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Chapter 7 - Marriage.

I woke up that day feeling different. It was a mixture of restlessness and anxiety. Once again, my life was about to change. We were engaged and had lived together for the past two years. But today, at the end of the day, we would be married. MARRIED!

During our bachelor party, our friends convinced us to sleep away from each other for a few days. They said we were supposed to be homesick and make the wedding night more romantic. We had been sleeping apart for a week. Since I came back from China, this was the first time I had been away from Arthit for so long. At the end of the day I will be a MARRIED man. I thought again.

For a while, we planned how we wanted our wedding. We decided that we wouldn’t do anything very traditional. It would be simple, with friends and family. Our wedding ceremony would be at my family’s beach house.

Our mothers got together and insisted on preparing everything for us. We just asked them to respect our will and do something really simple, leaving the rest to them. So it would all be a surprise.

Since we wouldn’t have to leave the house, my mom had prepared a special day. She hired a team of professionals to set us up right here. In the morning we had a massage session. After lunch I cut my hair, shaved and went to take a shower. My mind was populated by images of Arthit doing the same ritual. I couldn’t wait to see my future husband. I wanted to call him and say that he wouldn’t dare to be late, but I stopped myself. Tonight I’ll be married. I thought all the time.

As the hour of the ceremony approached, anxiety returned to me. I just wanted Arthit by my side. I had just gotten ready when mom came into the room and, looking from head to toe, said that I was as beautiful as my fiancé. He had just arrived. Upon hearing her say that my fiancé had just arrived, an emotion flooded my heart, almost bringing me to tears. Mom told me she was very proud of the man I had become. And seeing myself marrying to the love of my life, made her heart overflow with joy. Hearing her talking like that ended up making me cry. After drying my tears she simply kissed me, hugged me and asked if I was ready to meet my fiancé. I didn’t even have to answer, I just smiled at her and we left the room arm in arm.

Arthit was waiting in the living room, next to his mother. He was always been beautiful, but that day he was more beautiful than ever. Our clothes were the same model, a pair of shorts and a blazer over a blouse, only the color changed. While I used a lighter color, to contrast with my skin, which had a darker tone, he used a navy blue color to contrast with his white skin. His black hair was combed with gel, framing his almost perfect face. His almost black eyes never left mine. His mouth, which I loved to kiss so much, had a tone that was between pink and reddish. Smiling at me, he came towards me. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, a tight hug and, whispering in my ear, asked if I was ready for our future. As I smiled and nodded my head, I felt as if thousands of fireworks exploded inside my chest.

With everything ready, it was time to share this special moment with our friends and family. Our mothers came in together to meet our fathers, who were already accommodated in their places.

We arrived hand in hand and were surprised by the beauty of what our mothers prepared for us. Everything was simple. A tent beautifully decorated with some flowers. A monk was waiting to celebrate our union. On the way to the tent, the guardrail and some poles of the Rama bridge were reproduced, looking like the place where we started dating. I think it gave a special, almost poetic touch to the ceremony. Our mothers had thought of every detail.

They say that anyone who enters bare feet into the marriage surrenders in body and soul. And that was how we entered ours, hand in hand and bare feet.

The monk conducted the ceremony with ease. He spoke of love, respect and complicity. He said that marriage is something special and spontaneous. Nobody is obliged to be together, but everyone must be obliged to love. Until the most exciting part of the ceremony came... reciting the vows to the beloved. It is a very strong feeling to look into your love’s eyes and promise that you will do your best every day of your lives. Arthit, at the monk’s request, was the first one to speak.

- Kongpob, I was never very good at saying what I really feel. - For a moment Arthit lost his voice while some tears streamed from his eyes, which were dried by Kong - But I should have told you that a long time ago. When we first met I was a complete asshole. Still, you saw something in me that made you want to stand by my side. You knew my defects, my habits and some of my actions have already hurt you without you deserving it. Despite everything, you always chose to be by my side. You never had any doubts. You turned me, with your love, into someone better. Today I am a lighter, happier and, above all, happier person. My name means sun, but you’re the one who shines. When I look at you, I know exactly the direction I should take. I often doubted that I was the right person for you. I love you more than anything, and I promise to do everything I can so that you never doubt the decision to have married me.

I paid attention to every word that Arthit said during his vows and when he finished it was my turn to speak.

- When we are kids, adults always tell us that one day we will find that person who will make all the difference in our life. They call it destiny. And I never really believed that. What few here know is that our story started before I entered college, when a handsome young man, seeing me nervous, sat next to me to calm me down. When that same boy came in the door as my veteran and the leader of the college hoax, I started to believe in destiny. When we started dating, a friend asked me why I never told him I liked guys. I replied that I didn’t like guys, I just liked Arthit. Our love was not premeditated, it just happened. Loving Arthit is easy! Just meet him! When I promised that I would always be by your side, I embarked on the best adventure of my life. And today, it’s just another step on our journey together.

When we finished talking, Jane, my niece, brought our wedding rings, which were kept inside small golden gears. One with the number 0206 and the other with the number 0062, representing our college enrollment numbers. Our mothers really thought of everything. After blessing our exchange of rings and saying that, together with our friends and family, he was a witness to our vows and our decision, the monk declared us married. Arthit held my face and gave me a kiss, which seemed to take forever, until our friends started to whistle, scream and clap, making us both blushed.

On the other side of the garden, another huge tent was set up where the party would take place. We went straight there. The tables were arranged in such a way that could leave the center of the tent with an empty space, which would serve as a dance floor. On the left side was a table decorated with various sweets and snacks. In the center, there was a double-decker cake and on it, in place of the traditional wedding dolls, were two gears. One white and one navy blue. This time, containing the numbers 57 and 59 that represented the class number of our course at college. Our friends were settling in at the tables that were reserved with their names. As we walked around the hall greeting everyone, Tutah takes the microphone and invites us to the center of the room to have our first married dance. We walked hand in hand towards Tutah and when we reached the center of the hall all the lights were turned off. When the music starts, a single beam of light is lit towards us and as we dance around the room the light was accompanying us. Arthit kept smiling and looking at me. He didn’t look anything like the shy man that I was used to seeing. When the music stopped he kissed me and then, whispering in my ear, said he couldn’t wait to make love to his husband. At that time I blushed, I don’t know what for. If for thought that everyone could have heard his wishes, or if wondering what would come next.

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