You’re Mine

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When new student Daniella Scott finds interest in the senior class good boy Ashton Samuels. She can't help but mark her claim and takes what's hers. ------------------------- Excerpt "What did I tell you!" I shout at him "T-that I'm y-yours" he replied while looking down Walking over to him I grab his chin in between my fingers and make him look at me. "Now gorgeous was that so hard?" I asked in a softer tone. He shook his head no. "Good, because you're mine!" I said as I smashed my lips onto his.

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Chapter 1

Dani's Pov

"Get up" My mom’s voice broke me out of my sleep. "We're here and help with the bags." She said as she turned off the car and got out.

Rubbing my eyes with the back of my hands I unbuckle my seat belt and step out of the car. Closing the door I look up to our new home. It's nice-looking I guess better than our other ones.

Walking to the back of the car I see my sister taking our suitcases out of the car and placing them on the cement.

Grabbing my suitcases I roll towards the front door with my mother and her bags in front of me and my sister behind with her bags. Stepping inside the house with our bags echoing off the walls.
"Dani your room is the last room in the hallway. Max your room is the second room on the left. I'll be ordering pizza so I'll call you down." My mom said as my sister and I walked towards our room.

Dragging my suitcases up the stairs I open my door to my room and walk into my room I can't help but silently thank my mom for delivering our furniture before I got here.

Leaving my suitcases by the door I quickly take off my shoes and run and jump on my bed.
Landing face down I couldn't help but close my eyes. As darkness quickly approached my door was slammed open.
"We really are opposites," My sister said as she walking into my room

"What are you talking about?" I ask while flipping over to lay on my back.

"My room is black as your room is white, but that's not why I came in here mom said pizzas here," Max said as she walked out of my room.
Walking towards the kitchen I see my mom and sister sitting at the island eating. Walking up to them I quickly grab a plate and place two pieces of pizza. Sitting down across from my sister I start eating.

"I know you're gonna hate me but school starts Monday for you guys." My mom said as she placed her pizza down.
"Really mom" My sister complained while I just rolled my eyes.

"Yes, and on the bright side, the rest of our stuff comes tomorrow. Meaning" My mom said as she looked at me. The thought finally clicked in my mind.
"No way!! My baby's coming home tomorrow?!" I reply excitedly

My mom just nodded her head as my sister and I started cheering. That means no smelly cramped bus rides.

We continue to talk till 11 pm and my mom told us she works tomorrow so we'll have to unpack the rest of the boxes. Letting my mom get to rest my sister and I clean up the kitchen.

"You think dads happy?" My sister asks me, handing me plates.

"I hope so...he deserves it," I reply putting the dishes away.
Saying goodnight to my sister I make my way up to my room. Walking over to my suitcases I unzip and grabbed some pj’s and underwear and head to my bathroom.
Turning on the water and grabbing a towel I step out of my clothes. Hopping into the shower careful not to wet my hair that's in a bun. Washing my body with my coconut wash and brushing my teeth. Stepping out of the shower and wrapping my towel around myself I make my way back into my room and slip in my underwear and T-shirt. Hanging my towel up I make my way over to my bed and turn off the lights and let sleep take me
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