Strange Magic

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Chapter 6

As averie and Logan collected wood, Elijah found himself wandering around the forests, forgetting what Jayden assigned him to do. He was daydreaming and stuck in his thoughts... “Dang. I kinda like how that jayden girl is so bold and leader-like. When she was telling us what to do, I couldn’t help but just stare at her beautiful strong eyes. She really is per-“ and then Elijah stop thinking as he ran into a stone wall. “Where the heck am I??”... Elijah was lost in the forest...

*with Averie and Logan*

“Ok Logan, we have about 20 stacks of logs. I am going to take these back to Jayden and tell her my plan for the house, and you go mine some cobble so we can make more tools and essentials ok?” Averie tells Logan. “Bet. I have plenty of pickaxes left,” Logan replies. “What do you plan to do for the house?” “Oh it’s going to be great. Not just a nice design, but it’s going to have functions and parts unlike normal houses. Jayden will love it.” Averie excitingly replies to Logan. “That sounds dope.” Logan smirks.

*Averie arrives with jayden*

Jayden is looking around for villages and open land. Averie ran up to her and showed her all the wood her and Logan retrieved. “Jayden! I got all this stuff, and you will LOVE the house I’m going to make for us to live in while we get closer to going to the End!” Averie excitingly says to Jayden. “Ok let’s see it!” Jayden says. *averie shows jayden the blueprint she already made, and all her plans for it.* “Woah Averie, that’s impressive. I’m glad you got this house thing under control, because it looks like it’s going to be great.” *averie smiles* Now I found a nice flat area that is located close to a village, and the village is where we are going to find the stronghold, which is where we will find the end portal. Go ahead and build it there, (she points to the area) and I will be exploring the village to collect some food and essentials before we head to find the stronghold.” Jayden explains. “Yes ma’am! I’m on it.” Averie excitingly says and darts over to build the house immediately..

*with Elijah*

(Talks to himself)“What on earth- I totally wasn’t paying attention.... wait I think I found some iron! Jayden is going to be so proud of me.” Elijah digs to get the iron, and finds himself digging into a cave. “Woah. This is a gold mine. Literally!” Elijah goes off and mines as much as he can see. He makes a iron pickaxe and decides to mine a bit deeper. “Everyone is going to be SO proud of me. When they find out I-“ something hits Elijah, and knocks him back about three feet. “Wha- OMG a freaking spider jockey what???” *gets hit again* “OUCH!” Elijah tries his best to fight it off, and finds a pool of lava. He decides to risk his life and dived into the jockey, pushing it into the lava. He just made it out. “Oh my gosh that was close! But oh my lord this arrow in my shoulder hurts like BISCUITS!!!” He screams. He then turned around and tried to find his way out of the cave. When all of a sudden he sees a glimmer at the corner of his eye. He looks around and sees that he just discovered some diamond. Jaw dropped to the floor, He goes to mine it. But Elijah did not think to dig underneath before digging the diamonds out. So when he dug it, he fell!!! “OH MY GOSH WHATTTTT”.... was that it?? Was Elijah going to die?? Nope. Instead he found himself in a weird stone area, that was dark, and kinda looked like a prison.

*Back with everyone else*

Averie finished the house, while Jayden wrote down all the supplies they would need for the End. Logan then came up and tapped jayden on the shoulder. “So jayden... you won’t believe this. I was mining for cobblestone, when I found a dungeon with a pickaxe that had fortune IV on it! I came apon a ravine about 20 minutes after I found the pickaxe. Look at all this MOOLAH I mined! This oughta be enough for 4 full sets of diamond armor.” *jaydens jaw dropped* “Ok y’all keep surprising me. No way you just did that.” “Yup” “Btw, Did you get any Obsidian for the nether portal? I need to head out there to get some netherite to upgrade all this diamond armor we are about to make.” Jayden asks him. “Sure enough I did!” (Hands over the obsidian) “Ok great! Imma start making this, and then head out to the nether tomorrow to get some netherite. We almost completed the list to head over to find the stronghold!” It is dark, and Averie calls them over to sleep before everyone starts getting crazy. Because Averie knew how confusing jayden got at night.

*the next day*

Averie and Logan wake up to see that Jayden is out of her bed. “Where did she go?” Averie asks confused. “I know exactly where she is.” Logan replied. He heads to the window of the newly finished house, and points to the already built nether portal outside. “Oh that’s where she is isn’t she?” Averie asks. “For sure. She was talking about it yesterday. She probably got a head start.” Logan says. Averie comments, “she probably has 20 netherite by now, knowing that she is always strong willed to get everything done right and fast. She is a hard worker.”

They went down to eat breakfast, when jayden walks back inside, carrying 21 netherite. “Look who finished the list!” She yells.
“No. Way.” Averie and Logan say together. “So we are ready to head over to the stronghold? Today?!?!” Averie excitingly asks. “For sure. I’ll make the armor, and you guys go collect food to take on the trip. Go make potions and everything you may need at the End.
*at this point they are wealthy in the game, with lots of food and resources.*

*Later on that day*


Little did she know that she was going to the same stronghold that Elijah got stuck in? But she did not know he was down there... what will happen next??
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