Strange Magic

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Chapter 4

*wi the boys*

They Stop at the end of the Sidewalk that separates their houses. “I wonder what the heck was wrong with those girls ! But I have to admit that Jaydnw girl is kinda attractive ngl...” Elijah says to Logan while blushing. “Haha did you see the way Averie kicked her to the ground? That was so hot 🥵” *silence as Elijah stares at Logan* “.........sigh*”did Elijah. Logan gets embarassed and turns red. “Wellllllll anyways, who’s house we going to?” Asks Elijah. “Let’s go to mine, because my mom said you can sleep over tonight.” Logan excited replies. “Awww yesss! We are gonna stay up so late and eat so many snacks😃” “oh yeah!!!”
The boys go into Logan’s house and get their stuff set up.
Logan asks, “Hey, Elijah. Do you want to play minecraft?? I’m boss at it😌” “of course! But can we play bedwars first??? I wanna smoke some kids😎”Elijah smirks. “Definitely. Fosho. Das coo.” Logan says. So then they load onto minecraft and then go into bedwars. As they play, their first game they are one of the two teams left. The other team was really good! “Oh my gosh Logan who is this team?!” Elijah yells. Logan yells back, “I have no idea! But whoever they are are very very good at this game!!😫” So they sat on Logan’s bed trying their best to beat these people.

*Meanwhile at the girls house*

“JAYDEN THESE PEOPLE ARE SO GOOD!!! How th can we beat them?!” Averie screams. “It’s ok, don’t worry Averie it’s gonna be fine. These boys must have bee practicing!” And then they all of a sudden won the game! Averie and Jayden won! “HOORAY! VICTORY!!” They both yell while chest bumping. Little did they know that those people were Logan and Elijah...

*meanwhile back wi the boys*

“NO WAYYYYY!!! WE JUST GOT BEAT BY GIRLS!😭😭” Logan yells dissapointed. “Hey Logan, we should chat with them in game. Maybe get their snap or number??” Elijah suggests. “For sure! Let’s see if these girls have phones.”

*back wi the girls*

“Jayden... they just asked if we have a phone number... should we give it to them???” Averie looks surprised asking jayden. ‘if we get these boys number then what about Elijah? Will I ever have a chance with him if I get another man instead?’ Jayden thought. Then she made up her mind and told Averie her answer. “Yup! Of course! That’s a risk I’m willing to take.” “What do you mean risk??” Averie asked, knowing what jayden meant. They could read eachothers minds sometimes because they thought alike. Even though she wanted Logan, that was a rush she was willing to take. “Nevermind.”

*they give their numbers*

*back with the boys*

They get out their phones and are about to text them. They overthink on what to say first. Then they send, “hey, is this the girl from the game?” To each of the girls. The girls reply with yes. “Ok, I think we should ask for their names.” Logan says to Elijah. “Are you sure? We just met them in the game!” “I’m sure alright.” Logan confirms. “Alrighty then!” So they send a text asking for their names.

*back with the girls*

“Jade, they asked for our names.” Averie says. “Yeah! I saw that! Should we give it to them??” Jayden asks. “I think we should. What is the worst that could happen?” So they send their names.

*back with the boys*

“WHAAAA-?!?!” Comes from the two boys.
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