Our Life (English)

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Chapter 4 - The new house.

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NOTE: Although the story is described as a Kong narration for his grandson, from that point on, it will continue as a Flashback lived by Kong and no longer as part of a conversation.

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During the journey home, Kong couldn’t stop admiring his beloved, so he didn’t notice that the path they were taking was not the usual one. When Arthit stopped the car at the residence, he realized that they were not arriving at the dormitory they shared before he left for China. Which wouldn’t be strange, if Arthit hadn’t gone to remove the luggage from the trunk.

- What are we doing here? I asked without understanding what was going on.

In addition to not answering anything, he just smiled and kept walking in front of me. We went up some steps before entering the building’s hallway. While we waited for the elevator, I continued to question him about what was that place. He just kept smiling. A wide smile that made me want to hug him right there. When we took the elevator Arthit pushed the button for the ninth floor. There was nothing else I could do but wait. Leaving the elevator, we followed the right side of the corridor until we reached the front of the apartment 902. After putting my bags on the floor, Arthit took two key chains with the emblem of a gear out of his pants pocket. He handed me one, speaking for the first time since we had parked the car:

- Mr Kongpob, we are no longer students and we no longer fit in a student dorm. Would you like to enter your new home?

It really took me by surprise. An outstanding surprise. As I put the key in the lock, I felt butterflies in my stomach. As if an electric shock was turning on every cell of my being, I got chills that almost made me cry. Behind of that door was our future.

The door opened directly into the living room, where there was a sofa against the wall and a comfortable armchair beside it. In front of him was a small coffee table, where some magazines were set up and a small wooden box that kept some pictures of us. A little further to the side, there was a table with a glass top resting on a wooden foot, accompanied by four chairs. Fixed on the wall next to the door, there was a piece of furniture with a television, a sound and a picture frame with a photo of one of our trips. Floating balloons could be seen across the room tied with silver ribbons. On each of these tapes, Arthit pasted a photo of us. I walked through the photos until I reached the first door, which led me directly to a kitchen, and following it was a small laundry area. Returning to the living room, I followed a small corridor until reach the first room. There was a bed on one side and, on the opposite wall, a glass counter, where was a laptop. At the foot of the bed had a small dresser. In front of the bedroom door was the entrance to the bathroom. At the end of the corridor had a second bedroom. There I saw a huge bed in the center, with two small side tables, one on each side. A huge wardrobe hid a discreet entrance to a private bathroom.

I still couldn’t believe what was going on.

At Arthit’s request, I went to take a shower and put on some clothes to make myself more comfortable, while he prepared our dinner.

Still under the influence of the emotions of the last moments, Kong got into the shower. As hot water ran down his body, that whirlwind of emotions gradually gave place to a wave of calm and relaxation that he had not felt for a long time. More than ever, he knew he was home.

Even though he loved his spicy foods, Arthit had prepared all of Kong’s favorite foods: omelet with minced pork, rice noodles in clear soup and meatballs. He planned everything thoroughly. Arthit wanted to see the man he loves so much, as happy as he possibly could.

Kong wanted to know everything about the move: when he had decided to move, when he had moved, who had helped... he wanted euphorically know everything. Arthit then said that everything would be said at the right time. At that moment he just wanted to stay with Kong, because he had missed him so much that even hurt. Holding Kong’s hand, he pulled him closer, giving him a kiss, which started slowly. He ran his tongue lightly over Kong’s lips, nibbling and sucking them. Only then he forces his tongue a little into his lover’s mouth just finding his tongue already coming towards him. When they pulled back to catch their breath and their eyes met, they knew they could no longer postpone that moment they had been waiting for so long. Hand in hand, they walked towards the bedroom. That night, after making passionate love, they slept embraced and happy. They knew at that point that nothing, absolutely nothing, could keep them from each other.

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