Our Life (English)

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Chapter 11 - Kong.

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At this point, Kong returned from his memories to the room where he was telling his story to his grandson. The story is no longer a flashback.

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With dinner time approaching, the room started to get busy and noisy again with their families settling in. Everyone was talking almost at the same time, leaving Kong with a very cheerful countenance on his face. The dinner was full of life, remembering, at times, the meals at his parent’s house. When it was time to sing the congratulations, when they brought the cake with eighty candles lit to the table, the jubilous grandkids made the party on. Kim loved helping his grandfather blow out so many candles. Kong had not been so happy in a long time. Even after dinner, the kids did not stop for not even one second. Since Arthit’s death, the house had not been so cheerful.

That night, Kong fell asleep thinking about his life. How lucky he was. He had good parents, a husband who loved him a lifetime, loving children, spectacular grandkids. He woke up feeling someone touching his face. Opening his eyes, he saw Arthit sitting on the bed, smiling and looking at him.

- I’m dreaming? Asked Kong.

- No my love. I am here! Arthit replied, bringing Kong to tears.

- My P ’, how much I missed you! Kong said as he continued to cry.

- I am too, my love! Please don’t cry.

- I miss you so much! Kong spoke while trying to contain his tears.

- And you can’t get enough of waiting for me?

- I will never get tired of you!

- Even if you don’t know where I’m going? How long will it take me to arrive? Asked Arthit

- If you’re next to me? Never!

- But ... Do you know that I am a boy and you are a boy? You also know that I like pink milk, don’t you? And that I like to wake up late? Asked Arthit. The memories filled his heart. Seeing Arthit repeat the very same words that he said on the bridge, when they started dating, made Kong smile.

- I know all of this!

- And are you ready to come with me?

- With you by my side, I’m always ready to go anywhere!

Offering his hand to Kong, who held it tightly as he rose from the bed, the two continued walking together towards a new journey.

The next day, while they were getting ready for breakfast, Kalan asked Kim to call out his grandpa , who had not yet risen. The boy returned saying that Grandpa Kong did not want to wake up. The adults looked at each other and went to their old father’s room. Kong seemed to sleep deeply. Looking at the smile that marked Kong’s face, his children were sure that their parents were together again.


Final Notes


Well ... that’s how I imagined Arthit and Kong’s journey. They lived together in the best and the worst. A couple that was made for each other. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did and I was thrilled while writing. Thanks to everyone who read to the end.

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