Who Are We Fooling?

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Chapter Twelve - Fall With Me

Before anyone could say anything, I slipped my hand in Brennan’s and we walked out of the gazebo. The muted music and chattering resumed as we walked away.

“Brennan!” Kate’s voice called after us.

Brennan stopped by the altar, his hand still firmly around mine. Kate hugged him.

“He shouldn’t have treated you like that.” She murmured.

“It’s nothing new.” He replied. “Go, enjoy your reception. Save me some cake.”

“Of course.” Kate replied before looking at me, she smiled and then pulled me into a hug. “He’s so lucky to have you.”

She disappeared, leaving the two of us standing at the head of the altar. I looked up at Brennan and pursed my lips.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered. “I’ve probably made things worse.”

Brennan didn’t say anything, he just turned and tugged gently on my hand as we headed toward the driveway. The quads from the shed were parked at the end, Brennan pulled a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked one. He climbed on and then held out his hand for me, once I was sitting he took my arms and slung them around his waist. The quad started and he sped down the gravel road, the further we got from the wedding the quieter it was. The air was warm against my skin as we rode. My arms rose higher, gripping tighter onto Brennan, I could feel him breathing and it was somehow calming. Brennan rode the quad into the shed and turned it off. He threw the keys at the wall and then paced the floor. I climbed off the quad and before I could straighten my dress and ask if he was alright, Brennan had his arm around my waist, his mouth was on mine and his hand cradled the back of my neck. All at once I felt like I couldn’t breath or think or be. I pushed him back, softly though.

“I don’t understand. How are you not angry?”

“Angry?” Brennan asked, sounding confused. “How could I be angry?”

“I was rude, I just couldn’t listen to another second. I spoke so harshly to your father.” I lifted my hand to my mouth.

“He needed to hear it.” Brennan replied. “And i’m not mad. I’m in awe. You are amazing Grace Reynolds.”

Brennan stepped forward again, he lifted his hand to my face, his fingers curled around mine and moved my hand off my face. I searched his deep brown eyes, trying to figure out what was happening. His thumb grazed my bottom lip.

I knew what was coming, I knew he was going to kiss me again and I didn’t want to stop him. I wanted to get lost in it, tomorrow we’d be on a plane home, this entire fake relationship at an end. We could have tonight.

I nodded slightly, which was all the persuasion he needed. Our lips met again, only this time it was more intense and uncontrolled, Brennan’s hands wandered, touching me everywhere that he could as if to commit me to memory. His lips left mine, and trailed down my neck, his fingers slipped the thin strap of my dress down as he peppered kisses on my shoulder.

“Should we go to the bedroom?” He whispered through staggered breathing and kisses.

“Yes.” I agreed, unable to say anything else.

Brennan took my hand and we ran out of the garage and up on to the deck, stopping to kiss again before we’d even opened the door. I undone the first three buttons of his shirt and pulled the fabric open, his smooth olive skin was glowing in the moonlight. I pressed my mouth against the warmth of his neck.

“Grace.” He mumbled, his voice strained.

He picked me up off the ground, pushing the dress up to my hips so my legs could wrap around him. We must have stopped at least three more times, to kiss and discover one another along the way. Once we were in the bedroom Brennan placed me down and closed the door.

We undressed, Brennan pulled at his suit, popping the rest of the buttons and loosening the tie. He was topless in front of me before I’d even reached for the zip of my dress. Brennan caught me again, his hands helping mine to free me of the tight bodice and overflowing lavender fabric. The dress fell to the floor and he picked me up off the ground again stepping over it as he walked to the bed.

He lay me down hovering over me for a moment before moving down, kissing my chest, he lifted me, just enough to arch my back so he could unclasp my bra. He was an expert at it, which if I’d had time to think it about, it might have given me pause but I didn’t because then his mouth was on my nipple, circling, flicking and sucking. I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my lips, nor the intense feeling it gave and sent straight to my center. I hadn’t been with anyone since college, and I’d made it seem like I had when we’d been talking. Maybe I was going to be trash. I felt my body tense and Brennan must have felt it too because he stopped, his face was suddenly in line with mine again.

“Do you want to stop?” he whispered, his word clear and calm. His eyes were full of concern. I shook my head and took his hand in mine, placing it over my thumping heart, my naked breast.

“It’s been a while.” I whispered. “I don’t want to be bad at this.”

Brennan smiled and kissed me before pulling back. “I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

Our frantic kisses took over my noxious worries, I kicked off my shoes while he removed his suit pants. When we were both in little more than our underpants Brennan slid his hand below, underneath the sheer fabric and over my center. He touched me, gently at first, building up a pace before slowing right down again. I writhed beneath him, arching my hips, hungry for more.

I needed him, sooner rather than later and I could tell by the way he moved against me he needed me too.

“Brennan.” I moaned. “Please.”

He let out a guttural groan getting up on his knees and pulling my panties off in one sweep. He reached for his wallet on the side of the bed and opened it, pulling out a condom and tearing it open.

Then he was inside me, the point of no return. We were perfect together, pieces of a puzzle aligned. He lifted my arms above my head and secured them with one of his hands before peppering kisses down my neck, his free hand caught my breast, hungrily he lapped at the sensitive flesh before returning his lips to mine. I felt alive with want, my body full of all the feeling I’d been suppressing all weekend. The butterflies in my stomach were set free. Brennan’s hand let go of my wrists, he cupped my cheek and gave me a look I didn’t understand, his eyes were soft and his mouth parted.

I closed my eyes, and grasped at his shoulder. His pace quickened, I couldn’t remember ever feeling like I did right now, granted I had little experience, but sex was sex right?

“Look at me.” He whispered.

I opened my eyes and locked them with his, my thoughts disappeared. All I knew was this moment. He moved closer somehow, until our bodies were almost one, and slowed his pace back down. We moved together, long and deep until my body could handle no more.

Still I couldn’t look away, not even as my climax began to engulf me. I called his name, because it was the only thing I wanted on my lips, and he kissed me, his own breathing ragged as he started to shake.

“Grace.” His voice was barely a breath, his lips were against my ear.

We stayed together for a moment, both unwilling to end this tryst just yet. It had to end though, Brennan fell on to the bed.

He got up and disappeared into the bathroom. My heart hadn’t stopped thumping since the scene at the wedding, though now it was thumping for a different reason all together. We’d crossed the line, but ultimately it didn’t matter because in a few hours we’d be on our way home. This would all be over.

I was now another one of Brennan’s girls, another in a long line of one night stands. I turned over and closed my eyes. I’d let myself get caught in the moment and while I couldn’t bring myself to regret it, I knew that it had changed everything.

The bathroom door opened and Brennan climbed into bed. He moved closer to me, and pressed his warm, still naked body against mine, his arm snaking around my waist.

I contemplated pretending to be asleep. Cutting myself off before I needed to let myself down easy, but it was futile. I wanted to kiss him again, because sooner rather than later it would be the last time. I turned over and faced him, his lips pressed a kiss to my nose.

“You okay?” he asked softly.

I nodded and kissed him. His mouth was ready and for a few minutes we got caught up in one another again. Making out like teenagers who were pushing curfew.

“I’m okay.” I whispered, pulling back from the kiss. “What about you.”

“I’m better than okay.” Brennan said softly.

I wanted to stay awake, but in Brennan’s arms I felt exhaustion overwhelm me. I could feel his heart keeping time with mine and it wasn’t long before I drifted into a deep sleep.

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