Strange Magic

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Chapter 3

“Wait what?!” Averie whisper yells to Jayden. “Well that’s what I heard” Jayden replied. “That’s crazy!” Averie exclaims. Jayden agreed with her. The two girls reached their houses “hey you want to come over and practice magic, or play video games?” Jayden asked Averie before they separated “Ooo ok! Let’s go!” Averie yelled as she grabbed Jaydens arm and ran up to her best friends house. “Do you know if those to girls are ok?” Elijah asked Logan as they turned to their houses “I have no idea, but the Averie is pretty cute ngl” Logan replied with a slight smile. “Is that Jayden’s friend?” Elijah asked “uh well if that’s the other girls name, then yes!” Logan said “i had such a weird encounter with Jay....”Elijah trailed of as he looked toward the house the two girls and saw Jayden unlocking the door and kicking Averie inside. “AH WHAT THE HECK JAYDEN!” Averie yelled a bit too loud as she jumped up from the ground. “What the was tha-“ Logan also trailing off looking toward the strange girls. Unknowingly the two boys stared at the two girls(not in a creepy way lol) “NO IT WAS A JOKE!!” Jayden yelled as she ran trying to escape he best friend “NO HET BACK HERE!” Averie yelled as she chased Jayden down the sidewalk. Still not aware that the two boys were watching you two. *Thud* Jayden slammed into the concrete with Averie on top of her. “Owwwwww that was not necessary” Jayden said in pain as she looked to her right to see where they were. “Well next time don’t kick me!” Averie yelled. “O-oh H-hey Elijah, Logan.” Jayden said as she tried to wave from the ground. “Wait what-“ Averie asked as she quickly looked toward her right “o-oh hello Logan Elijah! Sort- I mean sorry you had to see that” Averie said as she got up rubbing the back of her neck. “It’s alright don’t worry!” Logan said as he walked toward them. “Uh you ok Jayden?” Elijah asked looking down at her. “Y-yep! Perfectly fine” Jayden said as she jumped up “wait hold up, were you watching us the whole time?” Averie asked the two boys “uh n-no no-t at all!” Logan replied as he rubbed the back of his neck looking away. ‘Cute’ Averie thought as she smiled “mhm sureeeeee”. “Well we better go it’s getting late” Elijah said as he dragged Logan inside. “See ya girl later!” Logan said as he was being dragged. “Y-yeah see ya!” Elijah said waving goodbye. “Bye!” Averie said waving back “see ya later!” Jayden said. “Ok com-on I need to beat you at bed wars!” Jayden exclaimed grabbing Averies hand and running inside...*with the girls* “What just happend?!” Jayden yelled “uh well you kicked me and I pushed you and Logan and Elijah watched us the whole time” Averie said in a casual way. “And you say that like it’s normal...” Jayden said as rolled her eyes “...ok but for real he’s cute” Jayden said. “Logan is so cute my gosh! His floofy hair my goodness!” Averie said as she reached for chips. “Hey you know what tomorrow is Saturday and I’m already here I could just sleep over!” Averie said as she dug into Jaydens chips. “That’s fine with me, NOW TIME TO BEAT YOU AT BEADWARS!” Jayden announced. “Oh your on!” Averie shouted running to the PC. *wi the boys*
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