Strange Magic

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Chapter 5

“WAIT AM READING THIS CORRECTLY??!!” Elijah announced jumping up “Wait what’s her name?” Logan asked “I-it’s Jayden” Elijah said is disbelief “WAIT- then that must be Averie that I hit with the ball!” “Wait you hit Averie with a ball?!” Elijah asked. “Uh erm- it was an accident” Logan said “mhm sureee” Elijah said with a smirk. *Ding* “Jayden asked what my name was” Elijah said “Averie asked the same” Logan said showing Elijah his phone. “Let’s tell them!” Logan said jumping up. “Ok!” Elijah said already typing.

*with the girls* “I wonder if we possibly know these guys” Averie said still waiting for an answer. “There’s a possi-“ Jayden trailed off “What’s wrong?” Averie asked. Jayden put a hand over her mouth and started walking around “WHAT TELL ME!” Averie demanded. Jayden showed her the message. “WAIT THAT WAS ELIJAH! *ding* AND LOGAN!” Averie yelled in disbelief. “This is crazy!” Jayden said excitedly. “Fr” Averie squealed.

*wi the boys*
“Dude they are crazy good at Minecraft” Elijah said sitting back down. “Fr, it didn’t seem like they were gamers” Logan said sitting back down as well. *Ding* “Jayden asked if we would want to start a survival world with them” Elijah said reading the text. “TELL HER YES DEFIANTLY!” Logan said jumping up again “why so you can play with Averie longer” Elijah said with a smirk. “Like you don’t want to play with Jayden” Logan said smirking as well.

*with the girls*
“I hope we can play longer with them!” Averie said “I hope so too” *ding* ‘yeah sure we would love too!’ The text from Elijah read. ‘Great! Hey would you two like to come over so we can communicate easier and stuff?” Jayden asked Elijah.

*wi the boys* “DUDE! Jayden asked if we would like to come over to play!” Elijah said showing Logan the text. “WHAT! OK tell her that sounds great we’ll be over in a sec” Logan said packing his computer and charger in his bag. “Ok let’s go” Elijah said excitedly

*with the girls*
“Ok they are heading over!” Jayden said with a squeal. “This is going to be so pog!” Averie said shaking Jayden *ding dong* the door bell rang. “Oh gosh they are here!” Jayden said “LETS GO!” Averie yelled as she ran to the door, and slid on the tile when Thud she hit the door with her foot. “Averie really?” Jayden said cautiously walking to the door. “OWWWW THAT HURT!” She said grabbing her foot and hopping aside. Jayden opend the door to reveal the two boys waiting. “Hello there! Come on in” Jayden said inviting the two boys inside. “What was that bang on the door?” Logan asked. “Oh that was Averie she hit her foot on the door”Jayden explained. “Hey guys” Averie said from the stairs. “Ah that make sense, you good Averie?” Logan asked concerned. “I’m fine!” Averie said as she jumped up. “Oh yeah be carful the floor is slippery” Jayden warned the them as she showed them where they would be playing. “Ok thanks for the warNING!” Elijah said as she slipped and fell. ‘How can he be so much more adorable?’ Jayden thought. “You ok Elijah? that sounded like it hurt.” Jayden asked helping him up. “Y-Yeah I’m ok, thanks” Elijah said standing up. Jayden showed everyone where they would be playing. “Ok imma make the world” Jaydnw said loading the game. “Sounds good! And you two are amazing at bed wars bu the way!” Logan complimented. “Thanks! We’ve been practicing” Averie said winking at her best friend. “Ok world is complete y’all can join” Jayden said “ok I’m in” Elijah said as he hit Jaydens avatar. “I’m in!” Averie and Logan said in sync. “W-wait what’s happening I can see through my hand! Jayden asked worried “WAIT WHAT?” Elijah said grabbing her hand to inspect it but failed “wait I can’t even grab you hand!” Elijah said in disbelief. “Guys it’s happening to us too” Logan said putting her hand through her leg. “Oh no no no no no-“We’re Averies last words as the group dissaperd. *mimecraft landing noises* “agh w-wait a- are we in the game?” Elijah asked looking around. “Oh no no no no no, so uh we got sucked into Minecraft and I don’t know how, but I think the way out it’s to defeat the Ender Dragon” Jayden said. “What gives you that idea?” Averie asked looking at herself to make sure she was all in one piece “because I read a book like and it was like this, it’s honestly our best shot” Jayden replied. “Well we better start we need to complete this quickly!” Logan said running to the near by forest. “Ok Logan you get wood, I’m going to look around. Elijah and Averie you can get wood and start mining for stone and stuff” Jayden said walking north. “Alrighty then” Elijah said standing there not knowing what to do first. “Yes ma’am!” Averie said as she ran over to Logan to get wood for a pickaxe.
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