Our Life (English)

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Chapter 9 - Grandchildren.

Raising children can be described basically with two words: fear and joy. The fear came every single time we stayed up all night, waiting for an eventual fever to go down. When they got sick and we ran to a hospital. When they come crying because they were hurt, for whatever reason. And the joy was daily. It came after the recovery of each past fright, with kisses and hugs received, with the sounds of laughter, with confidences, with the sparkle of their eyes and so many other things. Seeing them grow up happily made it all worthwhile. We weren’t perfect, but we did a great job as parents. We created two kinds, polite and respectful men. We were together in the best and worst moments. There was nothing we wanted to change.

On the first day of college, Somchai arrived with a silly look. He said he had met the woman of his life. That he had never seen a girl like her before and that he was going to marry her. We all found that funny, but five years later, Somchai did what he said and married Lawan. For a time, the two tried to have children, without success. Although she managed to get pregnant twice, she was unable to carry the pregnancy through the end. The doctor said she had a problem with her uterus and was unlikely to be able to have children. They quickly concluded that it was time to ask someone very special for help. And there we all went to visit our dear sister Nam, who had become a very present person in our family and, moreover, had become the director of the orphanage. As always, she welcomed us with open arms and a huge smile on her face. Whenever we had an opportunity, we visited the orphanage. We spent hours talking with Sister Nam, while the boys were playing with the children there. Sometimes we also received her at our home, especially on holidays. That day, the visit had a very personal reason and Sister Nam had the solution. Unbeknownst to me, Arthit, Somchai, Lawan and Sister Nam had already talked and agreed on some details about the baby’s name they were going to adopt. They wanted the baby to be called Singto, in honor of my father, who had passed away a few years ago. It made me very emotional, bringing me to tears.

We returned home with a new member of the family and many memories on our minds. The big difference was that this time we would be grandpas. Our role would be to pamper our grandson. But, as life likes to go around and make some surprises, nine months later, against all predictions, Lawan gave birth to Siriporn (Glorious Blessing), our first granddaughter. Singto had just turned one and was starting to walk. Our house would have children running past it again.

Kalan, unlike his brother who was more romantic, always said that he would not get married until he finished his graduate studies, which he intended to do in another country. When he went abroad, he met Kamon, who was also doing a postgraduate course at the same university and they returned engaged. It didn’t take long for them to get married. After two years Krist was born, this time it was a tribute to Arthit’s father.

With our children working at the family business, we decided it was time to slow down. We started to go less and less to the company and enjoy our grandchildren more and more. The boys filled our days and, suddenly, we received the news that Kamon was pregnant again. Another grandson was on the way. Kim came into our lives just before Arthit was seventy-five years old.

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