Strange Magic

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Chapter 7

Jayden grabbed 2 hay bales she had missed before making a crafting table, she crafted 15 pieces of bread for the journey. She located the general area of where it was. Jayden Mined down a few blocks when the block underneath her broke. Quickly she pulled out her water bucket and successfully dropped to the ground without any damage. She collected her water and took out a torch placing it down to light her way. “How was I that dumb to mine stright down” Jayden said talking to herself face palming. “Wait- what was that?” Jayden said wiping around at the sound of mining. “There are no mobs that can dig-Wait Elijah?!” Jayden said to herself “Elijah are you down here?” Jayden called out worried. “Jayden?” Elijah shouted confused. “ELIJAH ARE YOU DOWN HERE?” Jayden called out once more. “JAYDEN IM OVER HERE!” Elijah called out running up to the girl. “Dude what the heck! You were down here for like 2 days! You had me worried!” Jayden exclaimed hugging the dirt covered boy. “How did you get down here?” Jayden asked stepping away. “Uh well erm I kinda got lost....”Elijah said rubbing the back of his neck “Dude you have an arrow in your back!” Jayden announced spinning the boy. “Oh uh yeah I ran into I spider jockey- that was fun!” Elijah said Turing around “but look what I found!” Elijah said showing the worried girl what he had mined previously. “YO great job! We can make an enchanting table with the diamond!” Jayden said congratulating Elijah. “Wait a second-“ Jayden said looking through her inventory. “W-what is it?” Elijah asked. “AH dang it, I forgot to get blaze powder and ender pearls” Jayden said looking up at Elijah. “Wait you’ve been to the Nether?!” “Yea, I’m trying to speed run this” taking out the bread. “I don’t think you had any food here” Jayden offered giving up most of her food to help Elijah regain his health. “OMG Jayden your a lifesaver! LITTERALY!” Elijah said eating the bread. “Your welcome, no common we need to get you your new armor and weapons and I need to get ender pearls and blaze powder” Jayden said walking to where she mlg water bucketed down. (We don’t have hunger limit cuz I said so) Elijah continued to nibble on the bread, as Jayden dug a staircase out. Jayden glanced back to make sure no mobs were behind them when 2 skeletons came out of no where. “So Jay-“Elijah tried to start a convo but was interrupted “Elijah move!! Jayden yelled pushing him out of the way and blocking her shield. “Ow what th-“ Elijah said from the floor. Jayden completely destroyed the skeletons. “You ok Elijah?” Jayden asked blocking off the entrance a bit. “Y-yea I’m fine, but are you ok?” Elijah asked getting up. “Yeah I’m fine” Jayden replied as she broke the last block to get back up. “How did that take so long?” Jayden asked kinda talking to herself. “JAYDEN COME OVER HERE” Averie shouted from outside their house. “ALIGHT!” Jayden yelled back heading over. “We’re gonna get you nice armor and weapons” Jayden said to Elijah. “Sounds great!!” Elijah smiled and thought ‘Jayden is super nice and brave fighting off those skeletons so I wouldn’t get hurt. Skeletons....spooky scary skeleton send shiver down your spine’. “What’s up Ave?” Jayden asked searching through a chest for Elijahs things. “Me and Logan desired to venture out and we found a pillager base! Want to raid it?” Averie explained. “YEAH I could have awesome loot” Logan exclaimed taking out his diamond sword. “That sounds great! But i forgot 2 very important items in the Nether” Jayden explained. “What did you forget?” Logan asked. “The Blaze powder and Ender pearls” Jayden said face paling at how dumb she was in that moment. Averie and Logan started laughing “of course you forgot that Jayden! You forget a lot!” Averie laughed. “I know I know, imma head in and gather it, y’all can raid the base, just make sure you make a shield for Elijah” Jayden said heading to the portal. “Dude where where you this whole time?” Logan asked handing his cousin a shield. “I-I don’t want to talk about it” Elijah said embarrassed. “Alright, NOW LETS GO GE T SOME LOOT!” Logan yelled running toward the base.*in the Nether* “good thing Elijah found gold, nowwwewwwww where are those piglins” Jayden said talking to herself looking around. “Wait is that-NETHER FORTRESS!” Jayden exclaimed cautiously running to the Nether brick fortress. “Ok kill like 20 blazes and you’ll be probably good” Jayden again said talking to herself “mi pan su su su, su su su” Jayden sung to herself running across the dark red brick floor. “ BLAZE SPAWNER LETS GO!” Jayden yelled running up to the 3 blazes killing them. *at the base* “Ok so how are we going to do this?” Elijah asked looking confused. “Hmmm is say just wing it, run in, two people protect the third so they can loot the chests” Averie suggested. “Great idea” Logan agreed. “Who’s gonna loot the chests?” Averie asked. “You can, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt fighting after all” Logan said. “YOU THINK IM WEAK?” Averie roared. “Uh er um that’s not what I Uh meant” Logan said not funding the right words “ that’s it! Elijah your looting the chests I need to show this punk I ain’t weak” Averie said advancing forward. “Er- ok” Elijah said as he too advanced. ‘Dang, now that is hot’ Logan thought. Moving forward. “Ready” Averie said. “Set” Elijah added “GOOOOO!” Logan yelled as they all ran with swords in hand to the base. The pillagers started coming out more and more by the second. “Com-on ELIJAH GET IN THERE!” Averie yelled As she killed the foul gray creature. Quickly he ran up the stairs looting the two chest he found. “I GOT THE LOOT LETS GO!” Elijah announced out from the side balcony. “GREAT!” Logan yelled back slaying the last creature. “Let’s go I got the banner!” Averie exitedly said reaching for bread in her inventory. “Good job Averie!” Logan said putting an arm around her “well your right you aren’t weak” Logan admitted. “I know” Averie said shoving bread in Logan’s mouth “let’s go” Averie commanded heading back to the house. “She’s something” Elijah said to Logan who was slightly choking. Spiting out the bread “yea~” Logan said daydreaming. Elijah laughed shaking Logan out of his trance. *IN THE Nether* “STUPID PUGLINS JUST GIVE ME ENDER PEARLS PLEASE!” Jayden yelled annoyed at the piglins. “YES ENDER PEARLS!!” She yelled snatching the stack of pearls she needed. “Thank you not-so kind sirs” Jayden said leaving the Nether. “I’m back” Jayden yelled stepping out of the portal. Jayden walked inside the house to see everyone crowed around a chest “DIBBS ON THE GOLDEN APPLE” Averie called out snatching the gilded fruit from the chest. Jayden just laughed to herself as she walked overthrew the crafting table. She crafted 11 eyes of ender. And a brewing stand. She made potions of strength, healing, and speed. “Y’all ready for the End?” Jayden said with the eyes of ender in her hand Turing around.
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