Strange Magic

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Chapter 9

Falling onto her knees Jayden looked around from the moon colored floor of the new world “ok we’re here y’all know what you have to do let’s go” she said getting up and building a bridge. “Race ya yo the crystals!” Logan yelled running across the newly finished bridge “oh your on!” Averie yelled after him. Leaving Jayden and Elijah together. Jayden gripped her sword handle tight as she walked to the group of endermen. “H-hey you good?” Elijah asked looking over at her “*sigh* I’m just afraid someone is going to die” she said looking up a tower “Jayden listen to me” Elijah said grabbing her wrist pulling her to him “non of us are going to die, we are all awesome at Minecraft and defeated the dragon multiple times! We got this! Like how you said before we all will look out for each other is something does happen” Jayden smiled “thank you” Jayden said hugging Elijah with a blush on her cheeks. Her action turned Elijah bright red “of course” he said hugging her back “now we need to get ender pearls bet I can get more then you” Elijah said pulling away “ bet!”Jayden yelled running to the group of ender men. *shes so adorable* Elijah thought watching Jayden destroy the slender creature “THATS ONE!” Jayden yelled waving the pearl. *all the crystals were destroyed and peals were collected Jayden started to run to explode the dragon* “CRAP! Someone kill the enderman that’s on me!!” Jayden yelled running “on it!” Elijah yelled killing the creature. “HOLY CRAP!!” Jayden yelled flying into the air *crap crap crap crap* she placed a hat bale just in time but still took A LOT of damage only 2 hearts left “*groans* owwwwww” Jayden yelled from the ground, she somewhat army crawled herself to a tower to lean on for support, Elijah came running over. “JAYDEN!!” He yelled kneeing beside her” JAYDen a-Are you ok?!” Elijah panicked. “Y-yea I’m f-fine…two hearts is plenty
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