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This story has depression, self harm, and violence so please read at your own risk

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Chapter 1

Blood dripping from her wrists as she hung there from her bedroom ceiling. Teared stain cheeks, and pale blue lips they new they were to late to save her. She was far to gone now.

Her boyfriend Jake couldn't believe his eyes. She was hanging there, no life left to see. No sparkle in her eyes, or her beautiful smile smiling back at him. Just a limp body of is girlfriend Maddie.
Her best friend Alex was even more of a mess seeing her childhood friend hanging there in the very room they created memories as kids, and even as teenagers.
At that moment everyone from, kids in school to her family, then knew they pushed her passed her limits, and it was there fault. They were the reason 17 year old Maddie Hunter had committed suicide. They were what cause her pain everyday enough for her to take her own life leaving her love ones she had left devastated. With her last words goodbye, with a box full of letters to the ones she loved.
I couldn't take it so I had said goodbye and committed a sin of killing myself.
You all might be confused of how we got here, so let me tell you my story.
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