Strange Magic

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Chapter 2

As they walked in the school in the crowded hallways, they were struggling to find their next class... jayden was walking and talking to Averie at the same time, and she didn’t even notice what was in front of her! So she walked, and ran over someone!!(she is a bit clumsy) “oh no I am SO sorry! I didn’t see you ther-“ Jayden stopped talking as she was speechless for what she saw. A tall, dark haired boy, who was SO CUTE! She was drooling🤤
“h-hey, im j-jayden do you like cheez- I mean- err-uhhh- Star Wars??” she said holding out her hand her hand. He looked at her like she was crazy 😂 *shakes her hand while talking* “Hi? My name is Elijah, -and yes I do like cheese😂😂 and the mandalorian. I haven’t watched all the movies yet.” *jaydens jaw drops* “WHAT?! Omg you HAVE to see it! They are the best movies in the world no cap!” *averie laughs because of her crazy obsession with Star Wars*Elijah replies, “Well I guess I will have check it out then, if they are the best movies in the world😆 Hey I got to go, I’ll see you around maybe?” Jayden stutters, “yeah- totally I’ll miss yo- I mean what uh yeah uh-...” *Averie face palms again and comes in and says, “what she MEANS to say is she will see you later too. Have a great day!”

*on the bus ride home*

“WOW Ave did you see that?? Him?? I think he likes me🥴” Jayden excitingly says. “ Yeah, I saw that😂 And from what I saw, you need more practice talking to guys🤣(Averie laughing replies)You will get better overtime, especially since you have this awesome bestie to help you 😎”

*Elijah walks on the bus*

“OMG Ave, (jayden whispers) he is coming on our bus which means... HE LIVES CLOSE TO US!😁😁” “ooh I wonder where he lives!” Ave said. “Enough talk about me and that Elijah kid, let’s talk about what happened at the Soccer field earlier!, (Jayden smirks and nudges Averie.) now THAT was a connection.😉😏” “Oh PLEASE it was not. 🙄” Averie annoyingly says. “I know one when I see it. Admit it. You like him. Logan is your man Averie just admit it before i smack you with my flip flop which I somehow carry around everywhere with me.” Jayden threatens. “FINE I really like him I admit it. He’s is just so cute JADE the fluffy hair I MEAN JADE DID YOU SEE THAT FLUFFY BROWN HAIR😍😍” *the bus intercom chimes in* Ok everyone, find a seat we are ready to g-“ “WAIT! DONT LEAVE YET HOLD ON!!” A boy voice from the outside runs to the door and starts knocking on the bus door in hope of it opening. The bus door opens and what a surprise, it’s LOGAN! Logan sits right next to Elijah. Both Averie and jayden look at eachother and smile.

*bus ride home to the neighborhood*

“Ok jade, this is our stop. (Since they lived right next to eachother)” Averie says. “Yep it is.” Jade replies. The bus door opens and they walk out. But they noticed that Elijah and Logan walk out after them. As Averie and jayden walk home they realized that- OH MY, LOGAN AND ELINAH LIVE IN THE SAME BEIGHBORHOOD AS TGEM!! “Jayden, this is crazy!” Jayden ignores Averie and catches something comping from Logan and Elijahs convo while they walk. She caught something that sounded like this: “yep, I’ll be over at 8 to play tonight, ok cous?”. Jayden all of a sudden stops. “AVERIE- YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT I JUST HEARD! (She whisper/ yells) THEY ARE... ELIJAH AND LOGAN ARE COUSINS?!?!
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