting

" I'll be lying to you if I said I had moved on. Truth is you've left a mark on my life that can't be erased..." Jake sang as the crowd went wilder and wilder as he sang. "Cause you’re perfect in my heart" The crowd sang as Jake pointed the microphone in the direction of the crowd. The night went on with Jake continuing to sing as many songs as he could. As the show was almost ending, he proceeded to end off with a goodbye to the audience. "Good night New York city!!! Have a great night everyone! See you at the next performance!!" Jake yelled as he walked off the stage. "Jake, how many times do I have to tell you to stop yelling into the microphone? If you're going to do that, do it without the microphone." Jake's manager said. "Hey man, that was a GREAT performance. Congrats on your first world tour! I know Just the place that has fantastic Chicken Rice." Jake's best friend, Daniel said excitedly. "Eh hello, we’re in America leh. Eating chicken rice in america is like eating wanton mee without the wanton- pointless. Let’s go eat something special" Jake laughed as he shakes his head disapprovingly.
[Two weeks later, back in Singapore....]

Jake and Daniel sit in the classroom, almost falling asleep as their math teacher, Ms Wong goes through Grammar in a monotonous voice.*Ringggg* the bells rings signalling the end of the lesson. Everyone in the class stands up excitedly and starts packing their bags. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING? THE BELL DOESN'T DISMISS YOU, I DO." Ms Wong bellowed. Sighs and Groans filled the air as everyone unpack their bags. " Wahh, why is Ms Wong always like that? She's gotta... Wait are you even listening to me?" Daniel said angrily. "Hello?? Earth to Jake, Earth to Jake." Daniel said as he nudged Jake. "Huh? Yea Ms Wong is the worst." Jake said as he replied half-heartedly as he gazed at a girl sitting across the classroom.
"Chey. You're in Love town again. Bro if you like her that much just go talk to her lah. Plus, not like you got anything to lose." Daniel said. "You know I can't, she's an influencer with 3k followers and everything. I'm just a ..." Before Jake could complete the sentence, Ms Wong slammed the table and yelled at Jake to stop talking.
" Dude you just sang in front of like what… hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands of people 2 weeks ago and now you’re afraid of talking to a female? " Daniel whispered softly. "Alright class, hand in both compos by tomorrow. You're dismissed." Ms Wong said. Groans filled the classroom as the students packed their bags. " Jake, Kai En stay back I need to talk to you all about something". Ms Wong ordered. "Ooooo trouble in Paradiseeeee" Daniel said mockingly.

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