Our Life (English)

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Chapter 5 - The Revelation for Arthit's family.

When he opened his eyes the next morning, the very first thing that Kong saw was Arthit sleeping beside him. Looking at that man lying down, his eyes seemed to have a life of their own, they were so illuminated. As he always did to wake his beloved, he started to blow into his ear and, as always, he heard Arthit complaining that he was early and that he wanted to sleep a little more. Kong smiled happily.

After having breakfast and unpacking the luggage Kong brought from China, it was time for Arthit to tell how things had happened so that he could do everything in secret. After all, they talked almost every day, and yet Arthit didn’t let slip a thing about the surprise he was preparing.

- Do you remember I mentioned my mother’s birthday dinner three months ago? Arthit started.

- Yes! I also remember saying that your mother must have prepared a list of new bachelorettes to marry her wonderful son. Kong said smiling. He also remembered the day he met her. The two were still in college and Arthit invited him to her birthday dinner. She was very friendly, gave me a hug and said how happy she was to meet her son’s friend. Of course, like any mother, she was immediately asked if I knew some of her son’s childhood stories, making him blush. She even added that she had many of them to tell me. She said that was always making a list of bachelorettes, but so far he hadn’t chosen any. His father was a little more formal, but also very friendly and made me feel at ease. Kong remembered every other visit made for the family, he was always received with the same care and affection.

- So, continued Arthit, in fact everything happened quite differently than we thought. On her birthday, contrary to what always happened, there were few relatives for dinner. She was quite talkative, but she didn’t talk about girlfriends at all. As always, she asked about you and when you would be back. After dinner, when I wanted to leave, she asked me to wait a little while the other relatives were leaving. She came over to me and gave me a tight hug, but so tight, that I started to cry. It was as if she wanted to fill the empty pieces she saw on me. A void caused by your absence! That’s when everything changed.

My eyes started to watering, wondering how hard it had been for Arthit to be away from me for so long and that I wasn’t here to support him. Wiping away the tears that were starting to run down my face, Arthit smiled and continued:

- You don’t need to cry. I did not cry with sadness, I cried with longing.

- Well... after recovering from the crying and still overwhelmed by the strong emotion, mom looked into my eyes and asked if I was okay. Then we sat down and she started to speak with a discreet look of archness in her eyes. She said that she knew that the lists of bachelorettes, which she kept preparing, would never give the result that she expected. Then she asked me if I wanted to say something to her. I was feeling so complete after the hug I received, that I couldn’t say anything other than the truth about us. I told her everything. How we met and became intimate, and how much I missed you. She listened carefully, paying attention to every detail. When I finished, she hugged me again. Then, smiling, she looked me into my eyes and said that she and dad already knew everything. That they discovered since the first time I took you on her birthday. She said that the sparkle in our eyes whenever we looked at each other she had known for a long time. Since she fell in love with my dad. And also, that the brand of the ring, which I insisted on taking off every time I went there, was already very visible. That day, I did something I hadn’t done in a long time, I slept in my old room.

While listening to his partner, Kong watched the sparkling in his eyes. It was a complete glow, of whom had no fear or doubt anymore. It filled him with a pride that he couldn’t even describe. At that moment Kong knew that he also had to tell his parents about them as soon as possible. And Arthit kept talking.

- When I woke up in the morning, I remembered the events of the previous night. I had you and my parents by my side. I wasn’t afraid of anything! Leaving the room, I found them in the garden. I sat on the terrace and watched them have fun doing gardening, something they loved to do together. Mom, realizing that I was there, wasted no time and started asking me if I had already planned something for your arrival. I said that I had already thought about some things, but nothing concrete. She told me that if I wanted to, she could give me several ideas. While we talked, I said that I missed having our home. She agreed and said that it was time to do something to change that. Together, we started looking for an apartment and then she helped me with the furniture. The result, you have met last night.

- Ahh !! And so to be clear, yesterday was the very first night I slept here. He said with a smile on his face.

- And I loved the surprise! Then I have to thank my mother-in-law for all the help that she gave you. Kong spoke, approaching Arthit, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which always made him blush.

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