Who Are We Fooling?

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Chapter Eleven - The Rom Com Montage

I looked at him and smiled before reaching for his wine glass and taking a sip from it. He watched him, a slight smile danced on his lips and he held his hand out.

I put the glass back down and placed my hand in his. We moved out onto the dance floor, One of Brennan’s arms sat on my hip while the other held my hand. We swayed to the music, it was soft and ethereal, easy to get lost in.

“I’m sorry I disappeared.” Brennan murmured.

“It’s okay.” I paused and looked over at Jaq and Sam who were both watching us. “Only I think your parents are on to us.”

Brennan’s eyes connected with mine, I could see fear in them he frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“Your Mom thinks we behave more like friends than lovers. I told her that the best relationships start that way so of course we’re friends, and we’re just being coy out of respect.”

Brennan grinned. “You always were good at thinking on the spot.”

His smile fell and he swallowed, he looked washed out with sadness and I hated it.


“I’m going to be lost without you.” He stopped and my stomach twisted into all kinds of knots. “A-at work of course.”

I nodded, of course.

“You’ll find someone.”

Brennan just nodded, moving our hands until they sat on his chest.

“Not like you.”

I smiled and looked past Brennan at his parents who were still watching us. I chewed on my lip and returned my gaze to Brennan.

“They’re watching us.” I replied.

“And?” Brennan replied.

“Kiss me.” I whispered. “We’ve come this far Brennan.”

Brennan smiled down at me, he let my hand go and lifted it to my neck at first and my cheek. His thumb grazed my skin, and his touch once again spun through me, setting off volts of electricity, bringing me to life.

“You sure?” he asked, his mouth moving ever closer to mine.

“Yes.” I replied, sounding confident, feeling anything but.

Brennan’s lips pressed against mine and the night before came flooding back. Everything, each moment. They way he’d muttered ‘Fuck’ before coming to me. I let my hands move up his chest and connect behind his neck. The room, the music, the people all faded to black until it was just us, standing there, still slightly swaying to the music. Kissing. I didn’t want it to stop though ultimately I knew we’d have to. I felt something, something more than I should and right now I could pretend this actually meant something. Finally Brennan pulled back, but only so our lips parted, his forehead stayed connected with mine.

“That’s not the first time we’ve done that.” I murmured.

“No.” Brennan replied. “And I wanted to-”

Before Brennan could finish the MC started to speak, asking everyone to take their seats to allow the Bride and Groom to have their first dance. Brennan and I walked off the stage, back to the table where His parents sat.

Kate and Alec walked out, Kate was in a new dress, a shorter one. They danced together, and you could tell just by watching them that they felt like they were the only ones there. When the song ended Blake started the Speeches.

Jade followed then Brennan stood up.

“When I look at my sister and see how happy she is, and how happy Alec makes her, I feel thankful that someone else has to put up with her dad jokes, Never again will I have to piggy back her over fields incase she was stabbed by the prickles, When she’s upset it’s no longer my job to sit on the phone with her and make farting sounds until she laughs.”

As Brennan spoke, a ball of emotion filled the diameter of my throat, I couldn’t breath or think, only listen. I looked at Kate, whose eyes were brimming with tears.

“Kate, Alec, I love you both. To be completely cliché and steal all of the lines from all of the movies you made me watch growing up ‘I’m just a boy, standing in front of a couple telling them that it’s gonna be hard, you’re gonna have to work at it everyday, but everything will be as you wish, because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.’ To Kate and Alec.”

The room burst into applause, Kate ran over to Brennan and wrapped her arms around him. My eyes couldn’t move from him. He’d turned the most iconic lines from Notting Hill, The Notebook, The Princess Bride and When Harry met Sally like it was nothing.

Brennan sat down and looked at me with a smirk on his face.

“What?” he asked, playing dumb. “You think you’re the only one whose watched his fair share of rom coms. I have a sister who cried to get what she wanted on our movie nights growing up.”

I laughed and watched as Jaq stood up, she talked about how Kate had been a mischievous little girl who’d always found a way to wrap her brothers or her father around her little fingers. It was sweet, Kate was almost a mess as her father stood.

“My youngest, my baby. Married and in love with a man I’m happy to call a son. The day I first met Alec I knew she’d found someone special. When a father has to give away his daughter he’s only prepared to let her go to someone truly selfless and worthy. I’m not sure if many of you know, but I’m retiring this week and Blake and Alec will be taking over Wolf Wines.”

Sam continued talking, I looked at Brennan whose face was blank. I slipped my hand in his and he looked at me, forgetting his father and the speech that seemed more like a boardroom statement. We were still looking at one another when everyone began to clap once more.

Suddenly the food was being served. We were all eating when Sam started talking again.

“Did you hear me Boy?” his tone was clipped. Brennan looked up and over at his Father.

“Excuse me, Sir.” He said dutifully, he sounded nervous. “To what are you referring?”

“Blake and Alec will be taking over the running of the winery. I’m getting old and your Mother wants us to travel.”

“Yes Dad. I think it’s wonderful. There is a lot of beauty in the world to see.” Brennan sounded more relaxed. He stabbed his fork into a piece of steak.

“Does it not bother you that you’re the eldest, that it should be you running Wolf wines?” Sam’s voice was gruff, Jaq placed her hand on Sam’s forearm and quietly asked him to stop, but Sam didn’t. “You are selfish, and unable to put family first.” Sam stopped and looked at me. “And you should run, before you have to put up with it too.”

“Dad!?” Kate and Blake exclaimed in unison

Brennan’s fork dropped on to the plate.

I’m not sure what came over me, why the blood in my veins turned to fire. I don’t know why I felt so angry and protective but I did. I pushed my plate forward, and my seat back.

“Do you even have any idea of who your son is? Do you even care? He is more than a success in his own right, he is a brilliant businessman, intelligent and innovative beyond belief, and I’m sorry you couldn’t have him here, but only because he would have been an asset like you’ve never seen. I’m happy he felt strong enough to leave and do his own thing, even though it hurt you because he needed to be himself somewhere else. Brennan isn’t perfect, no one is perfect, but he is far from selfish. He donates millions of dollars to charities and businesses that could otherwise not afford the technology they require to run. He doesn’t owe you his happiness in order to prove that he loves his family. I’m sorry A parent’s love for their child shouldn’t be conditional, he shouldn’t have to prove he loves his family in order for you to love him too.”

The words left my mouth before I could stop them. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me and my face began to heat up. I’d fucked up royally, I’d verbally attacked Brennan’s father at Kate’s wedding in front of everyone. I turned my head and looked at Brennan whose eyes were wide, there was the hint of a smile on his face though and he held out his hand.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.”

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