Strange Magic

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Chapter 8

“Huh, Jayd-“ Elijah said turining around not knowing that you came back. Of course he tripped and fell right on Jayden (no surprise there). Jayden stumbled backwards running into the crafting table. Elijah was on top of her as she hung her arms on the crafting table. “Ow” Jayden plainly said with a light pink blush on her face. “Oh uh I er I-I-I am so sorry Jayden!” Elijah yelped getting off of Jayden. “Thank you” Jayden said dropping to the floor. Averie and Logan started laughing and so did Jayden and the flusterd boy. “Alright NOW who is ready to go to the End?” Jayden asked jumping up from the ground. “ME!” Logan called out excitedly. “Same! Can’t wait kill him! Uh the dragon I mean” Averie said munching on an apple. “The Ender Dragon is a girl btw” Jayden commented correcting Averie while sharpening her sword. “Huh? Really? That’s pog” Logan said. *meanwhile in Elijahs mind* ‘*staring at Jayden* she’s so amazing, she’s so brave, caring, funny, she knows so much about Minecraft. How she hugged me in the stronghold that was adorable. She really is perfect’. *out of Elijahs mind* “uh Elijah? You good?” Jayden asked. “Uh hm what? Er- uh sorry- I- uh sorta zoned out” Elijah said with his face turning pink. “Alright then, let’s head to to stronghold and get back home!” Jayden exitedly said walking out. “Yo Elijah do you want me to show them where it is or you since you’ve been down there for 2 days” Jayden jokingly laughed nudging Elijahs arm. “Uh y-you can” the blushing boy answered. “Alight, Let’s go!” Jayden exclaimed walking to the stronghold. ‘Elijah is so cute, how he easily gets flustered, it’s so adorable, teasing him is so fun, you have to do this Jayden no pressure, comon just defeat the dragon and you go home, easy enough right? Except that our lives depend on this. HOW AM I MAKING THIS ANY BETTER FOR MYSELF!’ Jayden thought as she jumped down mlg water bucketing down once again. She left her water so everyone could jump down, once they all were in the stronghold she collected her water and lead everyone into the portal room. “Hey can one of you block off the entrance so mods don’t attack us?” Jayden asked distorting the silver fish spawner and killing the annoying gray creatures. “Yea I got it” Averie said as she blocked it off with birch planks. “Alright everyone sleep in this bed, idk if we would respawn if we die, but it’s better to repawn here then back at the house” Jayden said placing down the bed. “Wait but we are going to need all the beds we can get for the dragon” Logan explained. “I have more beds dont worry” Jayden said. “Ok game plan, 3 of us take out crystals, the other one needs to collect ender pearls, once the crystals are gone I’ll go in , once she comes down, and use the beds. Then everyone can attack with bows and stuff” Jayden explained. “Ok sounds good”.Averie said as she threw some trash in the lava. “Anyone hold at distorting the crystals?” Elijah asked. “I’m a boss at it no cap!” Logan yelled. “I bet I can destroy more then you!” Averie announced. “Alright bet!”. “Ok you two got the crystals, we and Jayden can get ender pearls” Elijah said as he put his arm on Jayden’s shoulder. “A-alright it’s a plan” Jayden confirmed walking up the steps and carefully placing the eyes of ender in the portal frame. Averie ran up the steps and started mimicking Jaydens actions. “Averie what r u doing?” Jayden asked turning the corner. “I’m helping” Averie said turning the corner. “Uh ok whatever,ok y’all ready” Jayden said with one pearl left. The two boys walked up the steps and walked across the portal so everyone was across from each other. “Y-yeah i guess” Logan said looking down into the lava. “Ok before we go in, if one of us ends up dying, what are we going to tell everyone? We got sucked into Minecraft and so and so died, no ones going to believe that!” Averie explained. “Well we’re not going to die, everyone look out for each other, we will make it back” Jayden comforted looking around at everyone. “Ok we got this I’m ready” Elijah said nodding at Jayden. “Wait dose everyone have a water bucket?” Jayden asked. Everyone had one except Elijah. “No, I don’t” he said. “Ok well you can have mine then, id rather you have it, I couldn’t live with myself if u died Bec u didn’t have water, plus I have hay bales, I’ll be fine” Jaydens said giving Elijah her bucket. “o-oh u-uhh thank you” Elijah blushed. “Ok now is everyone ready?” Logan asked. Everyone agreed, Jayden placed the last eye in, *Vrumble* the portal was complete,”ok on three” Averie said. “One” Logan said “Two” Elijah said getting ready to jump “Three!” Jayden yelled jumping into the blue green black portal
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