Strange Magic

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This story is about these two girls who go to a magic school and at a certain age they need to find their familiars. These are partners to help with magic they are the boys. The two girls had an unexpected turn of events when playing Minecraft.... (Warning there are spelling errors)

Romance / Humor
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Magic school

BEEP BEEP BEEP! “nuuuuuuuu! no school!” Averie said from under wraps covers trying to find the snooze button. “Ugh why do I have to get upppppp?” She said as she sat on the edge of her bed stretching. “OH FIRCK TODAY IS SCHOOL!” Averie remembered as she quickly jumped out of bed to get ready. She washed her face and put on her uniform. It was a white button down shirt with a black button jacket with a red and silver tie with a black skirt(but exceptions were made for other students) It is now 8:45am “OH SHOOT IM LATE!” Averie yells as she grabbed an apple of the counter and ran out the door. Thankfully she made it just in time to her class and was still able to catch up on stuff with her friends. “So today class ,since you all are now the right age, you will be finding your familiar.(That’s what I’m calling it) you will meditate trying to connect with your familiar, I will make exceptions for this assignment because it is not always easy. Remember familiars are like friends and companions NOT pets! So don’t treat them like one! Now we are going to learn more about them open your textbook to pages 263 and 264.” ‘we are going to find our familiars! Eeek I’m so exited!!’ Averie excitedly said in her head as she thought of who could be her familiar. RING RING RING “ok class is over, but remember to find you familiar, and once you do they are like friends and companions NOT pets! Have a nice lunch!” (The time is crazy in this ik) “Jade! I’m so so so exited to know who my familiar is!” Averie said to her best friend. “I know! Me too! I just hope I’m already friends with them, I don’t want to be living with someone I don’t like or know.” Jayden said as she packed up her things. “Yea, BUT I’m still super super exited! I’m going to start as soon as I get home!” Averie announced. “Well good luck then!” Jayden said as they walked out of the class room to the field for lunch. The two girls were talking about nonsense while they walked outside “dang why can’t we have short sleeve uniforms my gosh!” Jayden announced rolling up her sleeves. “Ik it’s super hot today” Averie commented already wiping a bit of sweat from her forehead. The two girls started eating their lunch in their favorite place to eat at. Under a big Oak tree that was sort of close to the soccer field. “PASS IT OVER HERE YOU IDIOT!” You both heard someone call from the field. “HERE!” Some other guy yelled as he passed the ball, but instead of stopping the ball the one guy barley missed the ball. It wizzed passed him and BONK hit Averie in the shoulder. “WHAT THE HECK! WHO THREW THAT?!” She yelled jumping up and grabbing the ball ready tho throw it at someone. “Ave chill it looked like an accident” “yeah she’s right actually” the guy who missed the ball came over to retrieve it. “Mhmmmmm yeah sure” Averie said ‘wait actually he is pretty cute, agh what am I thinking’ she was yelling inside of her head(don’t ask) “uh can we have are ball back?” The guy asked. “I’m Logan btw” he commented “o-oh yeah sure, here” Averie said handing the ball to Logan “and you are?” “Oh sorry I’m Averie!” “Well nice to meet u Averie!” Logan said smiling. “Uh nice to meet you too Logan!” Averie said waving as he walked away. “Oh my goodness that was so awkward😣 he was pretty cute tho ngl” Averie said sitting back down. “I can tell it was awkward” Jayden said as she started to eat again. RING RING RING “well that’s the bell guess we gtg” Jayden said packing up “yeah ur right I don’t want to be late again!” Averie said as she packed up. The two girls walked into the school ‘dang why are these hall ways so long and crowded’ Jayden thought dogging someone
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