Our Life (English)

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Chapter 6 - The Revelation for the Kong family.

It was after noon when Mrs. Sutthilack called her son’s phone. Kong looked at the display and, seeing his mother’s name, smiled before answering.

- Good afternoon mother! I know I’m a little late, but I’m coming soon. Kong knew that his family liked to have lunch on time. In addition, everyone should be eager to see him and missing him.

- Okay, we’re waiting! She replied, hanging up the phone.

As he crossed the door to the living room, where his family was gathered, everyone got up to hug him and started to ask almost at the same time: how was he, how had the trip been, if he was scheduling any other course, if he had already decided where he was going to work, etc ... Kong smiled, overwhelmed, without being able to answer anyone. Finally, his mother said they had better have lunch first.

Lunches at the Sutthilack family home were always very cheerful. They loved to put food on each other’s plates. Sometimes saying that the food was delicious, other times saying that someone needed to put on a little weight. Nobody was quiet. Anyone looking at that family could see the love they had for each other and how close they were.

The afternoon passed in a pleasant way. Kong’s stories from China seemed to be insufficient, because they always wanted to know more. Still trying to tell the details of everything he could remember, Kong knew that the time had come to talk everything about him and Arthit, when his father asked where his bags were.

- The bags stayed in the apartment that I will share with Arthit. Kong replied.

- How come? I don’t understand! Mrs. Sutthilack spoke. For what reason will you continue to stay in that dorm if you have already finished your studies? You have your room here! She completed.

- It won’t be in the student dorm. Arthit rented an apartment and invited me to live with him. I accepted! I replied.

- Arthit ... Arthit ... Arthit ... Everything has to have Arthit ... Don’t you think you’ve spent too much time with Arthit?! Before it was college, then the preparation to apply for the scholarship and now? Don’t you think you’re spending a lot of time with him? His father spoke in a tone of voice, which Kong was not used to hearing. Just missing you tell us that you’re getting married! Shouted his father once again!

- If he accepts, yes! We are getting married! He spoke, leaving everyone silent. Then he took out the ring that was kept in his pants pocket and put it on his finger.

- What does that mean? His father asked almost screaming.

- It means that we are not going to share the apartment as friends, but as a couple! At that moment, he thought that not only his father would lose control. Everyone started talking almost at the same time. It was almost impossible to understand what they were talking about. Even in his worse scenarios, Kong did not expect his family to react that way. Kong heard everyone talking about how he was being selfish... that it was absurd... that he was a disappointment... that this should be an influence of Arthit and that he was taking advantage of his innocence... that he only wanted his money... And as much as Kong tried to answer, he was always run over by someone’s voice. He couldn’t understand what was going on, because they always showed that they liked Arthit. A movie was played on his head, reminding his father of praising Ocean Eletrick’s new contact, when he met Arthit... of how his mother liked to talk to him... his sister admiring Arthit’s patience with his nieces. It made your stomach ache.

Holding back tears, he just wanted to run away. Thinking how good it had been not to bring his Arthit, preventing him from witnessing that scene. Until his mother asked:

- Do you think your life will be easy?

- No! Kong replied. I just didn’t think you were going to make it worse.

- And do you think we can prevent you from the world mistreating you? Asked his father.

- Neither! But having your support, for sure, would make a big difference. We’ve been together for five years. I always wanted to tell you, but I was always afraid to let you down. I think I was right.

- How have you been dating for five years? So in that photo of the beach, at the company party, were you already a couple? Asked his father.

- Yes! We were already toget ... Kong stopped talking without understanding what just had happened.

- So you... did you already knew about the photo? He asked with a surprised face!

- Of course we knew! We are suppliers of Ocean Eletrick. Do you think we don’t access the Internet? We had already seen the photo at the beach and we also saw the video of the party when your boyfriend declared himself to you in front of everyone. Your father spoke.

- But you never said anything!

- We just gave you space. This decision had to be yours and not ours! But the longer you took to tell us, the more we agreed to make your life a living hell. His mother spoke, while everyone smiled. She continued talking:

- Did you really think that, with all the love we feel for you, that would be a reason for us to be against you? Absolutely not! But one thing I want you to take seriously. Don’t bring your friend over here anymore.

- Why? If you are not with...

- The next time you come, you bring your partner! I have a lot to talk to him about.

- Mom! When he comes here, don’t go embarrassing him. Please!

- Of course not, I just want to know when you guys are going to give me a grandchild. She said smiling and making Kong blushes.

When he got home, Kong found an Arthit anxious to know how it all happened. He tried to play, just like his parents did, saying it had been awful. Arthit did not seem to believe what he was hearing. Kong continued to narrate everything he had heard from his family and that, in the end, his mother had forbidden him to take him back to their home. Arthit took Kong in his arms saying that everything would be fine. Nothing would change between them and they would only have to give their family time to get used to the idea.

- It will change! Kong spoke, leaving Arthit surprised.

- Of course not! Arthit replied without noticing the change in Kong’s face. I love you. We just need to be patient.

- Mom forbade me to take my friend over there. She ordered me to take my partner next time. I said with a smile on my face. Arthit seems to have taken a few seconds to understand that Kong was playing with him.

- KONG! Scolded Arthit. That is wrong. I was feeling terrible. He said with an angry face.

- There’s something else. I kept talking. I don’t want to be patient anymore. I don’t want just a partner. I want a husband. Arthit Rojnapat, do you agree to marry me? Those words made Arthit jump off the couch, as if he had been shocked or something.

- What? What did you say?

- Arthit Rojnapat, will you marry me? I repeated it with my best smile!

- Errr... Yes! Of course! I love you, Kongpob. Of course, I accept to be your husband. Arthit spoke, throwing himself at Kong!

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