Our Life (English)

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Chapter 10 - Arthit.

The first signs of the disease started to become evident when Kim was going to turn one year old. Arthit started to get very tired with any little effort. He was no longer able to play with his older grandchild or carry the baby in his arms. Despite his reluctance to go to the doctor, when Arthit had his first faint at home, he was unable to postpone a specialized search.

Hospital internment! Battery of exams! Result: cardiomegaly, known as the big heart. It is a serious condition and difficult to treat. It is usually a consequence of some diseases. In his case, it was caused by systemic arterial hypertension. Due to the growth of the heart, the pumping of blood to the whole body is compromised, which causes intense tiredness and shortness of breath. Despite being a serious disease that can lead to death, cardiomegaly can be treated. However, if the use of medication is not enough, surgery may be necessary to reshape the structure of the heart or even a heart transplant. We returned home with some prescription drugs and a list of foods that Arthit would have to avoid from now on.

Even with the medication, Arthit’s health was not as it was before. He was always a highly participative father and, until he became ill, did everything he could with his grandchildren. Not being able to accompany his grandkids in some activities, made him very sad. At this point, even against Arthit’s will, I retired to be with him. As the youngest and still not going to school, Kim became an almost daily presence in our home. An attempt by Kalan to cheer up his old father. The other grandchildren showed up more on weekends, when they had more free time.

Time passed and we acquired new habits. We always watched the sunset, sitting together on a swing at the porch. While I enjoyed my iced coffee, Arthit sometimes drank tea, other times pink milk.

Kim’s fifth birthday was approaching and the preparations gave us a little more encouragement. Seeing the movement around the house and the children running, filled our hearts with joy. Right after Kim’s birthday, we started planning Arthit’s eightieth birthday. The boys decided to spend the whole weekend with us. They really wanted their father to cheer up. We spent two wonderful days with everyone at home. The boys achieved exactly what they planned: to cheer up their father.

When we went to sleep, Arthit turned to me and said:

- Kong, do you know that I love you?

- Of course I know. I love you too! I replied.

- I wanted to apologize to you, for never saying that I loved you as much as you deserved to hear and for all the mistakes I made. I also wanted to confess a secret that I kept my whole life.

- Which one? I asked, already curious.

- Do you remember when we were at the beach, at the Ocean Eletrick party, and a shooting star passed by? You told me to make a wish and I said I didn’t believe it?

- I do remember! I said I asked you to tell me every day that you loved me and you did it better, you showed me every day of our lives how much you loved me!

- Well, I also made a wish. I asked the star that you never stop loving me or leave my side. I was just afraid to speak and that the request would lose its magic. Thank you so much for having dedicated your life to being by my side.

- Do you remember what I said when we started dating? I said that anywhere, far or near, I would always be with you! You gave me love, children, grandchildren and a wonderful life. I can only thank you for making me such a happy man! I ended up kissing Arthit and went to sleep.

As always, Kong woke up early and went to prepare breakfast for them. When everything was ready, he went to woke his husband up. Touching him, feeling his cold skin, Kong realized that his love was gone. At that moment, Kong dropped to his knees and wept.

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